Nokia releases 'Climate Mission 3D' game exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones (Video)

Nokia has finally released an "exclusive" video game for their Lumia line of Windows Phones. But no, it's not Angry Birds: Space or anything from EA, it's a little indie title that they had on Symbian awhile back called Climate Mission 3D.

Sounds like a bad 80's movie to us. That or an episode of Captain Planet.

Regardless of Cartman-like reaction it's not half bad. The 3D graphics are well done and the music is chill enough without being annoying. You basically have three mini games--Iceberg, Ants and Trees--which keep you occupied with little tasks like making bigger icebergs, forcing slave ants to do you bidding by collecting pine needles or populating the earth with fruit launching trees.

Although we jest at the theme of the game, considering it's free it' s not a terrible time killer. While the initial levels are dead simple (to train you) it does get a little challenging. There are also things to unlock and do around the globe and we guess the message ain't too bad albeit tacky.

But hey, free is free so if you're on a Nokia Lumia phone go and grab Climate Mission 3D  now in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Kay O., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Good game for free
  • HTC needs to release more "HTC OFFICIAL APPS" for HTC phones only. -.-
  • You're right, but it is kinda cool that they DO have them hub was cool. =P
  • HTC Hub has a double live tile that is more beautiful than any weather app live tile. It's pretty slick if you haven't pinned it to start, and the GPS works pretty well.
  • Agreed... They need to make that available for all phones. That live tile is the best. everything else pales In comparison.
  • How long do we have to wait until they release the EA games?
  • Daniel, please send me a 900. Please!
  • Lol
  • I'm glad you knew where this game originated from. It annoys me that some tech blogs don't know anything of Nokia's Symbian past.
  • Thats a shame from windows phone (Microsoft) that they forgot there are different phones like Samsung or HTC that they need quality apps, games. Not just ,,Nokia". Thats why i'm gonna get an galaxy. S3 wich is promising a lot, his got flash and is much faster than i tought. Sorry windows phone but i got to keep up with the tehnology
  • Why not a Lumia? Dude.
  • It's not Microsoft's fault if no other house relase decent apps for WP.. Nokia is the best at the moment.. lots of esclusive partnership with software\game houses and lots of esclusive nokia apps.. Samsung only nave chaton.. and no one use it when there are application like whatsapp or kik. HTC made 4000 different and useless hub for time, weather and there's nothing like Nokia drive or Nokia music in the other manufacter market. Oh and i'm so sorry for my orrible english...
  • Nokia is doing all this development. Blame other OEMs for not trying as hard..
  • @ silviubosoteanu. Each time there's always a moron who's gna come and accuse Nokia and MS. How many times do we have to tell you that it is Samsung and HTC's responsibility to bring exclusive games and apps to their devices? Man, shut the hell up and enjoy the S3.
  • Get lost idiot
  • Agreed! Haha android users are so dumb, so the phone will fit him. He can't even put together a decent sentence! xD
  • Lol this dude fails hard! Its Samsungs fault! Not Microsofts so by getting a galaxy your actually falling behind not "keeping up" as you put it because in the not to distance future when Nokia reclaims top spot and WP is close to if not top OS you'll be stuck with you lame battery eating phone with a lame OS, the best of luck to you ;)
  • U get a dual core but the phone doesn't use it and it does it is bad at it,and if u believe me look it up
  • Read this about your so call dual core phone as of right now
  • @ silviubosoteanu, I don't wanna hear it. Samsung give's away a $4 Rubik's Cube game and no one is whinning about that deal. You people need to chill out with the drama.
  • I know you are all slagging this guy off, but I agree with him. I love WP7 as an OS, and I love the build/size of my HTC Titan, but I'm fed up of missing out on Nokia exclusives. MS need to have a word with Nokia, and say they can have exclusives, but after a period (6 weeks maybe) it gets released to the general market, even if it costs more. At least then everyone else would have a choice. MS and Nokia are just a bit too cosy at the moment, and I think it's to the detriment of the OS. I know HTC and the others could do more to promote WP7 but so could MS, and excluding and alienating early adopters (as Nokia were late to the party) is not good PR.
  • What does it matter? Do you think that Lumia users like me don't wish we had the built in HTC camera features? I do.
  • I also have a Titan but it really isn't just the apps. The 900 is just a classier phone, they sort out the bugs quicker and it's a nicer experience. HTC need to sort out their build quality and their phone experience and throw in more than the HTC Hub.
  • They have sound enhancer
  • MS has no say on what you decide to publish your app to. If Nokia pays a developer for an app or does one in-house they can publish it as they see fit. And HTC or whomever is free to try and make a deal with Nokia where possble for a release to their devices.
    Fact is while brands like HTC have always been hardware only Nokia has been doing app deals and combining apps/services with their hardware forever. So they are not doing anything they have not done for years before.
  • Think about it. These exclusives are a way to enhance Nokia's offerings. In other words, even though HTC and Samsung are using WP7, it does not mean that they are friends with Nokia. Why doesn't HTC release Sense for Samsung Android devices? It's the same principle. IT IS COMPETITION. Everyone is trying to get the upper hand in terms of sales. Let's take the official CNN app for example, Samsung or HTC could have had it exclusive to their devices but they didn't. Why should we blame Nokia for getting it for their customers first? Plus, most of the apps that are exclusive to Nokia will only remain so for a couple of months. In fact, you can now download the CNN app. Oh and let me tell you a little secret, the fact that you know that there is a better experience on the Lumia devices will make you consider a lumia next time you think about buying another phone... That is the whole idea behind these exclusives.
  • This is not exclusive game, this was developed by Nokia...
    Serves other manufacturers right. Nokia is doing all the work and they deserve it all. 
  • "but i got to keep up with the technology"
    ...and the marketing department wins. Well done
  • This kid comes in here trolling and ya'll eat it up lol. I used to be slightly upset about all these Nokia exclusives too but you have to hand it to them. They are all in on Windows Phone so I can not blame them for trying to differentiate their product. Like others are saying, if you're upset either let the other OEM's know about it or buy a Nokia!
  • And all the apps that i want
  • Sounds like a good plan.
  • Its people like you who will ensure the laziness and ignorance of stoopids developers that say there's no incentive to make apps for Windows Phone. You and stoopids developers can go has your Borg babies! =[~)
  • Back off hijo de la puta vieja gorda!
  • Windows phone should b exclusive to Nokia only because all the other windows phone makers doesn't put there all in it my next phone definitely a Nokia
  • Possibly right.. But HTC does a great job maintaining their devices and put out great phones..
  • Nokia is working hard on WP, no excuses by other OEMs if this monday Ms will present an exclusive Nokia tablet !!!
  • Decent game works grats on my Focus S (marketplace config)
  • I m only wondering why Nokia still insists to promote new Symbian phones and qt development...
  • Simple: Symbian and QT phones are cheap, cheap cheap. They can be priced even below the Lumia 610. It's Nokia's biggest problem now--they need to get WP even cheaper for "the next billion" users.
  • Nice demo.  I loaded up this game on my N8 and played it - graphically, it is exactly like the WP version, so good on Nokia for the consistency. 
    Decent little game; something to kill time with.  Oh well, back to playing Sparkle, Incredible Circus, and Uno for me :)
  • Are you talking about symbian games? Then you should know that incredible circus is also available on wp
  • I can't even download games above 20MB (Marketplace restrictions over 3g). If they don't remove all of them in wp8 or 8.5 then I'll move to other os.
  • Seriously?
  • Man you can use wifi :P
  • This "threatening" to leave WP is pathetic. Just do it.
    Now even the restriction to download big apps via 3g, which is suppose to protect the user gets the slack...
  • You're very right. I feel like people come on here and are trying to threaten us into sympathy all the time.
  • Other OSes have the same type of blocks lol!
  • Also works great on non Nokia Phones like my Samsung Focus S. Well it is rooted that might be why.
  • Thanks guys for all those comments.
  • Simple solution....Nokia users get it free....everyone else have to pay.
  • Is the only solution for Nokia and is not that simple when is going down every month. Have a look on the stats and see they have to sack more people. I'm not saying is not a good phone, but is not selling how they expect. Why us the Galaxy S3 best selling phone in UK.
  • Because there is no cure for stupid?
  • By the way, I use a galaxy s2 for work, I own apple iPod touch, and I still prefer WP by far. Flaws sure, but I like it for day to day use much more than and droid or iOS device.
  • Pretty solid game actually. Surprisingly fun and it looks good.
  • Not bad for an indie game. Another game to play just to pass the time. ;)