Nokia reveals upcoming exclusive apps and games for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has today announced in a press release that a number of apps and games are to be exclusive to Lumia Windows Phones. At CTIA Wireless 2012, the manufacturer has focused on creating original app experiences to Lumia customers by building relations and forming partnerships with developers. Marco Argenti, SVP, Nokia Developer Experience, added the following comment.

"We are focused on delivering great, locally relevant apps, and importantly, those which offer unique, exclusive and original experiences. With Nokia Lumia smartphones now available in 48 markets, developers are rapidly recognizing the business opportunities and creating their best work for our consumers."

Nokia has already built a strong arsenal of apps in their OEM collection, including the likes of Nokia Drive, Transport, Maps, Music and the recently unveiled City Lens. Crawford Del Prete, EVP, Chief Research Officer, IDC, had the following to comment on Nokia's progress with moving to Windows Phone and building developer relations.

"Nokia has achieved much in a short space of time when it comes to key brands and partners creating apps for Nokia Lumia customers. We believe developers are now moving away from simply porting, to create new innovative and high-design apps that fully leverage the Windows Phone Metro UI and features such as live tiles. With new and exclusive apps launching on a regular basis, and Nokia Lumia rapidly expanding into new markets, Nokia and Microsoft are demonstrating meaningful differentiation for consumers, developers, operators and retailers."

So with al lthis talk of exclusive apps and games, partnerships and developing progress, what's on the horizon for Lumia Windows Phone owners? Check out the summarised list below of content that's destined to be exclusive for Nokia devices (and Windows Phone owners as a whole).


The PGA Tour app (12 months exclusivity) - Developed with Nokia, the app will be available on Lumia Windows Phones in late June 2012. With the app, users will be able to follow PGA TOUR tournaments, with live scoring, highlights and player information to create an immersive, interactive experience.

ESPN for Lumia Windows Phones

ESPN (exclusive to Nokia Lumia until May 2013) - Currently available on Lumia Windows Phones, the app will received a number of key updates in coming months, including sports scores on Live Tiles, team-level panoramas, personalisation of scores, leagues and teams, and additional sports coverage such as Tennis, NASCAR and the 2012 Olympics. Additionally, a Windows Phone version of the ESPN Fantasy Football app will launch exclusively on Nokia Lumia smartphones this coming Fall. That enough for our sport fans?


Rovio - The popular studio will be introducing Angry Birds Space to Lumia Windows Phone owners, and will be dedicating a team of designers to create more games for Nokia smartphones as well as the wider Windows Phone ecosystem - Nokia still loves you, even if you do wield a HTC TITAN.

Angry Birds Space

EA - The giant of the gaming industry (or the devil, whichever way you look at the company) is set to continue to bring leading titles to Windows Phone consumers, including FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Jam, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®, Mirror's Edge and Yahtzee.


Groupon (6 months exclusivity) - The company is working on an extensive upgrade of its app, which will include a newly developed augmented reality deal discovery feature. This will combine map and POI (points-of-interest) data to produce real-time virtual Groupon deals. Arriving in the summer of 2012.

Tripdots (3 months exclusivity) - This app enables drivers to monitor the operation of their vehicles to better understand fuel economy and how to save the pennies, as well as connecting to other drivers and share efficiency achievements via social networks.


PayPal - The official PayPal app is being developed with collaboration from Nokia to bring the experience to Windows Phone. It's stated the app will utilise live tiles to create a "compelling user experience". We like the sound of that.


AOL Entertainment Hub (6 months exclusivity) - AOL is set to unleash their entertainment hub, which will bring together the best of AOL's content and deliver an immersive experience for Windows Phone. Whether you're an active user of SHOUTcast, or enjoy streaming music and movie, you'll need to get this hub on your phone.


Time Magazine - Users of this upcoming app will be able to view content, receive breaking news alerts, view rich media (video), and share stories via the integrated social networking functionality. Live tiles will again be used to deliver a convenient experience.

Newsweek - The Daily Beast is the digital partner of Newsweek and their app will deliver the latest news (among other content) through live tiles and a Metro influenced UI. For those familiar with Cheat Sheet, this will also be delivered through the app, with a unique design for Windows Phone.


Box - This upcoming secure sharing app for Windows Phone will enable users to browse, search and share files on their account. With nine languages supported, Box will be available for Lumia consumers this summer.

All-in-all, a superb move from Nokia for all Windows Phone owners. Lumia consumers will enjoy exclusive apps and titles for a number of months (once released) before the content will then be available for all platform users. For those who are eagerly awaiting Angry Birds in Space, we feel for you, but the wait wont be too long. You may notice that some apps don't have any information regarding exclusivity. We can only assume that this points to either the app being available to all Windows Phones on launch, or we just need to wait slightly longer for details.

You can catch the full press release here at Nokia's website.

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