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Nokia shareholders approve Microsoft €5.44 billion deal (Update)

Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop
Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Update 12 PM ET: It's official and the EGM is over. Shareholders have approved the deal between Microsoft and Nokia.

Nokia shareholders have today approved the Microsoft deal to purchase the company's phone division. The Financial Times reports that 99.7 percent of participating shareholders (around 5,000 attended the vote) were in favour of the deal going through. Microsoft will now integrate the Nokia division into Redmond, taking control of future Lumia and Asha products. 

The deal between the two tech giants is expected to be finalised during Q1 2014. Microsoft would then control both the Lumia and Asha lines of hardware currently produced by Nokia. The total cost of the deal will set Microsoft back €5.44 billion, with €3.79 billion for Nokia's handset business, €1.65 billion for the portfolio of patents and finally a four-year license for Nokia's HERE mapping service.

Redmond has funded Nokia €1.5 billion of "immediate financing" to help with cash flow. We spoke with Nokia's Stuart Ryan, Director of Maps and Everyday Mobility at HERE, last week who explained briefly how the Microsoft and Nokia partnership would continue to operate should the deal go ahead, with HERE services continuing to be utilised by Microsoft for Windows, Windows Phone and its Bing search engine.

As for the Lumia and Asha brands, it's still not clear what Microsoft plans to do, though the company has in the past revealed plans to unify branding.


This deal will also see Nokia CEO Stephen Elop return to Microsoft to lead the devices division. As for Microsoft itself, CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to step down and retire next year, though a replacement is yet to be officially named. Nokia's Elop is viewed as the favourite in the running for the position at Microsoft.

What will Nokia be left with post-takeover? The Finnish company will focus on Nokia Solutions & Networks (NSN - previously Nokia Siemens Solutions), HERE services and mapping, as well as a licensing and development division.

Source: FT; via: IBTimes

"Nokia Corporation, Stock exchange releaseNovember 19, 2013 at 19.06 (CET +1)Espoo, Finland -The Extraordinary General Meeting of Nokia Corporation held on November 19, 2013 ("EGM") decided to confirm and approve the sale of substantially all of Nokia's Devices & Services business to Microsoft in line with the proposal and recommendation of the Nokia Board of Directors. More than 99 % of the votes cast at the EGM were in favor of this proposal."This is a significant step forward for Nokia. We are delighted that shareholders have given us overwhelmingly strong support to proceed with this transformative agreement," said Nokia Board Chairman and interim CEO, Risto Siilasmaa. "Today's vote brings us closer to completing a transaction which will mark the beginning of the next chapter in Nokia's near 150-year history, offering the potential of greater value for shareholders," he said.The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. The transaction was originally announced on September 3, 2013. Further information on the transaction has been included in Nokia's releases concerning the transaction and the EGM dated September 3, September 19 and October 14, 2013 as well as the proxy materials that were made available ahead of the EGM."

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • /inb4 Android Nokia comments
  • :)can i make one ?
  • Hope for the best all we can do its not that bad anyways.
  • Its great news actually. Especially if you're a Windows Phone enthusiast. Who wouldn't want the talent of this world class company in house. This is fantastic news.
  • Hello surface phone....January-February 2014 and guess what all those talented Nokia devices employees get to keep their jobs if they like instead of being laid off like blackberry employees. Trivia....could this mean Elop is the CEO???
  • Elop? Shareholders were not happy today.  They called him a "triple-A flop".  
  • I think it depends on how the integration will go. Could be good, could be bad. Too early to judge
  • A big difference between the usual acquisition like this is that the staff at Nokia and Microsoft have already been working closely with each other for almost 3 years.  Hopefully it will be even better going forward.
  • also the 929 is more or less a surface phone....
  • Uh, no! MS Would put out a much better looking phone than that.
  • And look at how slow Microsoft still moves for releasing updates. Over a year since WP 8 and 8.1 is still about 3-5 months away. Now that they don't have Nokia breathing down their neck, they might move even slower.
  • Obviously u don't realize that they have smaller updates like mango, tango, gdr1 2 & 3, and then blue. Most of the updates yes came from Nokia, but that doesn't mean ms will slow down the updates. They've updated the surface 2 already. So I'm sure they will do the same as Nokia to improve the smaller things in a phone like camera, battery and so forth.
  • Yeah, because the shutter speed is a major issue for me
  • What he means is, we are at GDR3 and we just got orientation lock...yeah it's 3 updates and we are still somehow behind on basic features. There are still a number of signficant standard features missing from the OS, the number of releases on their own say nothing. They are playing catch-up and need to be quick about it.
  • Microsoft could put some more talent into Windows Phone development, yes. But the GDR updates are equivalent to Android new version releases like 4.4. If calling this latest GDR update 'Windows Phone 8.3 Reeces Peanut Butter Cup' helps you enjoy it more, then go for it. 
  • Exactly.. Hopefully the only thing that will change is better synergy between the two, and Nokia will be replaced with Lumia on the front/top of new devices..
  • ⬆his.
  • It all depends on how Microsoft will continue the Windows Phone brand. If they decide to change the name of the Lumia line completely, like in Surface Phone or something, I think that would be bad. Windows Phone is gaining awareness in a lot of markets right now, and let's face it, that's all because of Nokia. The name 'Lumia' starts to ring a bell with consumers world wide right now. It would be a complete failure if they should discard that name.
  • I agree on the Lumia name. Surface for tablets, Lumia for phones.
  • No reason they can't create a Windows Surface Phone, and continue to make Lumia phones as well... Nokia's hardware division + Microsoft's = lots of hardware possibilities and production capabilities.
  • More likely XBox Phone and not Surface Phone etc
  • Should be intresting to see what microsoft do with the nokia side. Ive been very impressed with the Surfsce line and have a surface RT and this has replaced my home pc. I would like to see Microsoft make a surface phone and try and make it a business designed phone, Carry on the lumia side being the fun fonkey looking phone with great camers and bring in a xbox phone that is built for kids to game on and link with the xbox.   I could be way off and wrong but I think somethong like that for Microsoft could work out well for them.
  • I totally agree NIST❕❕.. This is great news, and now we don't have to worry about this talent possibly going anywhere in the future.. IOW.. Lumia devices are in no way threatened to become Android devices.. I just hope MS puts only the Lumia name on the front of the device, and if they do put MS on devices then they put it really small on the back.. That would be the smartest thing to do. I don't really want to see a Microsoft 1720, and I don't think anyone here does.
  • The will, haven't you noticed they removed the windows logo from the surface 2/Pro 2?
  • Absolutely! Not sure why so many people have a negative outlook on this... Now the question is, when will the next complete refresh of the Lumia (or whatever MS calls it) product line be? I'm talking 520 through to 920. I want a new phone but feel like I should wait for these probable new devices... Suppose they would come with the next big update of WP8..? Thoughts anyone?
  • The way I see it Nokia has very deep pockets now imagine what they can do and how they can influence the direction of the OS. I'm excited for this, now if they just sit on their hands then it'll be sad.
  • Lets hope Microsoft makes the best of this...fingers crossed
  • Yeah, this isn't a guaranteed slam dunk, that it'll work.   The last mobile acquisition Microsoft made, buying Danger, didn't work out so great, at all.
  • Apparently Danger wasn't a big player therefore would have made a big impact like Nokia
  • They also bought Skype, and its working well.
  • Not compared to Facetime, it doesn't. Development has more or less stopped since MS bought the company. Hope the Lumia story goes better.
  • I'd like to see them keep Nokia a separate division like Google does Motorola. I think you lose some innovation once you know your ass is no longer on the line.
  • It is done. Let the games begin!
  • Suck it, DJCBS!!
  • Sorry, I'm not your father. I don't do that.
  • Don't be mad DJCBS, you can hopefully go through this without busting a vein or two, on the other hand 99.7% votes in the favour of the deal totally rubbishes your weird theories about this deal getting shot down by shareholders, you are just a sad and bitter little troll on the internet :)
  • I thought it was 99.7 % of the share holders being present at the meeting with 78% of them approvong the deal.?
  • Read the article again.
  • I get what the article says, but I'm pretty sure some other blog posted saying that 78% of them approved the deal. I'm still looking for the source though.
  • No, 99.7% of the people approved it, like the article says. What you're thinking of is the fact that the .3% had 22% of the power, which is still a minority.
  • Found the source. "Nokia said more than 99 percent of participants were in favor of the deal in a pre-vote, representing some 45 percent of all votes and 78 percent of the 3,200 shareholders at the meeting being held in the Ice Hall — one of Helsinki's main hockey arenas." Just thought I'd clear it for some. According to the article 78% of the "shareholders" approved the deal. Or did I read it wrong.?
  • 99% of the present 78% of the total shareholders voted for the deal
  • LOL
  • Lets be rational here. This is a big loss for Europeans Nokia is one of europe's biggest tech companies. Also we have to see if the EU approves of this. Lets see how this goes a year from now before we cheer. I for one will miss Nokia very much but in the end its their own fault for not evolving so there was no choice but to do this they wouldn't have survived on their own.
  • Lets be rational here. DJCBS has commented about how he wishes Elop would kill himself. Don't defend the trolls. (:
  • DJCBS has wished death on both Elop and Ballmer just like a terrorist, very satisfying to see him cry so hard today :)
  • You would know how terrorists work
  • lmao
  • So, none of that matters now.. I guess we all ate just hoping that Lumia devices carry on as they have, and MS just simply calls them Lumia devices without any mention of MS.. Right❔..
  • Haha! What a childish response... Are you 12 years old or what?
  • Terrorist? I doubt he's CIA.
  • If we want to be rational, it isn't a 'loss' for Europeans. It can only be a gain. What was the alternative really? Let Nokia vanish? Or go the Android way (which is not European anyways)? Don't forget it was also the 'Europeans' themselves that embraced the iPhone and the countless Droids with arms wide open, which of course was the beginning of Nokia's downward spiral. At least in this way, the Nokia European talent will still get expression in new devices. The US is open to all, welcome Nokia and prove that you have what it takes, even within MS, come and prosper! :-). I'm rooting for them!
  • Lolzz! Though in reality, I do feel a little sad and worried. NOKIA is a household name I regards to devices. Getting rid of the "name" would be a mistake I think. Now that is if MS does.
  • This ^^^
  • Now if Nokia Lumias were rebranded to Surface Phones, that maybe a different story.
  • That would be lame, they should name them Lumia, Just Lumia. And change Nokia's ridiculous naming scheme. Nokia Lumia 2520? Dafawk?
  • Or have both a surface and Lumia line...
  • It could also be that they'll have "Lumia Surface" as the top of the line.
  • I would keep the lines separate. Maybe a Surface phone lineup of mid to high end phones. Lumia will stay low end and photography.
  • that seems a bit confusing. To ease consumer confusion: XBOX: Games and Media SURFACE: PCs, Tablets, and other Computing devices LUMIA: Smart Phones and Phablets this would be a lot easier then having both surface and lumia for phones, with one brand handling one class of smartphone and the other brand representing a different class. And perhaps better naming scheme. The numbers were working (520,620,etc...) till they threw the xx5's in there and the carrier variants (928, 810 [mistook for WP7 device by some due to name], etc...), and then it became a large mess. They need to shrink the amount of devices they make and how many are produced in a year (Example: 520 for low end, 720 for lower-mid range, 820 higher-mid range, 920 high end, then your additional "niche" devices {purview, phablets}, vs. the 10 - 12 devices they released with WP8 over the past year)
  • what wrong with Microsoft having a surface line of phones similar the Nexus line? What you're saying isn't bad, but I don't see anything wrong either way, keeping lumia line and adding a surface line as long as there is some differentiation between the two. I look at it as a class of devices, Lumia is good, but can easily be out classed by a surface phone. I know may Nokia fans don't want to hear that, but it true....Coming for a person who has 3 lumia 920 & an 822.
  • :(
  • don't know if this is good news or bad for windows phone..
  • Good news
  • +920
  • It's just too early to tell, so let's be positive.. That's the best thing to do in a situation like this..
  • Agreed, but I am of the opinion that MS has learned it lessons from: 1. Windows Mobile 2. Missing the Mobile boat This is why they made the initial deal with Nokia to make WP devices, knowing that at some point they woul have the oportunity to purchase outright due to the fact that they were alreadying financing their own device by way of Nokia. They also knew that if they have a chance to suceed, they were going to need more talented people onboard. This is almost a sure way they can avoid being left behind when traditional PC's become the  minority; it keeps them attached to both consumer and enterprise which are continually merging via BOYD (Bring Your Own Device); This is also why Windows 8 is the ultimate play, because eventually people won't be purchasing 3 device but 2..... a hybrid & a cell phone.
  • Here is when darth vader says: noooo!
  • Into exile I must go . . .
  • See ya
  • Soo... Prepare to switch to MSFTcentral or MicrsoftCentral ?
  • Uhh... Why?
  • Yeah I don't get why ether. Windows is already MS, what is your logic behind this. Please do explain I'm curious.
  • Tjey are writting about xbox, bing too
  • He is probably thinking that wp would die.
  • Fu(k logic
  • I can't wait to now see Windows Phone crash and die.
    For that's what'll happen.
    And I also hope MSFTs next CEO does proceed with cutting waste from the company. Sell Xbox and kill Bing. Because Windows Phone will follow Bing right away. In my house, a Nokia stronghold for almost two decades, all Windows Phones will be replaced by devices coming from Japan and running Android as soon as our current Nokia warranties expire. Without Nokia, no more WP will pass through our threshold. We rather leave underdeveloped OS and miserable support for fanatic fanboys.
  • Some days I'm convinced youre an enthusiast for windows phone like all of us. Other days im convinced youre who alfred warned us about... Something about wanting to see the world burn
  • I never said I was a WP enthusiast. I did support Windows Phone and many of its developers as long as there was a Nokia. For Nokia was the only single reason I ever used WP in the first place. Now that Nokia was destroyed by Microsoft's greed and complete lack of vision, you're right. I do want to watch the World burn. Microsofts mobile world, that is (I have no intention of leaving their best products, namely Windows, Office and even the Surface tablets)
  • But why?
  • Why am I not a WP enthusiast or why do I want to see MSFTs mobile burn?
  • The latter
  • Because they deserve it. Here's why I think they deserve it: over the last 3 years, Microsoft had the opportunity to bring to the mobile market a viable alternative to Android and iOS. Microsoft has the knowledge, the people and the money. They're neither strange to creating an OS neither to mobile devices. Yet, what have we seen in the last 3 years? We've seen a first year of a rudimentary OS with no visible user base at all. Enters Nokia. And for the next 2 years we see Microsoft still not developing its OS, leaving to Nokia the burden of making Windows Phone even noticed. In the meantime, Microsoft's original WP7 lacked so much that (and this is my belief) Nokia forced Microsoft to redesign the OS which lead to the existence of WP8. Yet, for all the "new" things WP8 brought, none of those "new" things were really new (apart from the aesthetic side), but things that every single OS in the market had (including the "burning Symbian"). GDR's 1 and 2 where both completely missed opportunities. GDR3 is the only update that has brought significant new features and I'm ready to bet that it was more to give a sign of fake "commitment" since it came after the announcement of September 3rd. 3 years and 2 incarnations later and Microsoft still hasn't developed WP to be, at least, on pair with the other major OS. For 2 years, Nokia has made all the work and put in all the effort to try and turn the WP experience less painful for users, by providing, along with the best hardware, tons of dedicated apps and features. What did Microsoft do? Nothing. They delayed WP8.1 to God knows when. On top of all of that, Microsoft has shown time and time again that WP is more a vanity project than anything else. They release apps first on iOS and Android (remote desktop comes to mind, and although I know it was targeted for use on iPads and Android tablets just like Windows has it, it's the principle of the thing), they haven't made a single effort to tie in and strengthen Xbox games on Windows Phone, being that, at least the Xbox 360, is one of its more popular products (not commenting on the Xbox One as it hasn't launched yet...though Sony sold 1 million PS4's in one day, so it will be hard). Actually, not only Microsoft didn't cared for that *unique* feature that was Xbox-titles on Windows Phone, they simply stopped caring to the point where even Gameloft seems to be dropping Xbox from their games. In 3 years, Microsoft hasn't shown any commitment to WP and left to Nokia the burden of building their platform for them. Nokia did it with the power of its corporate spirit (way different than Microsoft's) and through the power of their brand. Don't be fooled, albeit Nokia was never a big player in the US, Nokia was still the second biggest phone manufacturer in the World and its brand still has way more weight in very important markets such as Europe than Microsoft can dream to have. How did Microsoft repay Nokia? By taking the entire company under their protection? No. By leaving them be but strengthening their relationship? No. By butchering its core division, and leaving the rest to die. This is why I now want WP to crash and burn. Because Microsoft has proven unworthy of having a successful mobile OS. (note: this doesn't change in any way my very good opinion about the Surface tablets, nor my love for the Windows and Office platforms. So, no, I'm not at all a Microsoft-hater. But I don't worship them. And where I think they deserve to fail, I wish them to fail.)
  • TL;DR  Do you even realise that long ranty angry posts portray yourself as some sweaty angry techie nutjob devoid of rational emotion? Wanting a company to burn, or feeling this involved with how a product is delivered like they are somehow your family or people you know. Do yourself (and your blood pressure) a favour, if you like a product, buy it. If you don't like a product, don't buy it. Spending all this time dreaming up your nonsensical point of view and spewing bile all over your keyboard is not healthy, not welcome, not smart and just plain weird. Some maturing to do?
  • Whether people like it or not, DJCBS makes valid points. The ONLY reason I own the L920 is because of Nokia. I didn't get an IPhone or Android because I wanted to try something different. However, Nokia or not, my money isn't spent to support companies. It's for the product. Let me use a dumb example, If Apple, Android and Nokia/MS made a TV and all were around the same price range, but the Nokia/MS TV doesn't offer picture in picture then why in the world would I buy it? Because the future is said to look bright? Look bright now and I'll consider it. When it does look bright then i'll consider it then also.  I do like the WP and Nokia so I do hope this works out. However, as of now, they have failed. It's also unclear how things will turn out. I'll be waiting to get my new phone in early 2014 when all the new flagship phones should be coming out and I'll make my decision on product not company.  Blackberry is doomed just yet either. They got a billion dollars to move forward, new CEO and it looks like Android apps will be compatible.
  • i seriously agree with you. especially the point that it is MS's fault that Nokia ('s devices and services division) had to die this way.
    they had two freaking years when Nokia was giving them amazing hardware, but they didn't care much about the OS themselves. heck, even their services like local scout, xbox music+videos were so limited globally.
    they were lagging in updates. apps are a different story, but the OS was entirely in their hands.
    had they been working on it better, Nokia would have flourished again, along with WP.
    even with 1080p and more processor support, MS did not add anything new except an extra column of tiles. no stylus support, no functionality improvements, nothing. and Nokia could not add stuff beyond a limit, so its hands were tied.
    i honestly feel it was MS's plan to first weaken Nokia and then buy it and then finally deliver something (which i really hope they do) and this way they avoided Nokia android devices too, which would probably have been the best-selling devices ever (specially after people noticed what Nokia could do in terms of hardware with Lumias).
    so ya, well played MS. but now if you spoil the Lumia experience and don't deliver, screw you! though i don't know which phone i'll buy now.
    this is also why i bought a 925 to replace my 520, so that i can cherish Nokia forever. it is by far their sexiest design ever!
    Nokia forever! \m/
  • So what you're really saying is that you're a nokia "fanatic fanboy" and not a WP "fanatic fanboy"?
  • That's not a secret, I think... ;P
  • well I hope you understand that both are equally irrational
  • He's better described as a TROLL
  • And you as an idiot. So?
  • *Microsoft saved Nokia from destruction, and in turn Nokia saved Windows Phone
  • You are not a true Nokia fan. The whole Nokia is moving to MS, same old Nokia - ALL engineers who made yoru beloved phones for years, architects, designers, workers, sweepers .. everybody! If at all, all those cool engineers who made your Nokia phones just saved their jobs and the bleeding will stop. Buy a 10 cent "NOKIA" label from ebay and be happy. Just can't understand your logic.
  • Yawn......
  • This has been going on for months with DJCBS.If he's not happy with the Microsoft and Nokia deal then maybe it's time to move on to a different OS.It been said in articles nothing is going to change but the name on the phone.Nokia is still going building the phone people nothing has changed,but for some it's the name and not the quality of the hardware.Im guessing some of the guys on here would buy a rock if it had the Nokia branding on it:)
  • I rather base my opinion on my experience as a Microsoft consumer for decades than on what articles on the internet wishfully think. That's all.
    And yes, I would buy a rock if it was made by Nokia. I'm sure it would last longer than other rocks ;)
  • I've been buying Microsoft products for a really longtime to my friend.Wishfully thinking?These are straight from the horses mouth and not just fud.
  • So you prefer to believe in words instead of facts...fine. Sorry, but my only religion is Roman-Catholic. Microsoft is not my religion so I only trust on facts not on spoken/written dogmas.
  • Sorry your so called facts have been dead wrong and I'm a Atheists,lol.
  • I'm Roman Catholic and from what I've read on this forum from you, I've determined that you worship Nokia. Don't worry, I'll be praying for you..Peace Be With Your Spirit. I'm serious , no joking when it comes to God from me.
  • What do you not understand about NOKIA working under Microsoft name. The same customer experience is going to be under Microsoft, The same awesome phones, the same awesome indestructability. It's literally just a name change. And now windows phone is going to be much better and faster updates because Nokia is taking over.
  • You don't have any notion how corporate spirit works, do you?
    Let me make an analogy: occupied country. The buildings are the same, the people is the same. But the leaders aren't the same and so the spirit that drives the country isn't the same. When the spirit changes, that reflects on the products.
    Or just look at Apple with Steve Jobs and without Steve Jobs. Apple was doing downhill until Jobs returned to the leadership of the company. Yet, the company was the same, the employees were the same. But the leader, the spirit that drove it, wasn't.
  • Stephen Elop will be leading the devices division. They will have the same leader...
  • Except:
    1 - Nokia's management under Eflop was nothing but a fail;
    2 - there's the chance Eflop goes to CEO of Microsoft. Which means he won't be actually leading the devices team (which would be good for Microsoft, actually, as the man is clearly inept to run a devices division properly)
  • +1. Good analogy.
  • What other rocks, as Microsoft has never made a mobile phone nor a rock; they've alway depended on manufacturers
  • lol I don't think you got the point, mate. It was an answer to the previous poster who wrote "some of the guys on here would buy a rock if it had the Nokia branding on it:)"
    I said yes, I would buy a rock made by Nokia. Because I trust Nokia's quality. I've always had and if they get to their senses and in 2016 buy Jolla and return to smartphones, I will still trust them. Trust is something a company only builds with years.
    I don't distrust Microsoft's ability to produce good hardware. I've said it a hundred times: I really like the Surface, and my mouse, keyboard and webcam are ALL manufactured by Microsoft.
    But, as Bill Gates himself once said (along side Steve Jobs) the core of everything is software. And I don't trust Microsoft to deliver a mobile OS at least on pair with Android and iOS, specially once the only one that was forcing them to innovate - Nokia - gets out of the picture.
    And there's no point in saying "oh but the teams are the same". The Nokia employees who agree to move to MSFT will not call any shots around the place. The orders will come directly from Redmond. If you think Microsoft will leave the Nokia Team alone in Finland and let them run things from're sorely mistaken.
  • nice trolling....
  • Great.  Now please delete your WP Central account as well.  Goodbye.
  • Ha ha ha ha!!! DJCBS cry, cry harder. Your tears are so delicious :)
  • Ah, I've missed you. But you're still not Cartman ;)
  • NASTY!!!!!!
  • What's Nasty Mr. Deaconclgi?? DJCBS, That bitter, sad little troll was nasty by shitting in each and every thread related to Nokia-Microsoft deal. DJCBS wishing death on both Elop and Ballmer like a terrorist was NASTY!! But why am i explaining these things to you, you are mynokiablog editor, you will obviously gloss over these nasty things and support the hate-spewing trolls.
  • I was talking about the part where you said "Your tears are so delicious", I visualized it in a literal sense and thinking about someone tasting another persons tears is extremely nasty to me. Yes, I know you are not actually tasting tears but hey, that is so nasty in my mind that it deserved all caps and a host of exclamation marks. Thank you for mentioning my position at mynokiablog, in all of my writings throughout the years, have you ever seen me gloss over nasty things people say or support the hate-spewing trolls? Really...I honestly challenge you to point out any instance of me glossing over or supporting trolls. Here is my author page: When any disrespect is brought to my attention and the level is severe enough to warrant moderation or encouragment/reminder to treat people respectfully, I make the effort to do so. WPC isn't a site that I write for so I am not in a position to make any decisions based upon DJCBS's comments but I can guarantee you have never and will never see me KNOWINGLY support ANY of his or anyone elses nasty, hateful or trolling remarks on this site, MyNokiaBlog or any site or even in person. For the record, I am firmly against trolls of any kind and any harmful undertones, bashing or disrepect to any reader as we all have our opinions but respect is a must. I am fair across the board and I call right: right and wrong: wrong. I have pointed out Nokia's faults, Microsoft's faults, developer's faults, even my own faults in articles that I have written and have done my best to correct every single fault that is brought to my attention.   With that said, I take the accusation that you believe that I will gloss over nasty things that he has said and support hate-spewing trolls seriously as I have a reputation to uphold as I am a real person with a life, career and family. When DJCBS is wrong, he is wrong, when he is right, he is right, just like everyone else and I will never knowingly support anyone that I know is wrong and especially anyone that is trolling. If I have supported those things in the past, point them out to me and I have no problem correcting them. Thank you for your comment and next time, I will reply with more than one word because just typing "NASTY!!!!!!" without further explanation as to what I am referring to leads to miscommunication. Deaconclgi
  • I understand what you're saying I have had many Nokia phones in the past which were Symbian and S40. But we have to wait and see what happens. The plan on paper is good lets see if it is executed properly.
  • I commend your optimism. Unfortunately I've been a Microsoft consumer for longer than more than many here (I still remember the days when the OS was MS-DOS). I know how their corporate spirit works. After the hit they'll get by simply removing the name "Nokia" from the phones, they'll start to meddle with the way the old Nokia team works (well, the ones who accept to go to MSFT...which doesn't include, for a start, the guy who designed the Lumias). The sales will shrink and they'll keep losing money on the phones until their shareholders decide it's enough and they put an end to the project they never really cared about for a start.
  • If you really understood MS you'd know that they'll just keep throwing money at it until they win. E.g. Xbox original looked doomed for years, until they poured money into exclusives, heavy marketing & selling at a loss. WP will thrive because it is of utmost importance to MS and they have money to burn.