Nokia signs new deal to put Windows Phones into enterprise

Good news today for the prospects of seeing more Windows Phone make their way into the important business market. Nokia and Avande have signed a deal to get Microsoft services, Lumia products and expertise into the enterprise.

Avanade is a global business technology solutions and managed services provider. Currently the company is helping a large UK bank replace its current fleet of phones with Windows Phone 8 devices. Read on to find out more.

Nokia has recently stepped up their efforts in promoting Windows Phone 8 devices to business. They have produced some interesting posts and are also engaging in social networking via twitter to get the message across. The aim in clear, their next vector of attack is for the all-important business customer, this deal looks set to help bring a whole package of products and services to help make that happen.

Ian Jordan, executive VC of Sales, Marketing Avanade had the following to comment on the partnership:

"There is a significant gap in the market for a new class of business-focused mobile services and solutions. Avanade and Nokia are working together to fill this gap; integrating Nokia Lumia smartphones built on Windows Phone 8, with business applications such as Microsoft Office, CRM and access to company information to improve collaboration, productivity and sales." -

Unlike some of Microsoft’s partners it's clear Nokia can see the potential to take the Windows Phone platform to business. After all the OS comes with first class exchange integration, bitlocker, office mobile and more. In this case it looks as though they will be concentrating on delivering a holistic solution using Microsoft technologies. 

Niko Mykkänen, global head of B2B Sales at Nokia had this to say about the deal and the potential it offers:

"The growth in the use of consumer devices at work has created opportunities for businesses, but also vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Working together, Nokia and Avanade will create business solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise, as well as delivering the exciting user experience which people expect from today's leading smartphones such as Nokia Lumia." 

There is no doubt that Windows Phone as a operating system has reached a vital turning point in both perception and acceptance as a viable player. It is now up to Nokia and Microsoft to ensure it reaches into all the places it has so far not touched.

Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below and tell us if you’re already using Windows Phone in your business. 

Source: Market Wire

  • Having been in a blackberry shop for years I hope this takes off. EP has so much more to offer.
  • Perception and Acceptance as a viable player? No, I still don't see it. Many of my friends still won't touch a windows phone.
  • Then get new friends!  Just kidding, but why not?  I've had a Windows Phone for nearly 18 months, beginning with a Lumia 800, and whereas people would look at that when I first got it and have no idea what it was, when people see my HTC 8X they instantly know it's a Windows Phone and that's "the one with the tiles".  The progress may be slow, but it's definitely happening.
  • Same here. Many of my coworkers love my l920. To bad though they're all part of the Apple collective. They fear change. I can show them all the better things WP can do easily but it doesn't seem to register in their collective minds.
  • Same here, I've actually helped those who were on Android convert to Windows Phones, but its difficult to get my friends who are iPhone users to convert over. Even when they seemed to be in awe, they are scared to move. So they tell me that they will wait on "The Next Big Thing" from Apple. Oh well!
  • I don't know where else Apple can go with the iPhone. Size maybe? The UI hasn't changed since birth. All the newcomers are doing as everyone else. Grid style layout. Most are like skins you can put over Android. Only WP is something different. Its not an overlay. WP is an actual new UI! So many possibilities: 3D tiles, video tiles, etc..
  • Hahaha...WP9
  • Yeah, its a tough sell. Most people just want to have the phone everyone else has. They want to be able to get group imessages, and use all the same apps. MS has a superior product, but its hard to break through such established ecosystems.
  • My work place is not the case. Its all about having what everyone else has. Their minds are set in the collective. Change and free will does not compute. They live the life of the daily collective routine and never question it.
  • "Most people just want to have the phone everyone else has."
    Agreed. But I think different - i like to own things that others dont have, or something that is unique from what people normally use. 
  • Funny. I saw someone in the street with an 8X an somebody asked him "isn't that one of those Lumias?".
  • Really? All my friends are impressed by it and can't keep their hands off of it.
  • I managed to convince many of my business friends and most moved from Androids to Lumia 920
  • That has actually happened by itself at my office, people are curious.
  • WP needs a way better calendar before this is accepted. Business is all about appointments. Try to put an appointment in your WP8 phone with a 3 hour reminder. Oops can't do it. I like my Lumia 810 but my old BB Bold 9900 smokes it in functionality.
  • I can't understand why the reminder doesn't have a custom option. Whyyyyy Microsoft, whyyy? It's very weird, I agree.
  • What if you set the appointment in Outlook with that requirement?
  • You can set custom appointment lengths in the windows phone 8 calendar. Just click on how long then custom. (nevermind reread... Where's my coffee...)
  • Wow that is pretty stupid. Good thing they worked so hard on Kids Corner but still missed stuff like this.
  • lol, well, kids corner is pretty cool too.
  • Kids corner actually is an important feature for business. Can't lend my phone with enterprise data to my kid or others without it.
  • 100% agreed. The calendar on WP is a complete joke.
    Set repeating appointments? Nope
    See the Week number? Nope
    Week view? Nope
    Setting an appointment at say 10:30? Scrolling 30x1 min. instead of 6x5min.
    Month view with at least a bit more information than the silly entries? Nope
  • You can set repeating appointments, I just set one up yesterday! I think the options are limited though (as with reminder time).
  • Are you Stupid or what, didn't you read the above comment that you can change the length of an appointment via the Custom Option on WP8, you must be an Iphone user or something, pls wake up and stop acting stupid, really hurts when people act dumb and don't read through the messages properly
  • You guys are talking about the duration of the appointment.  There is a custom option for that.  I'm talking about the "Reminder" section of the appointment.  There is no custom option for that.  Options jump from 1 hour to 18 hours with no in between options and no custom option.
  • now, i just checked on mine, you just need to click on How Long -> Custom then you can set the start and end time,  would've been better if we could just choose the time though... and I agree Calendar needs the most attention right now, it's "ok" for me, but there are definitely alot of things lacking, i wish they could add pinch to zoom on monthly view so i can actually read the tiny text...
  • "How long" is not the issue.  I'm talking about the "Reminder" (when the notification alert appears before the start time of the appointment).  You are talking about the duration of the appointment.
  • Agreed, there is a open item in the user voice page for consuming free busy information in the calendar. Another must have
  • agree 100%!
    Not to talk about the tasks view in calendar... a shame.
    And where is exchange cathegories synch for calendar items and tasks? It used to be there in WM 6.5
    Please Nokia save the ship before it's too late!
  • This and the calendar on, maybe they don't have a team for calendars?
  • Indeed... have been waiting for the calendar to be updated from Hotmail for aaaages... nope, still not happening. Personally I actually preferred the Hotmail interface - more dense, practical and IMHO powerful (e.g. you could actually add a photo to a contact O_O). But MS, if you're going to change the UI then bloody change it!!
  • While it would be nice to see tons of features in Windows Phone, they can't boil the ocean.  I'm perectly fine with the reminder values that are default.  Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's the norm.  I'm sure MS has used telemetry data from Office to know what are the most common used values.  And I'm not saying you are wrong, you just need to take into account other variables to why something is missing.  And believe me, WP is not perfect.  It has its flaws.
  • You might be fine with the reminder values that are default but I'm not. I am a presenter and I do presentations for a living. Many of my appointments are 2-4 hours away from my home so most of my appointments need 2-4 hour reminders and I can't do that in Windows Phone. Also, I would say it is not the norm when this is the only platform I have ever used that doesn't allow the user to enter 2-4 hour reminders. How can this calendar be taken serious for business when the default reminder options jump from 1 hour to 18 hours with no in between? This is inexcusable for even the most basic OS let alone one trying to compete for enterprise!
  • Wow that's pretty lame. Hadn't noticed it because I set most appointments in Outlook on the PC.
    For this kind of thing MS really need to open up their APIs. If there was a way to write calendar entries via an API I guarantee there would be a dozen improved Calendar apps in the store within a month.
  • Avanade employees already use a lot of Windows Phone devices so it seems they will know from experience how to integrate these into their client's environments. 
  • Not really I never met another that did and I seemed to be the only one using Windows Phone. Hope this changes this, they are partly owned by Microsoft.
  • My company was recently purchased by Avanade, and we brought a good deal of WPs with us :P
  • Sorry, but most use iPhones.
  • They won't touch windows phones like Lumia 920 cause there scared its better than there junk iPhones n androids I'll admit I was and there where right
  • Agreed
  • I agree.
  • And if you thought you were important cause you had bb (status qoute) then owning a windows phone Lumia 920 will make you feel like you own the whole world
  • Thank you, a really phone is a 920, a toy is and Iphone, a cheaper toy is the Android phone
  • Surely native VPN support is needed first?
  • hey what exactly is a VPN used for? (dont attack me for not knowing) all i know is it stands for virtual private network, and i assume it has to do with connecting securely with people, but i dont know exactly.
  • A lot of companies have a private network that cannot be accessed from outside the building. This includes network folders and such where files are stored.. or licenses for software (wont really be the case with phones but company apps could be used and need a license server maybe? depends...)
    With VPN, you are able to connect to that network and act as if you are in the building and plugged into the wall. You will have access to the network share drives and such.
  • just to add on the example, if you have internal webpage that can not be accessed outside of the company network, VPN makes your PC/Phone seem like it's on the local network so you can access those webpages (heck you can even print to the network printers)
  • Im not sure if it is supported on the phone, but DirectAccess might be a alternative to a VPN.
  • Yes, many business feel they need VPN access on a phone to be able to access Intranets and feel they are in control of security of the device.
    Microsoft even pushes this in the Enterprise with DirectAccess.
    It is something companies will expect when evaluating a product, even if they don't actually use it daily.
  • cool thanks to both of you im glad someone could shed some light on that for me ive never really bothered to read up on it. :D appreciate it brethren!
  • VPN has been announced already, isn't it in Portico or the next release. But its around the corner.
  • I believe support will come with apollo+, of course I could be wrong.
  • Dear Robert, It's Avanade, not Avande :)
  • if you have a business and you have to choose between 3 platforms(rim is no longer viable or needed) then choosing windows is a no brainer. as an account manager avoiding itunes and android setup is a huige time saver when dealing with a large number of phones. also as account mananger you decide what phones the company goes with not the morons who work for you. it took me more then a week to get android phone setup across 60 employees due to the number of things needed to keep the employee trained in its use.. windows took less then 3 days as all i needed was windows live sign in.
  • Totally agree. Windows phones are one of the easiest to deploy. I hated deploying blackberries years ago. I eventually got rid of them. Though I used windows mobile5-6.5, I did not deploy those to my end users. We went apple and the setup and deployment of those were almost as bad as the blackberry. They have come a long way, but you still have to sign your life to them before you use the dog gone phone. Android was somewhat easier to setup and deploy, but a lot of tines too confusing for the masses. I thing windows phone is one of the easiest now and has a lot of potential in the business and consumer market. The public is really starting to recognize the phones. Just have to continue to market and show people that not only is there another way, but it may be better... Try it rather than follow the crowd of people who never really tried it, casted off judgment.
  • I'm somewhat encouraged that you chose windows phone for your company... But I'm glad I don't work for you if you consider all of your employees morons.
  • i dont think he meant it offensively, but most people who arent tech savvy are a bit ignorant to things.
  • work on the helpdesk for a day and you'll be calling the employees morons too. Its incredible the level of questions you get.
    these websites make us  forget how little the average person knows or cares about smartphones.
  • You guys do have a point. I tend to forget that not everyone keeps up with technology like we do here.
  • I used to work in the a call center back when i was in college for a large international corp... Monday morning the most common IT call was "i forgot my password...."  and later on you get stuff like "i got this virus.." and, since we supported BB "how do i setup my email on this phone?"..... you get some legit and some "how do i make things bold in word?".... and these people all had college degrees... hehe.. so i can see where he is coming from there.
  • Wow, u would make a great boss, NO not really.
  • "not upto Nokia and Microsoft"? You surely mean "now**"?
  • Wow, yeah. That one surely changes the entire meaning of the sentence.
  • Would you believe me if I said this was checked before posting? Thanks for the spot. Rob
  • Hi, Avanade and not Avande in the article.
  • Thanks, seems a few mistakes crept in today. 
  • They need to sort out the Bluetooth in windows phone. It does t support hands free in some systems.
  • I truly hope this works!!
  • Could that mean that we can look forward to a truly working PDF reader app in the near future?! No way any company will put up with the current MS version for long.
  • I'm hoping it means we have a lot of fixes coming in the near future and Nokia is assuring these people that things are coming soon!
  • wishful thinking i know... but perhaps Nokia knows what updates and bug fixes windows is pushing and when... and is assuring these enterprise users that their features, like VPN, bluetooth fixes, etc are all coming to WP8 by the time they deploy?  I'll keep telling myself that so i feel like things are being worked on :)
  • Wp8 needs an immediate fix for .wav files. My office line emails voicemails to me and my Lumia 800 played them fine. Tried on my 920 and oops, file format not supported. Seriously???
  • VPN VPN VPN - it's one thing that keeps me waffling from upgrading my HTC Radar to an 8X or Lumia or some Android phone.
  • Very true! WP needs to support VPN if they really want to make a push for business world. 
  • I agree with you on the calendar but there are other apps that are free even that make excellent reminders. One that is really simple and can be used for many other things is called clearer. I use it every day for work. But there are a few others that are nice. Now these are not calendars but it has an excellent reminding system.
  • This is big news. I hope this succeeds and we start to see Windows Phones excepted in the business world. 
  • what would really be cool is if microsoft or nokia had a website that periodically updated to let the public know what they were working on at that moment for future updates. that would ease alot of people's worries about wp8. i know they are dont have to do this, but it would be nice.
  • I work for Ford and we would love it here but as it is they have the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scheme going on here since many use iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys! We still have the Enterprise Phones if you want to use them just most rather bring their own device and load the services on them! I would like to see the Nokia phones brought in but want it where you can switch from Home to work and make them completely seperate otherwise I see it as having to have two phones to lug around one for work and one for home... Not sure how everyone does their buisness but some of us do not have to be contacted outside of work...
  • As a business traveller, I need a phone which last at least a day with moderate-heavy use....sorry but my Lumia 920 battery just drains too quickly to be business useful...I'll keep my BB for now....for phone calls and mail/sms the battery runs forever (in Bb) and isn't that what most people use a Mobile for in Business?
    Sorry, I love my L920 but that's a reality at the moment.
  • WTF I am an Avanade resource here in the Philippines. I truly hope they issue us yellow Lumia 920s hahaha
  • Looks like a gray 920 in the first pic. Really wished that would have came to the states.
  • Well, are we sure that without some important features like VPN and IP VOIP you can cover all the needs of the rest of them?
  • Avanade is an IT consulting and service provider that focuses on delivering solutions using Microsoft technologies. This sounds like a great partnership!
  • WP*/Lumia 920 is not even remotely close to entering the business world. I unfotunately made the decison to upgrade to the Lumia 920 instead of the S3/BB 990/iPhone 4S and regret it everyday. I now just use it for phone calls 9which sound liek crap) since my number is tied to it and do everything else on my iPhone 5.
  • I moved our entire company to the new Lumia 920 just before Christmas and they couldn't be happier. What an upgrade over android and the instability is has. WP8 also offers many core OS features that make it uniquely suited for business. The biggest of these is the people hub.
  • This really needs to be rephrased. Avanade is partly owned by Microsoft (although the majority is by Accenture) so this is basically Microsoft signing an agreement with an existing hardware partner to try to make press over its struggling phone OS.
    Do some research sheeple :)