Nokia sponsors Tramlines UK music event with a Lumia Live light show

Nokia sponsored the recent Tramlines music event, which was held in Sheffield on the weekend just passed. The free-to-attend event saw performances by the likes of Reverend And The Makers, We Are Scientists, Ms. Dynamite, and many more. Nokia kicked everything off with a Lumia Live light show with music from True Tiger on the Tram Lines stage.

The video above shows the display in action with activated rave wristbands.

Much like Deadmau5 in London last year, Nokia sure knows how to get a party started. The Finnish handset maker is exploring as many routes as possible when it comes to building brand awareness. What's more effective than getting word out to trendy attendees of a music event?

The younger audience has been a target for Nokia since it joined Microsoft and began devoting majority of resources to Windows Phone. With the rumour of marketing strategy altering, it'll be interesting to see how the changes could help the manufacturer push more Windows Phones out the door.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • What's better than getting the word out to trendy people at music events? Er, how about TV ads that target ALL demographics ALL the time?
    How about ads that show off WP/Lumia exclusive features (e.g. post photo to Facebook from camera, full offline navigation etc.) before iOS catches up and Apple makes ads out of them? Because you know they will!!
    FFS Nokia this isn't a hard concept to grasp...advertise your phones by showing what they can do and how they are better and offer value. The trendy montage ad for Lumia on TV didn't tell anyone anything!
  • Lumia Light Show? All I can see in that video are generic concert lights. What makes it a Lumia show?