In 2014, there are a lot of cool things. One of those, is not batteries. In fact, they’re downright ancient by comparison to the explosion of mobile tech. To put it another way, there really hasn’t been any new tech in batteries in years, although Qi 1.2 with its resonance charging is a nice step forward.

Nokia has posted a video today, slightly humorous, highlighting the issue. Shot entirely on a Lumia 1020, the video demonstrates how Nokia is working on various technologies to help charge your phone when you’re not near an outlet. The main one featured is a system using kinetic energy that transfers into electricity to charge a battery. It’s a neat idea, but as noted at the end, it still takes some time to charge.

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Regardless, it’s great to see Nokia ahead on this issue than many other companies. Of course, in the end it’s about business – and patents – so it’s not entirely a Good Samaritan move, but we like how they’re at least highlighting the problem.

You can read more about Nokia's sustainability efforts on their website.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Himanshu C., for the tip!