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City Lens just keeps on getting better

Nokia appears to be in an update mood lately as this weekend we’ve noticed two of their big apps get some small updates.

Update: City Lens update was just a re-submission to fix an error with the Chinese Windows Phone Store

First up is City Lens, which is being bumped to version 1.10.1632. That’s a fairly low number change, so we’re going to assume that these are minor bug fixes and code optimizations to make it all run buttery smooth. In fact it does feel faster for us to load and calibrate but that could be placebo too.

We don’t think this is the ‘big’ new update that Nokia talked about last week—that one includes 3D icons and the ability filter items out of the line of site.

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The other update is for Nokia’s media-streaming app Play To. We haven’t talk much about that app in sometime but it really has come a long way. The app allows you to stream music, video or photos to DLNA enabled hardware or even your Xbox 360 (at least with the Beta dashboard build that we’re using. That service is actually called ‘Play To’ as well).

The current version is, which is only weird because we were prompted for an update although it doesn’t look like that’s a different version number. Maybe that's just a goof on our end of the Store.

Although the app works like a charm with our Xbox 360 for photos and music, videos get choked up every 4 seconds, resulting in an almost “this is awesome!” experience. Seeing as we have the beta build of the Xbox 360 update and Play To is still being tweaked, we’ll let it slide for now.

Pick up City Lens here in the Windows Phone Store (Nokia Collection) and Play To here. Thanks, Alberto, for the City Lens tip

Noticed any changes that we didn’t? Tell us in comments!

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