Nokia MixRadion Windows 8.1

Nokia MixRadio is the company's v2 attempt at the music streaming industry. Previously branded as Nokia Music, the new service focuses more on personalising the experience for consumers, while opening up a whole world of media just waiting to be discovered. While there's the popular client available for Windows Phone, Nokia has just updated the MixRadio apps for Windows 8.1 and RT.

What's included in this latest release? Nokia has bundled numerous improvements and features to bring the feature list up to speed with what's presently available on Windows Phone. You'll now see a prominent "Play Me" button when you first load the app and choose some favourite artists to kick off the collection. This improvement helps make it even easier for you to create your own personal station.

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When attempting to bring your surroundings down via sound waves, there are new rating options available on the playback screen (thumbs up and down). These are used to help develop an understanding on the music you like and prefer, to better recommend and find new music that suit your tastes. Really neat if you're looking for more artists and albums you may not be aware of.

Signing into your Nokia account will ensure that your experience is synchronised across multiple devices, thanks to the cloud support. If you're purchasing new Lumia Windows Phones and have a Windows 8.1 (or RT) tablet at hand, there's no need to start your collection and experience from scratch again. Everything is loaded and you pick up where you previously left off.

You can download Nokia MixRadio from the Windows Store, as well as Windows Phone (QR code below). Thanks to Windows 8.1, you should receive the update automatically, but be sure to use the store link should you still be on the previous release.

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks, Craig Pugsley, for the tip!

QR: Nokia MixRadio

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