Nokia X sold out in China within minutes

Previously we covered the story about Nokia China racking up extremely high pre-order numbers in a dubious method. By the end of this week, the total number of pre-order (at no cost at all, up to 3 units for each registered user, with a chance to win a free phone) reached 10 million.

The actual sales of Nokia X commenced on Chinese e-commerce platform on 10:00 am of March 24 (Beijing time). Everyone with a pre-order has two options: either to make the payment and seal the deal, or to forfeit the pre-order and forget about it. Didn't even make a pre-order? Well, you will be served last then, if there's any chance left.

So far, apparently the sale is a huge success. The first batch of Nokia X was sold out in less than 4 minutes on, with the next batch available by March 31. Again we have to emphasis the "apparently" for the time being, for there is no way to tell how many units are actually sold through JD. Since JD is giving the first 10,000 buyers a bonus pack of peripherals and services, we can safely say the first batch of Nokia X for the Chinese market is certainly more than that. We will keep a track on the actual sales, and keep you updated.

It's worth a mention that Lumia 520 is currently sold at 629 RMB at JD, while Nokia X bears a 599 RMB price tag. The 30 RMB price tag translates into a meager 5 US dollars, or a bit less than two Big Macs (currently 17 RMB each) at any McDonald's in China. Do you think Nokia X (Android) has a significant cost advantage over Lumia (Windows Phone)? Or what Lumia lacks, at least in China, is just one big marketing push?

Kane Gao