Best NVIDIA G-Sync-compatible 4K TVs 2021

LG CX (Image credit: LG Corporation)

NVIDIA G-Sync delivers tear-free gaming, adapting your monitor or TV refresh rate to the outputted frames from any video game. It's one of the best ways to achieve a snag-free gaming experience, with your PC and display working in harmony to deliver the best image. NVIDIA G-Sync is mostly reserved for PC gaming monitors, but it's now found on more 4K TVs than ever. We've rounded up the best NVIDIA G-Sync-compatible 4K TVs to consider in 2021.

Finding the best G-Sync TV for you

NVIDIA G-Sync put a stop to screen tearing, ensuring smooth PC gaming across supported graphics cards and displays. Those shopping for G-Sync-friendly hardware now have 4K TVs to consider, with some of the top models on the market now boasting VRR technology. That opens new benefits like bigger displays, dedicated smart TV features, and other features not present across the list of G-Sync monitors.

The LG CX OLED is our top G-Sync TV in 2021, officially certified by NVIDIA, and easily the best 4K TV for gaming right now. The OLED technology means the rich blacks pop, coupled with HDR for improved contrast and colors. HDMI 2.1 support, available across the latest NVIDIA RTX 30-series GPUs, also pushes up to 4K resolution at 120Hz, ideal for those pursuing high framerate gaming in the process. It's only worth stressing that, while uncommon, OLED technology does bring the potential for burn-in, with increased risk for PCs. While its current $1,350 starting price isn't cheap, it's great for PC gaming, and the best for 4K TV for Xbox Series X and PS5, too.

For a more affordable alternative that doesn't comprise functionality, the LG NANO 85/NANO86 is your best bet, with incredible value at this price. It's well fitted with 4K at 120Hz, HDR, and other gaming features bundled in one place. While it's not the best image out there, movies and games still shine on this TV. You also don't need to worry about the chance of burn-in, making this more reliable for years of PC use.

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