NVIDIA quietly bolsters its GeForce lineup with the low-end GT 1030

It hasn't received the most robust attention, but NVIDIA and its partners have outed a new entry to its GeForce lineup with the GT 1030. Rather than setting the gaming world on fire, the GT 1030 looks to tackle the low-end of the market with prices starting at around $70 to $80.

NVIDIA quietly outs the low-end GeForce GT 1030

Based on NVIDIA's Pascal tech, which is what powers the rest of its 10-series chips as well, the reference GT 1030 packs 384 CUDA cores and a 1468MHz boost clock. There's also 2GB of GDDR5 memory on board, and it supports resolutions of up to 7680x4320 at 60Hz. Hardware partners will, of course, have variations on this reference design. EVGA, for example, has already revealed a lineup of three cards, one of which — the low profile model — is already on sale for $75.

If you need a cheap card for to handle an HTPC machine or work that requires a little more oomph than your integrated graphics, then the 1030 should be a good option. If that sounds like it's up your alley, you can check out cards from EVGA, Zotac, MSI and more at Newegg now.

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