Nyko Modular Charge Station S review: A controller charger for your Xbox One S

Give your Xbox One S a nice functional hat.

There are lots of charging solutions for your Xbox One controllers. But few become a part of the console as nicely as the Nyko Modular Charging Station S. It fits on top of any Xbox One S, charges two controllers, and adds an extra USB port too.

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Nyko Modular Charging Station S at a glance

Nyko Modular Charge Station S

The Nyko Modular Charging Station S ($24.99) is a two-controller charging device that works exclusively with the Xbox One S – it won't fit on other models.

Included in the package are:

  • Modular Charging Station S
  • Two battery packs, 1200 mAh each
  • Two battery covers
  • Instructions


Nyko Modular Charge Station S

The Modular Charging Station S is a rectangular device that measures 9 x 2.5 inches at its base. The body of the unit is white, and the base is black, making it perfect for both white and black Xbox One S consoles.

The unit installs on the top left side of the Xbox One S – the side with no air vents on top. It can be positioned almost anywhere on that left side other than the left-most edge, because that edge doesn't have anything for the charger to latch onto. It also has a built-in black USB cable that plugs into either of the console's rear USB 3/0 ports.

The back of the S console has a number of holes stretching across. The Modular Charging Station S latches onto any of these rear-side holes. After pulling the device's prongs into those holes (which is uncomfortably tight, so it takes a few tries), you'll pull the front of the unit over the front of the console. This snapping-on process is so tight it feels like it might scratch the system, but I installed and uninstalled it twice without harming my white Xbox One S.

Nyko Modular Charge Station S

Next, you'll install the battery packs into your wireless Xbox One controllers (Elite controllers work too). Each pack fits in the controller in one specific way, helpfully designated by the text THIS SIDE UP. Snap on the battery covers (they only come in white), and your controllers are ready to charge. The white of both the battery covers and the device itself perfectly match that of the Xbox One S and its controller.


Nyko Modular Charge Station S

The Modular Charging Station S can hold and charge two Xbox One controllers at once. Just set the controller down in one of the two slots, and it should begin charging. Annoyingly, it's possible to set one in at a slightly incorrect angle, which won't charge it. The Nyko Charge Block doesn't really have this issue, so Nyko's designers dropped the ball here slightly. But fiddle with the controller a bit, and it'll start charging.

You can tell a controller is charging because a white under-glow light below the controller will blink until the charge fills. This light is too subtle for my tastes – you can scarcely see it from a distance. Up close and from the side, it's fairly clear – but I prefer the Charge Block's more visible charging lights. On the plus side, each battery pack has a micro-USB port. So you have the option of charging controllers via micro-USB cable during use.

Nyko Modular Charge Station S

The Modular Charging Station S plugs into one of the console's rear USB 3.0 ports. This could potentially result in the loss of a treasured USB port. Thankfully, the accessory has two extra ports on its back: one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port (strictly for charging devices like phones). So you can still plug the same number of wired controllers or external hard drives in as you'd be able to without the charger.

Overall impression

Nyko Modular Charge Station S

If you own an Xbox One S and have some vertical clearance above your console, the Nyko Modular Charging Station S is a very convenient way to charge your controllers. It handles two at one time and matches the console's aesthetics quite well. The Nyko Charge Block is still the most versatile charging solution overall, but this one excels at space-saving.


  • Matches the Xbox One S aesthetics perfectly.
  • Charge two controllers at once.
  • Has two USB ports so you don't lose any USB functionality.


  • Controllers sometimes require adjustment to start charging.
  • 1200 mAh batteries aren't the longest-lasting option.
  • Only works with the Xbox One S.

The Nyko Modular Charging Station S sells for $24.99.

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