My O2

O2 has released a beautiful new app for Windows Phone to help customers get the most out of their contracted plans or through Pay As You Go (PAYG). Much like similar solutions available from other major mobile operators, My O2 taps into one's mobile account to display details without having to boot up a computer to carry out the same task.

As well as being nicely put together, the app itself features some neat functionality too. Here are some highlighted features included in the My O2 experience:

  • A full itemised bill including your most expensive, longest and most frequent calls
  • All syncing with your phone book contacts so you can see who you've called and texted
  • Fully itemised recent charges to your account since your last bill
  • Six months detailed bill history
  • Notifications to let you know when you're running low on minutes, messages and data
  • Allowances of minutes, messages and data

My O2

Fear not if you're a PAYG subscriber as it's possible to view allowances remaining for that month, as well as current plan costs. To keep everything simple when topping-up, you can also utilize the automated call service to add more credit to your smartphone.

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Note that should you be heading abroad this summer, using this a will take data, meaning you'll be roaming while looking at your O2 account. Consider taking out O2 Travel before heading off on a plane.

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Big thanks to Ian and everyone else for the tips!