The Office 365 Admin app hits version 2.0 today for Windows Phone

If you work as an Office 365 IT administrator, then the official Office 365 Admin app from Microsoft should be on your quick list of apps for Windows Phone. The app lets you "manage your users including resetting their passwords. In addition, you can also read the latest messages from Message Center, the central location for Office 365 service communications and view any active service support requests."

Today, the Office 365 Admin app is getting bumped to version 2.0. The last time we mentioned the app was back in November 2013, so this update is a welcomed one. Did someone say makeover?

Office 365 Admin for Windows Phone

Office 365 Admin 2.0

  • Dashboard view
  • Manage users including password resets
  • Read messages on Message Center
  • Monitor active support requests
  • Supports Windows Azure Directory Multi-Factor Authentication
  • PIN code support

The app is still available for Windows Phone 8.0 devices, which we suppose is great for legacy, although it would have been nice to see it leverage new 8.1 abilities. Regardless, seeing this app get refreshed after so long is great for the Office365 story at Microsoft, which so far has proven to be a successful strategy.

Pick up the updated app and if you are an Office 365 IT admin let us know what you think!

Download Office 365 Admin 2.0 for Windows Phone

Thanks, Aman B., for the tip!

QR: Office 365 Admin for Windows Phone

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm an IT admin and office365 reseller, saw this app but didn't realize its capabilities until this article. Awesome!!!
  • Our response time for the common little things will be dramatically reduced. Can you provision users and edit licenses?
  • Very nice :)
  • Hmm I tend to log into the server and do the password resets via AD. wonder if this would be easier esp if im working from home...
  • All your users are alphabetical and the reset option is in the first layer of settings. Yes, this would be easier, especially if you just want to email them a reset code to a personal address.
  • If you're using on-premise ADFS then password resets get done at the AD server, not in the app wouldn't reset the password. I think the same is true if using a hybrid model with DirSync.
  • The UI looks, meh. They could have done a better job. It's to "raw" and not aligned.
  • What?
  • Search button: Not the same height as the textbox The middle imagem, left and right margins are not the same like the other pictures. The app is colorless. bottom appbar should be the same blue like the logo. Well, I guess everyone has it's point of view on UI.
  • Should have seen a month back, won't even open.
  • It's kinda odd because there's no hamburger here. I'll bet they redo it and make it universal for Win10.
  • RESIST SUBSCRIPTION SOFTWARE, make sure we always have an affordable option. Who needs another "utility" bill?
  • This app is for Office 365 for business. It's absolutely worth having.
  • For an enterprise, this is an awesome model for service delivery. I have absolutely loved reducing my local server needs, simplifying license compliance, and giving my users first class current software. Yeah, that really sucks :roll eyes: That "utility" bill also represents a consistent, stable, predictable operational expense versus capital expenditures for an every 3-5 year major forklift update.
  • I'll second that. Office 365 under the "dreaded" subscription model (SaaS) is the BEST thing to happen for IT Admins in a long time. Now, if this app allowed us IT Providers to do "Delegated Administration" like the Partner Tile in the Office 365 Web Portal, it would be a GREAT thing!
  • I've had this version for weeks! Did you guys only just get it? I did send a heads up...
  • Even I did.
  • Office 365 Admin here, freaking awesome! UI is a little bland but the functionality is 100%!
  • It's the 3rd update in March.
  • Exactly. I thought I was reading an old article.
  • Didn't knew there was an admin app.
  • Anyone know if this works with Office 365 home.  I have multiple users on my account.  Needed small business size usage but their businees plans don't work for me.
  • Nope.
  • Very useful