Office 365 business users will soon get new ways to share files on OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft has announced that Office 365 business customers will soon see new ways to share files on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Microsoft outlined their plans for businesses to have better file sharing and collaboration with OneDrive and SharePoint:

In the coming months, we're rolling out the ability to copy a file from OneDrive to a SharePoint document library. Later this year, we'll add the ability to move a file, as well.We're rolling out an update to SharePoint document libraries that builds on the core value people depend on—adding new user experiences and capabilities that bring consistency to working on files throughout Office 365 while maintaining the full power of SharePoint document libraries.

Microsoft is also working on a new recommended file discovery system that's currently in the Android and web versions of OneDrive and will be added later to the iOS and Windows Phone versions:

The new Discover view suggests content that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they engage. As you share and collaborate on your files on OneDrive and SharePoint, other content is recommended and suggested to you—it means you don't have to reinvent the wheel or endlessly search for useful content and expertise. Best of all, you don't have to switch to another app to benefit from these insights and suggestions.

John Callaham
  • Omg. Copy and later move. Any news if the same magic could be possible between/within document libraries?
  • I'm definitely looking forward to the new UI for document libraries in SharePoint. Looks so much better and easier to use.
  • Edge support would also be appreciated. Now most needed functionalities require proper browser.
  • Vhyr agree would be good if a MS product designed to work in a browser worked with MS's new browser properly.I love the new admin center it's so much easier to use prefer the layout and easy to run reports. In Microsoft credit they have taken the feedback given and are adding the features so good step in right direction.
  • Cool - I'm an enterprise user for work and sure hope we get the new SharePoint and associated access to in-house business systems, COINS and OA !!!
  • From the blog: "We’re proud to announce that starting today in our OneDrive iOS app you can access, edit, share and take offline all your Office 365 files in OneDrive and SharePoint! ... Later this year, we’ll bring this capability to Android and Windows Phone." It is extremely strange that it will come to WP at the same time as Android and not later!
  • Grrrrrr at iOS first again :( but agree good to not be last, maybe
  • Curious why my Office 2016 doesn't look like his at the top right, by the share button. I have that, but don't have the History button, the Skype for Business pop up, or the little picture of a colleague when they are editing.
  • I notice the thinking that you would collaborate and develop a document in OneDrive, then publish it by copying it to SharePoint.  What happens about version control - Reuben was working on the document in OneDrive, but there was now a copy in SharePoint? He would manually have to copy the next version to SharePoint, too.