Microsoft releases Office Remote to allow you to control your PowerPoint presentation and more from your Windows Phone

Microsoft Research has just released an app for Windows Phone called Office Remote. Its function is entirely in the name of the app. Office Remote gives you power over desktop applications in the Office suite when you’re doing something like a presentation. It’s an app that we should have had from day one on Windows Phone 7, but it’s now here. Let’s check it out.

Let’s get the bad news out first. Office Remote will only work if you’re running Microsoft Office 2013 on a machine that has an x86/x64 processor, but isn’t for Office 2013 RT. You need to install a companion add-in for Office on your PC. Something you can’t do on devices like the Surface 2, but can on the Surface Pro 2. That said, Office Remote for Windows Phone is pretty awesome. Here’s what you can do in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word with it.


  • Jump to the next, previous, and last slide
  • View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide
  • View speaker notes on phone
  • View presentation timer and slide numbers
  • Laser pointer using touch on your phone


  • Change worksheets by swiping
  • Use Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters
  • Jump to any named object in your workbook
  • Move up or down the worksheet
  • Change the zoom level


  • Jump to headings
  • Jump to comments
  • Screen up/down
  • Line up/down
  • Change the zoom level

Sounds pretty good right? Office Remote will be immensely useful for anyone giving a presentation and needing to control the slides, view speaker notes, and more. By far the coolest feature is the virtual laser pointer you get with the app. You’ll see an image of the slide on your phone and anywhere you place your finger will produce a virtual laser on the screen that everyone will see.

There are also interactions you do with Excel and Word, although it seems you’ll use this app mostly for PowerPoint. Either way, we’re stoked to see something like this finally come from Microsoft. Hopefully it becomes integrated into the OS itself versus being a separate app.

We played around with the app for a few minutes and noticed everything working as advertised. Just make sure you turn on Office Remote in whatever Office application you’re using. You’ll now see an “Office Remote” tab (image below) that you’ll want to click and power up.

Want to get Office Remote for Windows Phone 8? It’s free and you can get it from the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. Lastly, don’t forget to install the add-in for Office on your PC by downloading it from Microsoft (opens in new tab).

Via: The Next Web

  • I have been using the App PowerPoint Remote since it was released.  This is welcome but also wish I had general purpose control of mouse keyboard like you do with Powerpoint Remote. Still very handy
  • Google updated their search app as well
  • And you're telling us why?
  • nice to be informed of updates, don't ypu think? Isn't that why you come here lol
  • Because we all come here for updates and news on Windows Phone smh
  • And this justifies the hijacking of this articles thread? This Google update is also available on the front page!
  • Hey you are you ok before you start yapping your face off that article was not there when these comments where made. Dumb much
  • They are refering to the face that google has updated their search app. I wonder will this will work office 2007? Gonna try it out!. Edit: ah that sucks you need office 2013...
  • Unify is the best
  • Shame doesn't work with Office RT :-/
  • tell me about it. i have rt and this could be very useful. any ideas as yo alternatives on RT?
  • agree!!!!
  • This is the kind of stuff that MS needs to do more of. Integrating between devices is the whole point of 3 screens and the cloud isn't it?
  • Damn, only Office 2013... Anyone know of an alternative app that also displays speaker notes and time?
  • Those are good ideas!
  • maybe PC Remote?
  • Really wish I could use this with my Surface RT! Hope compatibility with that comes in a future update.
  • I am hoping that this is just because the RT won't allow software to be installed outside of the store.  I woudl think that an update to Office or a Metro App would be able to fix this.
  • Agreed
  • If they don't support RT with this feature it will be a kick in the .... to all RT users and another nail in RT's coffin.
  • Absolutely, especially since many were lured to RT because of the free Office, so if they don't extend this, It'll go really bad. 
  • In the mean time, check out RemotePresenterView.  I use it on my Surface RT all over the world.  It is stable and reasonably functional.  I rate it a 7 out of 10.
  • The Google app on WP got updated....:O :O
  • Yes I just got it
  • What does this mean for beamer? Update..... Having read specifics, beamer is in a different class.
  • Beamer is something completely different now, isn't it? Office Remote is application specific, Beamer is not.. :)
  • Good job Microsoft
  • Not available in Canada? The hell!
  • same here in indonesia
  • Yup. Not available in Canada. Bloody stupid.
  • Hey there, no worries. Just do what I did:
    Go to settings -> region+language and change your country from canada to the US, restart your phone, and try to download the app. It should be available to you now! :) Let it install, and change your country back.
  • Well, F this, it's too damn limited. That said, I hope they at least expand it to Office RT 
  • Not available for my device... Lumia 920 in Canada. Don't know how many more times this needs to happen. My one big gripe about the ecosystem.
  • Just go to settings and change your country to United states, let your phone reboot. Go back in download it, change it back to Canada, and enjoy!
  • Just change your region to US and then you can install it. Then chnage it back to Canada. A bit of a pain but well worth it. Fantastic app, works flawlessly.
  • Yep, thanks for the responses. I know you can do this (and I will :p) but it's kinda more the principle of the thing. There's several apps that seemingly don't have any kind of true licensing or usage restrictions but yet they're only available in the US. Not sure why that continues. Sorry for the rant, but it is my one huge pet peeve. ;)
  • That app, my L1520 and my Surface Pro2... and presentations will never be the same :) I will check how Nokia Beamer works for displaying my prezi presentations... If that works too, I am in heaven
  • For speed, you'd be better served with Office Remote. But that's a good idea on a head-to-head between these two apps. Will do that later this week!
  • Good to know, Thanks! I need to check out both, since I started using Prezi a lot more than PowerPoint and I am not sure how that would work with Office Remote. I should have all my new equipment together in February (L1520 and Surface Pro2) to completely replace my current setup and I expect to try a lot of different things. I am happy to provide some info on real world examples (like actually using the above for customer presentations) going forward if a new app hits the markets. These are exiting times for MS and I love it :)
  • So... Only Bluetooth huh... Come on Microsoft .
  • 'Cause they know you still can't connect to your highly secured office WIFI yet so no networking required is a good thing.
  • Pretty cool, but no available. For my device?
  • Hey Op...
    Is there a way to provide feedback to MS, requesting RT support? They need to support it more if they want it to succeed. I love my surface 2
  • Yup, I'd like to know that too. 
  • Great, not available for my device/country/whatever... -.-
  • This is crazy - I was just thinking about this on the drive in to work this morning. Awesome!
  • Not bad. Now keep up the good work and make me a remote for the W8 music app.
  • Ok just wanted to give you a little feedback: It works like a charm! Setting up is extremly easy, it sends yourself an email with the instructions, you open it on your PC, click the link and download & install the addon. Then it tells you to switch Bluetooth on and pairs with your PC, and then you can select a open window of a running office application and the presentatio in PowerPoint starts automatically and you can control it! Very easy to set up and works perfectly!  5 stars! My Surface Pro 2 and Lumia 925 fell in love <3
  • I've got the same setup. This is going to be awesome.
  • Was wondering how it connected. Not very good for my Bluetoothless workstation, but oh well.
  • I have the same setup for home and it works but not on my work laptop that is on windows 7. The phone will not connect to the Bluetooth.
  • Just did a dry run with it on my L920 and my HP Envy X2. It was pretty laggy at the beginning but this is most likely becasue of the rather low specs of the Envy. After the first few slides of a rather large PowerPoint slide deck, changing slides was a breeze. I saw a slight lag on the laiserpointer thoug, but that again could be because the Envy is underpowered. Overall a great solution and it will surely change the way I give presentations. I will try this again when I have my suface Pro 2 and hook it up on a beamer for an internal meeting. Gonna be fun to see the jaws of all my folks drop when I start moving slides without touching my computer :)
  • App not available for my Samsung ATIV S
  • No Surface RT?  Really guys? Come on.
  • Exactly.  I use my Surface 2 pretty much as my "travel to go see customers and give a presentation" device..  It would be great to use my L1020 to assist in the presentation.   Seems like the Surface would a great fit for this app.  
  • Geez! You'd think it would work with Office 365, but it doesn't. It won't install the add-on. Bummer.
  • How about making apps for Controlling windows 7 or windows 8 and 8.1. from Microsoft or Nokia maybe
  • why not try making apps that can control a few things in windows 7 or 8 or 8.1? from Microsoft or Nokia itself
  • I just went to the All Japan Presentation contest and I saw many remote controllers to move slides. I was about to ask why MS doesn't make an official PowerPoint controller for,WP8. Now I am happy.
  • Its telling me that office 2013 isn't installed when it clearly is, surface pro w/ office 2013
  • Until now, I didn't notice that this was published by Microsoft research, basically making this a beta app, so I'm pretty confident that it's coming with control support for RT. 
  • Wow.  Sucks to be me.  I guess you guys don't pay attention to or follow up on tweets.  PowerPresenter has been out for a while, and has a feature that's not in this app (but will probably show up very soon).  No, my app does not seamlessly interface with low-level internal libraries, but I'm a single, independent developer doing this on the side.  Second time one of my apps has mysteriously and suddenly shown up as a Microsoft product.  I think my next phone will be an Android.  Thanks, Microsoft, for supporting your independent developers who pay for developer accounts, buy IDEs, OSs, and PCs, in order to develop on your platform.  Yes, I sound like a whiner.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this.
  • You are the developer? I downloaded PowerPresenter! Liked it :) I can understand that you put much work into it... But this is one feature that should be in vanilla Office. I mean just look at the YouTube apps, one day they will all be useless when Google decides to take WP seriously. But hey, you earned some experience by developing it. I would never know how to let a app communicate with Powerpoint. But honestly, do you really think that is any better with Android? If you have a app idea that uses a service of a big company maybe later or earlier they will pick up your idea and integrate it in their system. But fact is there are still many apps missing from the Windows Store that are already on Android or iOS. Like a really good calculator app. I mean that solves equations and stuff. And u know, this kitten would be really upset if you buy Android: What u mean buy Androidz? Pleaz dont buy Androidz... Pleaz
  • Its a very good point, I have been thinking the same thing. If Nokia and Microsoft continue to cover the bases with free apps, where is the incentive for independent one-man-shop developers to make apps? For one person, making an app is a long process. In the last year I have spent 1000s hours working on 1 app. That's learning, research, programming, UI, threading, networking, graphics, domain knowledge, language support, bla bla. Microsoft et al can build a team that does all this without a blink, and release it for free ( I have some experience how they operate). Well, they will not attract more apps, they will turn the single dev community into a void.
  • How is that any different than Apple or Android? 
  • Probably not different, but those platforms are not desperate to make the phone a success and attract apps in anywhere near the degree Microsoft are, who are lagging behind, or put another way, they are not looking at possible failure, they have obtained their momentum. Screwing your devs over in the process will not achieve that for Microsoft. I doubt they see it that way of course.
  • Doesn't work for me. Running win pro 8.1 with office 2013. Gives me an XML manifest error when I try to load the add in. I'm running it on an acer tablet so my guess is it doesn't like the atom processor.
  • hm works for me... Surface Pro 2 Intel Core i5. Just followed the steps, simply downloaded and executed the file.
  • Job well done! The reason we all got WP8 in the first place - this type of integration is great!
  • Quick tip for you guys: If you dont want the extra tab "Office Remote", just go to File -> Options -> Customize ribbons, then on the right side create a new group under "presentation" called "Remote", choose "all ribbons" on the left side, and add "Office remote" to you new group. Then remove the "Office remote" tab from the right side. Voila, works like it was a vanilla feature of PowerPoint.
  • Great! Will give this a try in a presentation I have to do later this week.
  • And it isn't available for my ATIV S????
  • Make a review for this remote office app
  • Speaking of PowerPoint, why can't windows phone office users CREATE PowerPoints, and not just get a PowerPoint from your email or skydrive? I mean you can't start a new PowerPoint on Windows Phone for some reason, and it annoys me. Office may be better for PC and Tablets, but sadly, Pages is better on the phone.
  • Mobile Office is mostly for on the go. Creating a PowerPoint on my phone, with such a small screen? Sounds horrendous!   Then again, choice is always nice, so let the people who want to create a very rough PowerPoint, as a foundation for what they'll finish on their PC, then let them. Also, we've got the new Lumia 1520 on scene, and that big ass display should be able to handle a PowerPoint.
  • Actually, changing worksheets from my phone would be awesome. I'm guessing you don't often work with Excel files with 15 sheets of data and 30 different plots? When I'm doing stuff with PowerPoint I'm typically sitting at a table with a mouse in my hand. The projector remote includes a laser pointer. No big deal here.
  • And yet, you still can't drive a PowerPoint presentation with your Windows phone like you can with IOS and Android. Well, at least this indirect method is more than what we had...will give it a try.
  • Why no RT?
  • No Wi-Fi. :(
  • Only for Office 2013. :(
  • This is awesome! I have a couple of class presentations coming up in a few weeks, I can't wait to connect my Surface and then freely use my Lumia 1020 to run the show. It will be MARVELOUS!!! Granted, this feature is long overdue, and lack of RT support is disappointing (only adds salt to the wound for the argument that Microsoft should've just used a Baytrail processor in the Surface 2, or that even Microsoft isn't fully supporting RT), but I'll take what I can get. Anyways, love it! Haven't fired it up yet, but from the screenshots: the app's UI looks beautiful, can't wait to test it out and (hopefully) use to for my presentation. :)
  • Needs to be made compatible for RT. Where do I sign up or complain? This is MS, there is no excuse for making this possible. Would even accept a downgraded version of this functionality.
  • So basically , this needs a Internet Connection right? Sorry for asking such dumb question.