Official 9GAG and RoboForm Windows Phone apps on the way

Windows Phone consumers have enjoyed a spur of official apps released for hardware running Microsoft's mobile OS. To follow suit, we're rather pleased to report that 9GAG and RoboForm have both confirmed to be working on a Windows Phone app. Good news if you've been holding off the giggles or resorting to an alternative password manager.

The RoboForm team published the below comment, stating in a response to a customer that they're working hard on getting an app published to the store.


Unfortunately no release date was provided. The same goes for 9GAG with Ray from the team responding to Nokiaviews:

"We are working on it. Stay tuned!"

Good news is that both apps are on the way. Bad news is we don't currently know an ETA. If you can't wait for 9GAG to come to Windows Phone, there's already an unofficial app available by Rudy Huyn.

via: NokiaViews (1) (2)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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