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Official Crunchyroll app for anime fans arrives on Windows Phone

Good news for you diehard anime fans, your official Crunchyroll app ( has arrived for Windows Phone and word from the ratings is it's damn fine. In fact, one comment has it pegged as better than the iPhone and Android version.

From the app description, sounds like it has everything you could want:

"Download the app to watch the latest anime from Japan in English and legally! Now you can watch new episodes 1 hour after airing in Japan on your Windows Phone device!

Watch the latest anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Shugo Chara!, Blue Exorcist, Gintama, The World God Only Knows, Bodacious Space Pirates, Nisemonogatari, Eyeshield 21, Skip Beat!, Beelzebub, Gosick, and more."

Only downside? You have to have a premium account to even launch into it the app, making this no good unless like we said, you're a diehard fan. But if you are, it seems like you can't go wrong with this app. If this is something you want, head here to the Marketplace and pick 'er up. Thanks, Avid R., for the tip

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  • I'm in love.
  • Sweet, looks cool. 
  • SWEEEEET! my sister would like this. i've personally moved on from anime
  • Best thing about Metro is that it's stupidly easy to make a damn good looking UI. 
  • Tell that to Verizon wrt My Verizon Mobile...
  • Well we all know how Verizon feels about WP at this point. Could definitely believe they put minimal effort into that app.
  • You would be surprised how long it can take to make a metroey interface.
  • Was waiting for this app...for me it is a turning point :D Now we need an RBC banking app...
  • Awesome geting the app now, Manga7 now Cunchyroll. This is perfection for me.
  • Love it, and love CR! Been a fan for a year now. This was the only app I missed from my Android. Show it love!
  • The iPhone and Android version is limited to WiFi only for free accounts. CMIIW
  • Yes! Been waiting for this for a while :D
  • Manga7 is crap compared to Your Manga Reader
  • Its a new app and i must say very nice. It has almost zero lag and the pictures load really quick and you can swipe really fast between pages.
  • Anime fans seem so reserved ,anti-social , and introverted
  • Ah then i must have no friends and be lonely. Thanks Master for your good analayses and years of research ;)
  • Premium users only? That's ridiculous! How dare they? Why do iPhone and Android Users get free stuff over WiFi? This really doesn't help Windows Phone.
  • Complain to the developer about it and besides most true anime fans wouldn't mind paying.
  • "how dare they"?
    Its their service, they can do what they want. But yeah, contact them if you disagree.
  • why do iOS and Android users get the extra benefit? The fact that I can't pay does not make me a phony anime fan. Wtf?! I live in a country which currency can't be used to pay the service. Stop believing one has the same possibilities as everybody else. Jeez.
  • It looks great! I'm holding out for a add-supported version. Betweens XBL, Netflix, etc; I just have one too many subscriptions already. The quality apps have really been showing up lately.
  • Wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooo ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nice app im on a 2 week trail and i wouldnt mine paying but i do mind paying when it's free for others i'd loved to hear the reason for this