Official Google+ Windows Phone app confirmed to be on the way

This news will please those who use the social network, as a PR Spokesperson from Google Germany, Stefan Keuchel, has revealed that an official Google+ app is on the way to Windows Phone. Unfortunately no date or ETA was provided (see above translated tweet). 

While it's great to have an official stance on the status of such an app, which was desired since iOS received their client. It'll be interesting to see how this develops, as well as the possibility of more official Google products arriving on the Marketplace.

Stay tuned if you're a Google+ fan as we'll keep you posted on any further developments.

Source: @dominiksichling, via: WPSauce, MSICC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It will please anybody using the social network g+, right. So nobody will be enjoying it. Sorry but the network is kinda dead.
  • The truth is always in the first comment post :)
    Google+ is dead already.
  • I actually prefer Google Plus over Facebook, much more organized. And nit to mention the official app looks awesome and is incredibly fast. On Android, Facebook never.really works and always makes me mad. If more of my friends used Google Plus, then i would love it even more. Another awesome feature is Instant Upload. I love how all my photos are on the web. And wilk love it on a Nokia PureView Lumia! (I actually deactivated my Facebook last night, so i am all in Google+)
  • I second that. P.S please please please... kill this stupid editor and make the plain textbox default!
  • Hahaha, So true! I only clicked on the article headline so I could post this in the comments, but looks like the first commentator already beat me to it!
    To be honest, I gave the service a fair chance. I signed up, added all the friends I could, but nobody EVER did (or still does, I just checked) anything on there, except only one guy on my list. Yup, that's 1 guy on G+ who has content, vs. 436 facebook friends who have content...
  • it's true, but google has the resources to keep it until a younger audience want to do something different than the old people and than it'll be popular and Facebook will die. Or maybe it will be just another network and gplus is indeed dead.
  • Yay! We finally have an app for a service no one uses!
  • Spyware! Awesome!
  • +1
  • So true. The hell with Google+ No one uses it. And it's time people see the true Google.
  • Hilarious... of all the Google apps WP7 users are starving for, they make the one nobody wants! ::facepalm::
  • I don't know why everyone is saying 'nobody' uses it. The service has over 100 million members now. I have found the quality of content to be superb compared to the likes of Facebook. If you start following the right people, there is some great stuff out there.
    Anyway, I'm happy to see this finally coming to WP!
  • 100 million users that spend an average of less than 3.5 minutes a week on the service. That's why everyone says nobody wants it.
  • Forgot to add that I'm pretty sure google created an account for everyone with a Gmail. If I am correct on that then their number of users is most likely horribly inflated.
  • You are right, those numbers are artificially inflated by the mandatory creation of a g+ account with every new Gmail, YouTube account and android activation. But the big g doesn't let things like that get in the way when proclaiming the number of users it has. No wonder they are under investigation by the EC and the DoJ.
  • Just like how the 700,000+ Android activations per day probably include factory resets and replacement phone activations for all the ones that crashed, as well as re-activations when they get their original device back!
  • +1 So true. Good finally someone notices this
  • Fresca??
  • Yeah, if it's treated like Twitter then it can be useful. If it's treated like Facebook then it's dead in the water. The issue is most people post messages and interesting things on social networks to be heard and generate conversation. When you're on a deserted island throwing messages into the ocean, it's kinda pointless.
  • Well, nobody I know uses it. About half of my Facebook 'friends' have G+ profiles, but nobody actually posts anything.
  • i want a Google & Yahoo hub for all the services these two provide. Those apps would be free anyway, so just pull them into a hub. That's how WP7 operate, anyway. Just wishing ...
  • Very good idea!
  • So they are absolutely desperate to make us swallow that google+...well sorry google your garbage won't be touching my phone.
  • Lol. That is all.
  • Well said sir!
  • I don't use Google+ plus but hopefully this is a sign more of their services will be coming to Windows Phone.
  • I'm looking forward to this app. To all those trolling about how 'no one uses Google +' .... Congratulations! You are now exactly like the idiots who say 'No one uses Windows Phones'
  • That's one of the things I don't get about some users of any piece of tech. Someone's a sheep or some other ridiculous name. But god forbid you get called one because of what you use. Not to mention this idea that it's a crime for Apple or Android to be popular. So what? If WP were to be the most popular OS tomorrow, you gonna all of a sudden hate that too?
  • I would pretty much guarantee that is indeed the case. Everyone hates the guy who comes out ahead because they're jealous. That said, it really IS in poor taste to kick someone when they're down... =/
  • "You are now exactly like the idiots who say 'No one uses Windows Phones'"
    ...Essentially correct?
    Let's not kid ourselves into thinking something we like is popular just because we like it.
  • Google!!!
    While you're at it bring us Google maps with street view.
  • Bing Maps > Google Maps
  • Meh.
  • No one really uses Google + , even though it had some novel concepts. Problem is, Google did automatically create accounts for Gmail users, so the only measure of how useful if populated the service is, is done by how many minutes are really being used.. Not by the number of profiles that exist. The amount of use on Google + is miniscule and getting worse. On top of that, just like with some other Google services, a certain portion of the population like small business owners such as myself, feel pressure to adopt Google services in order to keep our Internet rankings "relevant" which is kinda unfair in my opinion... I have never been a super big Google fan, and I am increasingly starting to really dislike. They need a good slap and a heaping serving of Humble Pie, just like Microsoft got back in the day. Then they can get back to being "good"... MS went through it and came out a better and more responsible company. If Google does too, I just might be a more regular + user...
  • Good post.
  • Excellent post. Well played, sir!
  • Incorrect actually... When you create a Gmail account you have the OPTION to create a g+ account... It is not mandatory...
  • Excellent post. Well played, sir!
  • What makes your experience the norm? I find G+ use is increasing gradually. It is actually a very nice service. Why don't you move your search to Bing? Oh wait! Because no one uses it? What do you expect Google to do? Remove G+? Remember you are not entitled to any Google service. Or forced to use them.
  • Is google + popular? None of my 9 teenage nieces and nephews use it. My guess is google will "redefine" what success means for g+. I don't think it matters if they have an app for WP.
  • I would say that's a good thing. But then, it wouldn't matter. It is easy to ignore rubbish on G+.
  • The should just spend the time they will be wasting on this crap and spend it creating propper YouTube app.
  • Bake it into the People Hub and suddenly I'm interested.  As an app, no thanks.
  • Exactly how I feel.
  • Well, Microsoft has a vested interest in Facebook, and to some degree, Twitter; Google, and most of Google services, compete directly with Microsoft (and Microsoft services). 
    So, not sure why Microsoft would give Google the priviledge of baking a Google service directly into the WP OS - be it the People Hub, or default browser, or default search...
    In my opinion, if anything Google is going to be on WP, then Google services as an option only on WP devices - therefore, app only!
  • Thank god of true! I hate the mobile site...
  • What is Google+ I've never heard of it /s
  • Useless, it will be really hard for people to move from Facebook to google +, also all google + users are google fan boys or people who already have google accounts and the plus account was automatically created, however it looks like its one of those google services that will discontinue or change names.
  • Great! Nice to see more apps on WP7. Even though I don't use Google plus. It's nice for those users.
  • Google nav next, please!!!!!!
  • Google+?? Haha are ppl still using it? It thought millions of users only registered played around with circles for a while then nothing to do on it.. & well I don't use it at all. But yet its good to have an official app..i may check once in a while
  • Google sucks, it can go back to the dickdock
  • Google+ is a great service actually. Problem is they didn't do it first. They waited 5 years and released something that was incrementally different than the competition and everybody wonders why its not popular. Seems kinda obvious to me.
  • Kinda, almost, I don't know, EXACTLY like WP?! :)
  • Ther should be an Xbox tablet come out that would make good money and out sell iPad for sure
  • what is Google+?
  • Now I can finally vajazzle my Windows Phone with geGool plus! =D
  • Not really using g+ but it'sa start!
  • I would love to have a google+ app for my WP7. I like google+ and would definitely post more if there was a decent WP7 app. I use Facebook more, but that is on my phone. Would always prefer WP7 integration, but this is a start.
  • Google can keep their spyware products to themselves !! 
  • Thanks but no thanks. I plan to keep my WP free from Google spyware.
  • Don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat!
  • When you chat on G+, is it the same as Gtalk/Gchat or whatever it's called? If so I might use it for that.
  • Yes, it is essentially the same. The only difference is you have access to chat with everyone in your circles, the likes of whom you might not have access to in Gtalk or Gchat.
  • Essentially I like Google+ if anything because the UI is clean and uncluttered.
    I fit into the category of still using facebook purely because nobody uses it. I just wish more people did.
    G+ is actually very populated.
    The data is shared in a more natural way (no 'friends' requests are needed) - you can get exactly what you are interested in. No more a bombardment of comments about how much someone drank last night or how much they can fart being forced on me wether I like it or not. The security is excellent - you can granularise your posts to any level without losing control. Try the circles feature and see how it works.
    And Google doesn't sell data. They use it in their algorithms to provide relevant advertising - that's how you get to use their services for free. Remember, you are not entitled to them! At least they don't sell your data as facebook does! 
    I am no fan of Google - I use many providers for different purposes (Gmail, Dropbox, iTunes, Skydrive, Office etc.) - and then end up using the ones I find useful. G+ is superior to facebook in any way. Yes, I have 'friends' on facebook, but the content is beyond rubish. And now it seems that no-one updates anyway. How is that better than G+?
    facebook seems to be like a vehicle used by people to shout "Look at Me! Me! Me!".
    G+ is what you use to access the information you're interested in. I am yet to miss any facebook people on it. Let's keep it that way :)
  • Tax Tiger, I am a google+ fan.
  • So basically here we are in 2013, and it never happned?
  • Been over a year and still nothing I think Google has abandoned this project. 
  • Im happy with these news...I hope it comes soon. I used to use it very often on my android and I miss it on WP, it is the only app from google I need since all the others I can replace easily. 
  • I hope Google will change their mind and give us this app. It's not true nobody uses Google+. You don't have to have a gazillion friends on a network for it to be "useful". I use it regularly even though I'm connected to only two or three people there. And that makes it perfect. It's public but feels private, because it's not crowded and full of spam, like Facebook. :)
  • i hope it's soon i miss Google+ when i had my Android i had a great time in it and would love to get back on pls let me know
  • FOUR years, Windows had seen its golden days yet no G apps. Thanks MS for KILLING WP.  Sorry but the WP is kinda DEAD.