Official GOQii fitness app arrives on Windows Phone Store

A product from an Indian startup, the GOQii Life includes the GOQii band, an advanced fitness tracker and a GOQii coach, a virtual yet human coach that guides you on daily exercises, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle change.

The GOQii band is available in India and the Middle East at the moment, and will expand to other markets soon. The official GOQii app for Windows Phone devices has recently arrived on the Store after being in a closed beta since a while.

Right away, you'll notice the beautiful UI and an intuitive user experience of the app. Colorful tiles and buttons on the home screen allow you to log your food and water intake, and check your sleep and steps activity.


The app also allows you to connect with your personal coach in a consistent chat screen. The app syncs to your band via Bluetooth LE, and although it is low-energy mode, you only need the connection when you're syncing the band with the app else you can keep it off when you're looking to save some battery juice.

There are a couple of issues though. You can't edit the food log, so if you've added an entry with a typo, it stays like that. Also, while you can log food you've had any time, there's no way to add time to your water intake.

I've been using the GOQii band since a few weeks, and if you're looking for a fitness band, I'd highly recommend it. If as a Windows Phone user, you were on a fence about buying one, go ahead now. The GOQii app is one of the nicely done Windows Phone apps, and apart from a few quirks, works quite well.


Abhishek Baxi