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Official HotSchedules app now available for Windows Phone to keep employees up to date

HotSchedules ( is a popular labor management app designed for companies with a rather large and lively workforce, like restaurants, hotels or movie theaters. Managing employees for meetings, work shifts, time-off requests and last minute emergencies can always be tedious, with managers often using Excel sheets and other work-around solutions to keep everyone up to date.

HotSchedules solves these problems by using a web-based system that they call “the Jedi Master of labor management and cost control." While a web-based system is neat, it’s the corresponding mobile apps for employees that makes this system super cool. Now, Windows Phone users can get in on the action too.

HotSchedules for Windows Phone

Employees can check schedules through the app, get notifications of changes, and more including:

  • View your work schedule from anywhere at any time
  • Sync your schedule with your calendar
  • Set up specific notifications, such as new messages, schedule changes, shift trade approvals and shift locations
  • Set-up auto-pick up or release options
  • Review open shifts and request to pick-up and release options
  • Send requests to release or swap shifts
  • View the roster and employee contact information and contact coworkers with one click
  • Message coworkers via text, email or the HotSchedules platform
  • Request time off

While smartphones are fun for taking photos and chatting with your friends, using something like HotSchedules just sounds excellent to help manage your employees. Anyone who has workers to take care of knows that communication is the number solution (and problem) for an efficient work day. This app and backend system looks to leverage technology in such a way that everyone – the employee and the employer – can be happy.

The app, of course, requires a valid HotSchedules account, but if your company uses the service (see the video demonstration above) or is considering it, you can download the app for free. There doesn’t seem to be a Windows 8 version yet, though we’ll keep looking.

Download HotSchedules for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store

Via: Reddit

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Daniel Rubino
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  • Great...good for os company apps coming :clapping:
  • Omg, es happening!!!
    Apps!!! Wish my company used something like this. Wish school did too.
  • This is a big deal. HS is an iOS shop. I believe they used MS incentives, though, because they mentioned needing to earn 4 stars average to get paid and its presently a free app. Incidentally, live tile displays next shift.
  • Totally read the test wrong. "Release this shit" "Swap this Shit" haha
  • Its free for limited time only anyone needed download fast....
  • Think we used this when I worked at papa johns back in the day
  • Just quit my job that used HotSchedules. Kinda upset about the timing..
  • I used to work at Outback Steakhouse and Bonefish Grill (same company) and used HotSchedules for years. The mobile site wasn't really the best option but it worked. Would've loved to have had this app.