Official HTC Titan and Radar pages go live + pricing

HTC has gone and made their site page on both phones live. Featuing videos, details, specs, photos and all, it's everything you can want besides, you know having the phones themselves. Both phones won't launch till October and are reportedly fetching for 599 euros ($855) for the Titan and 399 euros ($569) for the Radar.

Hey look at that, a swanky video on their new fanagled cameras--a camera were pinning a lot on for HTC as they really need some improvemnents there.

via: Bloomberg; Thanks, Filipe, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • I want a phone like the Titan on Verizon. I'm also waiting to see what Nokia brings to the table next year.
  • do you guys know if there is a new windows phone coming out for sprint anytime soon?
  • Is GPRS considered any form of American "4G"?
  • i believe that gprs is our 3G, and hspa is the tmobile/att version of 4G. (H+)the specs on the titan showing 850/1900 gprs radios SHOULD mean it will work on AT&T 3G if you pick up an unlocked EU version.i'm not sure what bands the hspa network runs on here though
  • Euro WP7 handsets will definitely do GPRS only (which is sometimes called 2.5G). Ignoring the Sprint/Verizon phones for a moment, all the Windows Phones I've seen so far are quad-band 2.5G but also support a specific 3G (HSDPA) band. As I understand it, there are three flavours:- phones which support 3G on AT&T in the U.S. and every major Canadian carrier (Rogers/Fido, Bell, Telus)- T-Mobile and some small Canadian carriers- Europe (and most of the rest of the world)
  • GPRS would be 2.5G, equivalent to CDMA's 1xRTT. Which basically means slow as dirt.
  • it doesn't look like htc has anything in the pipe for cdma networks this holiday season, maybe nokia or samsung will have something for you oddballs ;)this disinterest by oem's to produce cdma handsets for wp7 was my primary reason to jump from vzw to att, and with vzw's further degradation of their customer base, there isn't a day that goes by that i'm not happy with my decision.
  • HTC never, never pre-announces CDMA phones. Such a tiny market for them. Wait till October, NYC where MS will have their annual "open house"--that's where we'll here anything for Sprint/VZW if it's coming out.
  • Holy unrealistic pricing, Batman! Oh well. I'll have to wait a year for the prices to drop.