Last week there was an update to the popular IMDb app for Windows Phone. We noticed that it seemed to perform quite a bit better and we got curious as to what was different. We reached out to the developers, IdentityMine (see interview) and here's what we learned is new or improved:

  • Surprise Me! - using the accelerometer, shake the device to randomly discover a movie or celebrity
  • German Language support
  • News Update Improvements: Previous version of the application had caching issues, which prevented the application from automatically clearing data.
  • Users can now see updated news in the app
  • Movies link to for easy purchase
  • More movie trailers have been added
  • Several performance enhancements to make it easier to quickly explore the application and discover content

Not bad and it significantly improves the experience on this core app for Windows Phone. Download the app here, if you don't already have it.