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Something has changed today on Twitter’s backend, and it’s causing some issues for Windows Phone users. We have received numerous complaints that when you press on an individual tweet to view it, the app will crash. Just browsing the Twitter stream and posting still work, but if you tap a tweet to bring up the details page, your app may suddenly close out.

We’ve tested the scenario on various devices and have been able to replicate it. It occurs on Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 devices using the public Twitter app. Tapping on three or more tweets seems to initiate the crashing, though it seems random on various devices. Interestingly, the beta version for Windows Phone 8.1 that leaked a few weeks ago has no such issue that we’ve encountered.

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We’re reaching out to Microsoft and Twitter about the problem.

For now, you’d best be served by long-pressing on an individual tweet to bring up the quick-action menu for reply, retweet, favorite or copy tweet. Unfortunately, more advanced sharing options will not be accessible if you’re experiencing this bug.

Since this is a backend change for Twitter, presumably they could reverse or fix it on their end, meaning an app update may not be needed. Users have complained on other platforms about similar issues, so this may not be a specific Windows Phone problem per se. Sit tight.

Are you experiencing this app crash? Let us know in comments.