Official Wells Fargo banking app for Windows Phone 8 is now available

Looks like it's not just those Bing apps that are getting released today as the Wells Fargo banking app is now finally available for Windows Phone 8. Ever since Bank of America, Chase and numerous other financial institutions released their apps over the last two years, we’ve been hearing requests for Wells Fargo—now those wishes have been answered.

The Wells Fargo app is everything you’d expect from a modern banking institution -  it allows you to check account balances, pay bills, send money, make balance transfers, deposit checks, and track investments.

Overall, there’s not too much to say except that we’re excited for the legions of Windows Phone users who have been yearning for this app.

Head to the Windows Phone Store now to grab it by clicking here, swiping to the right in our app or scanning the QR code below.

Via: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Glad to list it amongst our assets, but the Chase app looks a lot more like a Windows Phone app
  • The Chase app is awesome. I've been really impressed with their service too since switching from Citibank several months ago.
  • Yea the chase app is sweet, I use is daily.
  • Haters got one more app off their list lol
  • Tell me about it
  • Oh, just wait, they will find something else to complain about.
  • Still waiting for CapitalOne, HSBC, and TDBank. I'm not a hater:)
  • Yes the Chase app is nice
  • Chase is my favorite bank and the chase app is icing on the cake
  • I like Chase's attitude and service and proliferation of ATMs and branches in my region. I just wish they'd pay a little higher interest rates to little guys like me. This is why I still keep some money with Ally... I think I'm gonna start trading stocks again. Can anyone recommend a good WP8 brokerage app?
  • Yes the Chase app is very well designed, and the first out of the gate. The WF app is not bad for a first version, and it seems robust. 
  • Not available in my region..... I'm in southeast USA
  • Works for me and I'm in North Carolina
  • Probably a time / replication thing. Try later.
  • Never used a banking app. Is it generally safe to use this as opposed to just logging in online? Does using the app essentially keep me logged in and thus those who gain access to my phone have access to my accounts?
  • No banking apps log you out automatically once you come out of the app even if you forget to log out.
  • im guessing its "No, banking apps logs you out..." ?  or is it really "No banking apps log you out"?
  • The comma is supposed to be there. You are logged out. Just double checked: after navigating away, and coming back to the app, I had to log in again.
  • I know the Chase mobile banking app will ask you to log out when you close the app. Can't say much about other banking apps because I simply don't know. But, from what I understand, that's pretty much standard for the industry, so I'd say it's pretty safe. Sometimes even safer than using the website. Just don't do banking (in app or on website) over public or unsecured WiFi. I only ever do it at home on my WiFi network or over cellular data since they're both encrypted (at least over the air).
  • The HDFC Bank app also logs you out if you try to exit. If you just keep in the background, it logs out after a few minutes...
  • Just as secure as using the website. I actually work in Mobile Banking and yes they are generally designed extremely securely.
  • Bank Of America logs you out after a certain time period
  • I guess I'll keep holding my breath for citizensbank app :(
  • I left them for Chase due to their apps and ATMs
  • Bout time!!
  • Now I just need...
  • Mobile site wrapper...
  • Looks like it
  • Then cant they make it also for WP7 as well?
  • Nope I used the Webb apps version and the official one is much cleaner and it has mobile check deposit which on mobile site you cant
  • That's what I thought at first, but then there's that ability to deposit a check. Checks out.
  • Even though I use Chase, its good to see another great app for Windows :)
  • Omg...about time! First Comcast gave us the remote AP, now we got the official wells Fargo AP. Now all that I'm missing is a share builder AP and a capital one 360 (formerly ing direct) AP and I'll be in heaven!
  • Citibank, release a Windows Phone app damn it!
     By the way, this app looks like crap.
  • +1
  • Its the mobile website in an app wrapper, with ability to direct deposit. No complains here
  • It's definitaly not a website wrapper. It's an app, but it's designed like a website. I used the WF mobile site all the time on my WP before this app. The app is great. I've already tested out the check deposit feature and it worked like a charm. I just wish the design looked more like a WP app.
  • You need to let them know on their twitter customer service account:
  • something is better than nothing.. they have the same app in Ipad with all the same features which i use sometimes.. Sounds good to me. I can now use it all the time.
  • I gave up waiting on them and went to Chase.  Couldn't be happier.
    Of course, the other reason I left is that they closed the barch that was 3 minutes from my house... which was bizzarre because I live in a very populated Chicago suburb. 
    Have to say, the servcie from Chase has been light years beyond CB.  The website is worlds better.  I can see my business accounts and personal accounts with one login!  The payment system is way better too... make's Citibank's look like it was written in 1995.  And their WP app is glorious.
  • Design Sucks!
  • Agree. There's no excuse for anything to be so ugly in this day and age.
  • Looks very close to their mobile version. Not bad for Version 1.0
  • The design sucks because it is the SAME look on the Android and iOS version. Ugly as hell but it works.
  • Sweet!
  • Lol. I wouldn't call this an app. Pretty much a wrapper for the mobile site. There's a reason why it's
  • Awesome! Installing now!
  • Finally! Now the only problem is that I'm moving out of town and there is no Wells Fargo in that area. :(
  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!
  • Seriously
  • Yeah, it kind of sucks to be honest. But hey, we have one now! Maybe they will take the time to get some native WP UI in the next update..
  • Very disappointing. It's simply a webapp, not really a legitimate app. I hope they actually put effort into this and update to make it a real app.
  • Lead rom maker from PPCG? Is that you?
  • Yup, that's me. :)
  • Its not I have the Webb app version this one has mobile deposit and looks a bit cleaner
  • It is a web app, clearly. Maybe not the same as the mobile website, but it's still something like PhoneGap. Never as good as native.
  • I agree. It's not really a true web app, and not a true WP app either. It's like a hybrid. Even still, I used the Android app, and it's better than this. Maybe its tougher to implement their security into a WP "native" app.
  • No maybe not a metro ui app but im lookin at my fiancee iPhone wells Fargo app it looks the same as well as the android app so at least its not worst and now I just deposited a check using the app ...worked perfect no complains here
  • OMG! How much time do you spend using your mobile banking app? do you have millions of dollars of transactions to work with? You guys are so funny, it's here, it works. spend 2 minutes to transfer between account, done. 
  • About time... Nice to see mobile deposit make it as well.
  • WooHoo!!! *tears bra and pant!!! #excitetionment
  • Been waiting a long time for this. Sad part, there is nothing metro or modern about it. Its an exact duplicate of Android app.
  • I don't think Wells Fargo cares too much about METRO but more about filling a gap. Hopefully as the updates come they can differentiate themselves from Android and iOS
  • This.
  • Sad part is Wells was paid a million dollars by microsoft to deliver this. Or was it Chase that got the money so they were first to come out with an app? Not sure.
  • I suggest anyone complaining about this app do an image search for the iOS version.
  • Yes it looks just like this and at least it has check deposit which can't do online....and at least they are supporting windows phone
  • Exactly
  • +521.. I am very happy. I dont need to use the Ipad anymore.
  • Sweet!!!
  • World is almost complete :)
  • Yeah, it looks crummy. But darn, finally got it. Now I can deposite checks in style, but crud wish I didn't have to log in all the time.
  • Their desktop version and mobile version is the same way. There's no "remember this computer" option
  • I don't understand why people clamor for bank apps. The mobile sites usually work just as well, in my experience. But it's good to check it off the list of missing apps (even if it sucks).
  • My bank website doesn't work on my phone, so without an app I couldn't use it. And my bank also offers passcode login. So that's 2 reasons right there why to go with an app
  • Cool, can PNC release an app now? :)
  • +928...
    This and US Bank!
  • Yeah lazy a#%# US bank
  • This. That's the one I'm waiting on as well...
  • I want my BMO Harris bank to create the app....I heard CITI is in works of making one....
  • This is actually a pretty big deal
  • Even though it doesn't help me in Canada, I still welcome any good apps to the marketplace! Would love a TD Canada trust app though! Emailed them from multiple emails trying to quicken things up
  • Wells Fargo sucks. Switched to a local credit union earlier this year and I wish I'd done it sooner. And this app is just a lousy wrapper for their mobile site.
  • Good luck with that.
    Go Wells!
  • Been waiting for this app the last two years.
  • +1
  • Damn right!!! This was pretty much the last app I was waiting for!!!
  • Finally geez
  • Joe tweeted this an hr before you put it up
  • Good for Joe.
  • I'll reserve my happiness for when they release an app for my bank...
  • Finally!
  • A little weak, but at least it has mobile deposit---certainly a step in  the right direction.
  • I work for Wells so it feels good to have an official app
  • I can't believe there are so still so many complainers.. Really? This ungratefulness is really nauseating.
    If I remember correctly, the mobile site got revamped just a few months ago. Do you guys even remember how the mobile site looked like before the revamp? Now, THAT was garbage. I am just glad the they didn't develop the app based on the old mobile site, that they actually would take time to completely revamp the mobile site, and then create an app out of it.
  • I'm just happy it's up & running. The updates will come and fix any bugs & UI issues.
  • Still waiting for Citi to take a look at WP...
  • You need to let them know at their Twitter AskCiti customer service account!
  • And the wait continues for Navy federal...
  • Holy schnitzels, what a day
  • I'm still waiting for a SunTrust app.
  • I wish the market share would grow faster in the US to compel USAA to bring their app back and Navy Federal to bring an app.
  • I agree. USA(A)! USA(A)! USA(A)!
  • I think it's great that this app has finally been added. It's been requested for so long and people still complain.
    I don't know of many web wrappers that allow you to take a photo of your check to deposit it.
    Maybe they'll tweak it down the line, but it's good to have it.
  • Wells Fargo really wants my business. Branches everywhere and now this.
    USAA take note, after all you were one of if not the first on windows phone. Bring the app back.
  • I get an error code. I'll check back later but finally.
  • Thank the baby Jesus!! It's about time.
  • Finally!
  • Awesome. Looks quite similar to the mobile site. Overall glad they got on board and another app I can scratch off my list.
  • Wow! Awesome news! This is pretty great.
  • Finally!!!!!
  • It is the exact same as the web apps version. The only difference is mobile deposit.
  • Yay! I've been waiting for the Wells Fargo app since I first bought my Focus in early 2011! @_@
  • Now all I need os the square up app and reader and i can sell my htc one and get a 1020....come on man when?????
  • You can use Credit Card Terminal. It has a reader and it's on Windows Phone but it's more expensive. However, it's more of a traditional credit service and is more secure and accepted than Square.
  • OMG❕❗❕
  • I have waited so long for this app...finally!
  • I agree it is a little webappish, and dosent fit WP theme, but couldn't we say that every android app looks like a mobile wrapper then?
  • Guys stop complaining.. some thing is better than nothing. This is exactly what IOS has. Anyway, One more app down.. many more to go before the haters can take rest.
  • This is massive for me! Now I need pulse news reader and the ability to download larger podcasts over the network and my 8x can be full time! I just hope the live tile isn't spinning and showing my balance 
  • LOL That would be hilarious.
  • I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed) Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)
  • I've read that quote before, very true. It's funny, I started reading in a normal voice and then when it hit the "first by inflation, then by deflation" part I started reading it in a cartoon Jefferson voice lol
  • This is not a real quote from Thomas Jefferson.
  • Still no hsbc app
  • Still waiting for US Bank :/
  • I know it doesn't have the Metro look, but it's clean and fast and has MOBILE CHECK DEPOSIT!!!
    So happy!
  • did you noticed that ING spain also released banking app to windows phone on monday ?
  • Navy Federal Credit Union? Are you listening?
  • The Chase app is really nice. I have no complaints. I'd also love to see Navy Federal Credit Union come to WP8.
  • I'd love to see Capital One 360 next, or even better, Mint! I currently use Chase mainly and that's a great looking app - for some reason though, I can't get check deposit to work for me which is a real bummer as I loved that feature back on my Android phones.
  • We already know there is a mint app in the works, and I can't wait for it.  Also wish Capital One would make an app.
  • Well now I am happy all three of my bank accounts have an app for windows phone!!!!
  • Finally! 
  • Cool.  I have some accounts with Wells Fargo.
  • Very good. I moved from Wells Fargo to Chase in January for a variety of reasons and have been more than happy with that decision. The beautiful Chase app for WP8 contributed to that decision.
    This has been a good week! People can't afford to ignore Windows Phone anymore! Only a few more of the big players like Southwest, Instagram, etc... and no one will be able to say jack about "not enough apps!"
  • Fingers crossed for Capital One in the near future.
  • Get on the ball USAA!!!
  • +920
  • Capital One, where are you? Better hurry...
  • I don't know how much faith you can put in this, but here is a reply I got on Capital One's facebook...
    "Good question! We're working on a Windows Phone app - stay tuned ^GB"
  • Funny I didn't see this news item on WPCentral yesterday...  But I did find out another way so after work I rushed to a nearby WF branch and opened a checking/savings combo account in 40 minutes!  I closed my Citibank account last month (after years of bankign with them), after I lost patience exchanging e-mails with their customer service re a WP8 app. They don't even have a goddamn Win8 app! Stupid Citibank morons.  Anyway, kudos to WF for giving us an app.  I'm gonna try out the deposit feature tomorrow when I receive my pension check.
    Now I'm just going to wait a bit longer to see if Ally Bank will release an app for us or not.  If not by Halloween, I'm gonna take my $4000+ out and put it in WF.
  • Yeah, just in time right after I got the Lumina 925 so its good
  • Download Four new apps for Windows Phone for free...visit...
  • As simplisitic as this app is, I'm thankful for it even being available. Yes, it's a web wrapper with the ability to deposit a check, and it works for me. I have a frickin' WF app, and will give me one less reason to use the iPod Touch. If Safeway can make their Rewards app, I will never need to "touch" the iPod again.
  • Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy
  • So great! It is really good idea! this app coud be very useful because I also use Wells Fargo. By the way, here I found information about this bank