One more time: We're tuning up our official WPCentral app again

Apparently Microsoft aren't the only ones with a new rapid release cycle! Somehow today I get to announce a third update to the official Windows Phone Central app in the same number of weeks. Before anyone gets too excited though, this one is just a quick tune up to the v4.3 feature set, fixing two important bugs and finally bringing forum likes to Windows Phone 7 users.

Yes, we figured out why the Tapatalk API wasn't allowing the WP7 build to send like requests in our forums and that has now been resolved. Still, this isn't the most exciting update, but you can find the change list after the break or download from the marketplace right here (it should be showing up as version 4.3.15).


  • Fixed a bug with images not display when using medium or low quality
  • Fixed YouTube video discovery failures
  • Added forum likes for WP7 users

As always, get in touch through the comments, forums or through the app’s feedback functionality and let us know your opinions, comments and suggestions! We won't be adding any new features for a while though, time to get serious on development for another platform.

QR: wpcentral

Jay Bennett