Developer Rudy Huyn was looking for an idea for a Windows Phone app to make and also looking for a challenge: to completely code it up in 30 hours (including sleep).

Well the project was finished and on time, just as promised. The app is called TVShow, submitted to the Marketplace and should be available by next week (unclear if this will be an English version of the program). The program looks to be one of the TV-scheduling apps that are quite popular (but very few "get right") so we'll be interesting in taking it for a spin.

What's all of this prove (besides great publicity for Rudy)? What we already know: writing apps for Windows Phone 7 is quite easy compared to the competition and perhaps even enjoyable. Heck, even you can even watch the whole thing above in the video and check out the screen shots from TVShow below.

via WindowsPhoneFR; Thanks, Fabien, for the headsup