One reason to keep the Xbox One Smartglass app on Windows 10 right now

With Windows 10 comes the brand new Xbox app that pulls Xbox One and PC closer together than they've ever been before. It's a great app, especially the Xbox One to PC game streaming portion, but there's one thing in particular it's missing.

There's one reason to keep the Smartglass app installed on your PC or tablet. The Xbox One Store.

Currently, hitting the Store link in the Xbox app for Windows 10 takes you to the Store on your PC or tablet. But the only games you can buy there are Windows games. Nothing for the Xbox One. No Games with Gold, Deals With Gold, new Xbox One releases, nada. You can still use the web browser if you're in front of your computer, but the Smartglass app is so much quicker.

It's not a massive issue, but if you're one of those, like me, who seems to do more game purchasing in front of the PC than the Xbox, the new app has a gaping hole to fill. It'll no doubt get worked out down the line as all the stores merge into one, but for now, bear it in mind before you go uninstalling the Smartglass app.

And if you need to get it back, hit the link below.

Download Xbox One Smartglass for Windows (opens in new tab)

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  • Another issue is that the new Xbox app has no way to search for music and then tell the Xbox to play it like you could with Smartglass.
  • THIS.
  • Don't forget smartglass for games like plants vrs zombies. Boss mode.
  • Can you access media controls through the Xbox app (volume control, cable box remote, etc...) like you can on smart glass? Sometimes I use that when I cant find my remote and my SP3 is close by.
  • Yes, you can. Those controls are in the same place as the game streaming option. They're kind of buried.
  • Yup, exactly. I don't want to have to click multiple times to get to the media controls.
  • The one screen keyboard never seems to pop up in the xbox app either. Maybe it's just me.
  • Yes this is a big problem for me since i use the smartglass app to type in xbox one. the new xbox app, doesnt have an onscreen keyboard.
  • This is exactly why I have them right next to each other just like the screen shot used in the article. Smartglass is a really quick way to make sure I download the free games with gold before they go away. Who's bright idea was it to make the Xbox app store link go to the Windows app store?
  • Twas Bill's decision
  • thanks for sharing before i deleted it , i do use smartglass to buy games for xbox
  • I still use the search function in smart glass to determine what service (ie netflix, hbo go, amazon etc) a movie or show might be on. I wish this were part of Bing or something.
  • To me Smartglass is still superior to the W10 Xbox App... The Xbox App just looks fresher...
  • You can still use the web browser if you're in front of your computer, but the Smartglass app is so much quicker
      ok, that made me laugh... you realize if you are using the smartglass or the xbox app on win 10 then you are on a computer
  • Yeah I found the higher upload my isp gives me the higher the latency is which 90 latency. Not exactly useful to use this app.
  • Annoying, discovered this a few weeks ago
  • I buy Xbox games from all angles, a real reason to have the app is to be able to view you pins (apps&games) something you can't do in the Xbox app.
  • What about XBOX one smartglass beta
  • two amin problems for me: - no chance to use windows keyboard (hardware or touch) on a text field - no home/pins to lunch an app on xbox  
  • The new app does not power on our Xbox One either.. It asks you for an IP address.. It was a bother since I had to use one app to power up and the other to stream..
  • Windows 10 will be more exciting for me for many facilities like windows 10 Xbox and windows 10 mobile
  • I wish they'd update Smartglass.