OneDrive for Android picks up support for file restore and Oreo features

OneDrive on Android
OneDrive on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft recently rolled out a fresh update to the OneDrive app for Android, bringing along a couple of interesting new features. The biggest addition is a new file restore feature, but explicit support for a couple of Android Oreo features is tagging along as well (via Android Police).

Now, if you accidentally delete a significant number of files from OneDrive, the app will alert you to the potential mistake. You'll then be able to quickly restore any deleted files, Microsoft says.

The update also makes OneDrive fully compatible with Android Oreo, adding support for notification channels and background battery optimizations. Here's the official look at all of what's new in OneDrive for Android version 5.7:

  • Accidentally delete a bunch of stuff? OneDrive has your back! We'll let you know when a large number of files are deleted from your OneDrive so you can restore them if you made a mistake.
  • Full Android O compatibility including notification channels and background battery optimizations.

Of all of the features, file restore and notifications channels will be the headliners for most. The latter, which also just rolled out to GroupMe, offers more granular control over what types of notifications you receive and how you receive them, which is something that can come in handy if you find yourself flooded by alerts and buzzes all day long.

To check out all of what's new, you can pick up OneDrive version 5.7 from Google Play now.

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  • Isn't the file restore feature only for office 365 subscribers?
  • That's what I thought and if that's still the case I'm guessing they're saying being able to do it from the app?
  • Just had to report the memory leak bug on the OneDrive website for Microsoft. The bug had been there for more than a year and still unfixed. Just have to open the Photos section of OneDrive and leave the website there to rest. With time your RAM is gonna run out and your CPU usage will raise in a linear manner. I wonder how such things go unnoticed and how will this affect PWAs.