OneDrive gets a visual refresh on the web

Microsoft has announced that OneDrive on the web is getting a fresh coat of paint. A new design for the web version of the cloud storage service is rolling out to users over the next several days with a refreshed color palette, font, and a new visual feel based off of a 4px grid.

Perhaps one of the most major changes lies in that 4px grid, on which the entire OneDrive web experience is now based. From Microsoft:

"After several rounds of iteration, we landed on a 4px grid, which allowed for enough flexibility in layout, while maintaining the visual density and stability we wanted the experience to achieve. We also wanted to bring a measure of efficiency to our studio processes by creating a single grid that could work across both web and native layouts. The 4px solution accomplished both goals.Every component was reworked to snap to the new visual and responsive grids – panels, dialogs, file list, left navigation, commanding, and even buttons. It was a lot of work, but we're quite pleased with the outcome and hope you are too."

OneDrive refreshed layouts

Following up on the grid changes, Microsoft says that it refreshed the color palette of OneDrive on the web. The team started with the already-established dark blue that is typically associated with OneDrive and went on to add accents with a complementary set of grays. Finally, Microsoft highlighted the font used in OneDrive on the web, called Segoe:

Type is about clarity. Keeping it simple improves the way a design communicates. And one of the biggest goals we had when it came to our decisions around type was to create a more legible, readable, and clear experience that celebrates your content, not our UI. For web, we use Segoe, a custom type family that is the core visual identity element throughout Microsoft's product ecosystem. It is used for all digital products and is designed to maintain legibility across sizes and pixel densities.

Microsoft says that the redesign is by no means finished, and this is just the start. It should be rolling out to users over the next few days, but we haven't seen it live on our end just yet.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hope its faster!
  • seems faster in india
  • Interesting they didn't include a screenshot of the new interface. lol
  • Explain this 4pixel grid to me. 4px is super tiny. What do they mean. How is this different from the squares we have seen before?
    And i hope the design overhaul is in line with the outlook overhaul. Also the same fonts.
    Anyways I think I'm seeing the new design when I check the OneDrive website on my phone.
  • Well, according to Microsoft's guidelines for their Microsoft Design Language 2 it is easier to scale across multiple device families and screen sizes when using a multiply of 4px for everything (margins, sizes, etc.). I'm trying to find their official docs but I'm having a hard time right now finding what I found a few weeks ago.
  • What software did they use to make that wireframe?
  • Probably Illustrator, looks like wireframes done in vectors
  • I'm not that good with illustrator thou in fact I kinda suck but thanx
  • Vector graphics != Illustrator
  • A visual refresh. Invisible. That's innovation! :P
  • Hope it's more touch friendly. The current version is very "hover" dependent.
  • I JUST read the news on the live tile of WP Central. And quickly refreshed my already opened Onedrive website. It looks Brilliant! Man gotta love MS, although it disappoints in so many other levels.
  • Thank you for the news guys! You guys are great!
  • Mine says Microsoft confidential in red at the bottom?
  • It looks interesting. I see the new interface now. Very different.
  • I'm in China for a month and OneDrive is blocked :(
  • Works awful on IE, they must likely used IOS and Android to test it out, cause it does not work well at all on my 930.. For example to right click on a folder you have to hold in and click away the IE menu that comes up, and then you get the menu on OneDrive
  • Why would you use browser to access onedrive with your phone?
  • looks sounds good.