OneDrive picks up dark mode with iOS 13, rest of Office suite to follow

What you need to know

  • OneDrive's new dark mode is now available for iOS devices on iOS 13.
  • The new look will show up when you change your system settings in iOS 13 to dark mode.
  • The rest of the Office suite on iOS is also expected to get the dark mode treatment alongside the launch of iOS 13.

Apple is launching its latest iOS update, iOS 13, today with a new system-wide dark mode in tow, and Microsoft is following up the launch with a darker treatment for its Office apps on the platform. The first app in Microsoft's stable to get this new look is OneDrive, which will now shift to a black background with blue accents when you change your system theme to dark mode.

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The update to OneDrive is part of a larger dark theme shift that Microsoft unveiled for its Office apps in August.

In its initial announcement, Microsoft emphasized that its goal was to better align all of the Office apps in terms of design. The Office teams chose a single palette, as well as things like contrast and brand color saturation to further emphasize this consistency. For users, the ultimate benefit is potentially reducing eye strain and even battery life on devices with OLED displays.

Microsoft said previously that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint were all in line to receive a dark mode alongside iOS 13's launch as well. We'll update this post throughout the day if and when those updates become available.

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  • What about android... Would love to see dark mode on outlook too
  • Dark mode for Outlook is already here for Android, but other apps lacks this feature. It is a pity, but Msft loves more rich people (with iphones)
  • Yup I already use dark mode on outlook on my Pixel
  • Android... God damn it man...
  • Still an inconsistency to their dark mode efforts. Some are a dark grey, some are black (which can look harsh in its own way), some are different shades with aspects from one App to the next being a different design altogether. Personally feel the dark modes of apps like Twitter do it best, where it's a softer grey, or in some cases they offer a grey, or a pure black mode. Best of both worlds.
  • I think offering both is a good idea. Personally I always go for the darkest one lol
  • Agreed. Prefer a nice dark grey. OneNote on Win10 is a good example for my particular taste. Obviously others prefer this look. This may sound goofy but I'm thinking the inconsistency may be a good thing (may be??). If it weren't for that I would either like the look of everything or not. At least some of the apps look good to me - half serious/half sarcastic.