OneDrive updated for Windows Phone with tons of new user-requested features

We love when our favorite apps get updated. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see a new version of OneDrive waiting for you. OneDrive, as you know, is Microsoft’s cloud-storage solution that allows you to store documents, photos, videos and more in the cloud. It also powers all the syncing between your devices. We’re looking at a fairly big update for OneDrive with a ton of new changes. Let’s check it out.

The last update for the app came out in mid-February when the app was renamed from SkyDrive to OneDrive. That renaming also introduced new features like a new thumbnail view, improved view of shared files, the ability to share multiple items at once and more! That was version 3.5 of the app, today we’re looking at version 4.1 with the following features:

  • Now looks great on large screen phones
  • Upload multiple photos, videos and files at once
  • New immersive view for viewing and managing photos
  • Open files from OneDrive in other apps
  • Share files to OneDrive from other apps
  • Sort files and folders
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The new OneDrive now looks amazing on large screen phones like our Nokia Lumia 1520. There’s a much higher level of information density on the display to put that extra screen real estate to use. The ability to upload multiple photos, videos and files at once will be welcomed by users.

Head into a folder with photos and you’ll notice a new immersive view when viewing a photo. It makes it feel more like the new photo viewing experience found in Windows Phone 8.1.

Opening files from OneDrive into other apps and sharing files to OneDrive from other apps are two features that are very, very welcomed by us. Plus you can now sort files and folders by things like name, newest, oldest, largest and smallest. Again, very cool stuff we’re excited to see in OneDrive.

Download and update to the new version of OneDrive and let us know what you think!

Grab OneDrive from the Windows Phone Store

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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Sam Sabri