OneDrive for Windows 10 migrates to the Xbox One

The Xbox One app train continues to chug along, with the latest Microsoft app to make its way on to the console being OneDrive.

Surfaced by the folks on the Xbox One Subreddit, the old, limited OneDrive app on the Xbox One is being left in the dust by the arrival of the new UWP version. It gives you full access to all your OneDrive files on the console, though there are still going to be some, like PDFs, that won't open.

At least for now.

As seems to be the norm for apps arriving on the Xbox One, you'll see the new version in your ready to install list rather than just being able to go and get it from the Store. The easy way to tell the new one apart from the old one is the color of the tile: The old one is blue.

Go forth and explore thy files.

Download OneDrive from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • Tried it with a few of my docs and it was awesome. All I need now is mouse and keyboard support.
  • buy a PC = problem solved
  • Already works on Xbox, no problem to solve
  • a console should be a console a PC should be a PC, no crossplatforming because this will kill one of them - my opinion wait a sec... we already have games playable on X and PC which means no exclusive titles for X which means no need to buy a X which means PS will be stronger
  • Actually that's not true. MS titles are the only ones gauranteed to be on both platforms. Yet another situation of you not knowing what you're talking about. I guess you should just give up.
  • That's ridiculous. Even if the Xbox becomes a straightup PC, it will always be optimized for gaming. it will always be considered a baseline for games being released. Moreover, in this equation, you're assuming its only Xbox and PS. It's Xbox, PS, and PC right now. If Xbox and PC merged, PS will *not* get stronger. The big difference between console and PC games is the input method, controller vs keyboard/mouse. Some games will naturally be better for one or the other or be negligible enough that it can be released on both. Considering there are entirely behaviors controlling PCs and consoles though, there will *always* be a console, even if it is just a gaming-optimized PC. I feel like that puts PS in an even worse position because the Xbox/PC position will reach a bigger audience, have adaptable gameplay, and can be extended to a variety of devices with ease. I feel like you don't understand the scenario you're describing in any way.
  • I actually bought Xbox one S only for media use. I don't game at all. I have a surface studio as my desktop PC.
  • USB keyboards have worked forever, with the XBOX OS, apps need to add it. There are mouse adapters also (they work with joysticks, trackballs, etc too).   later -1
  • considering we're talking about a specific app, kenzibit is probably referring to that app supporting it... which you clearly state is a scenario that needs to be addressed... so why are you making it sound like you're correcting them?
  • My Lilly Esin once in a blue moon got a new choice of the crop Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe by unavailable off of a laptop... flash it out +_+_+_+_+_+_+
  • What does the sling yep app look like on Xbox one vs the old app
  • What is "sling yep app"???
  • The app which... slings. Yep.
  • all apps can sling into the future...only if you want them to.
  • Takes quite some time. That blue circle keeps on rotating.
  • Automatic backup of screenshots and videos taken on Xbox One?
  • yeah
  • Too bad Microsoft has decreased the amount of free space that OneDrive users were given down from 15GB to 5GB. This might actually have been useful!
  • Pay your own way and subscribe. Support and use what you like, or be part of the problem.
  • How about support your customers that still use your products instead? Like the Windows phone bonus? They could even do something silly like 5GB for each type of device you own and use (PC, Xbox, Phone, etc.).
  • Or, you can save about $1 per week, and buy storage or an Office 365 subscription. Otherwise, you're just supporting Dropbox, Google, or Amazon. All of whom don't give a **** about us Xbox gamers and Windows users.
  • I have Office 365 and get 1TB (mostly unused haha) storage. Win-win!
  • What does not buying an office 365 subscription have to do with supporting drop box or google? Amazon is included with Prime so I don't count that, at least for photos, which are unlimited BTW. What if one does not have the need to pay 60 a year for office when the free apps are enough for them (or the copy of Office they bought a few years ago)?
    I don't think it's far fetched for MS to show support for their customers like the USED TO ALREADY with the WP and Skydrive bonus.
  • You mean the bonus they let people keep? They support their customers based on the product that customer purchased. If I buy a desk from staples, I dont' expect them to support me by providing me access to any of their other services simply because i purchased something from them once. You literally are making the argument that you want something for free because you think you deserve it. That's not how this works.
  • How is paying for Xbox live every year like paying for a desk at staples. I'm talking about active customers, like 365 users. Everything is tied to my Microsoft account, so they can see how many products I actively use. I never said anyone deserves something for free, though 5GB is nothing in todays usage.
  • I also think that you should not keep your bonus if you drop the service or don't actively use your device (such as moving to iPhone or Android). That is just silly on their part if people are allowed to keep a loyalty bonus if they don't keep buying their products.
  • Good idea in principle, but not too comfortable about this expanded capability as my Xbox is unlocked for ease of use, but I have documents I'd prefer not to have accessible there. I'm OK with sharing photos, but not all files. I haven't tried it, but I assume a user with access to my Xbox could download the app, but would have to enter my login details (with 2FA) in order to access files. If so, this is OK, but if it just logged in automatically using Xbox credentials this would be a concern to me.
  • On the UWP OneDrive on Windows 10, you can lock access to the OneDrive app by Windows Hello or PIN. Maybe they'll offer similar functions in the XBO version.
  • You can always add a passcode to your Xbox Profile when you sign in.
  • Or do selective sync?
  • Would be nice if we could use OneDrive or the Photos app to set a wallpaper.
  • I hope so! It's annoying transferring it over from a USB drive. I have all my wallpaper's on my OneDrive, so it would make things a lot easier.
  • This. I hate, hate, hate having to plug in a USB just to change up my wallpaper, when clearly the photos are visible in OneDrive.
  • Just downloaded it...improved experience definitely.
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