The Xbox One app train continues to chug along, with the latest Microsoft app to make its way on to the console being OneDrive.

Surfaced by the folks on the Xbox One Subreddit, the old, limited OneDrive app on the Xbox One is being left in the dust by the arrival of the new UWP version. It gives you full access to all your OneDrive files on the console, though there are still going to be some, like PDFs, that won't open.

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At least for now.

As seems to be the norm for apps arriving on the Xbox One, you'll see the new version in your ready to install list rather than just being able to go and get it from the Store. The easy way to tell the new one apart from the old one is the color of the tile: The old one is blue.

Go forth and explore thy files.

Download OneDrive from the Windows Store

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