OneDrive for Windows Phone update with Cortana search starts hitting devices

It looks like the update to OneDrive for Windows Phone that brings along some new search integration with Cortana is rolling out to devices. The update was announced last night, but has been slow out the gate.

So what will Cortana's assistance be bringing you? Simply put, you can now have everyone's favorite digital assistant search through your OneDrive files for specific images of words and phrases. For instance, if you're trying to track down a photo of a sunset from your last vacation to Hawaii, Microsoft says that you can simply say "OneDrive search for Hawaii sunset photos," and Cortana will do the hard work of tracking the picture down. This search magic applies to words and phrases as well, so you can quickly find a specific reference from a Word or PDF document stored in your account.

In any event, if you're interested in checking the feature out for yourself, the update should be available to snag now. Simply hit up the store link below to get started.

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