OneNote and Class Notebooks receive dozens of updates

OneNote Surface Laptop
OneNote Surface Laptop (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • OneNote and Class Notebooks have received 30 updates.
  • Many of these focus on distributing information to specific groups or individuals.
  • OneNote Class Notebooks and Microsoft Teams now integrate better than before.

Thirty upgrades are rolling out for OneNote and Class Notebook. A number of the updates to Class Notebook focus on increasing options for distributing content. You can now distribute an individual page to a specific student, create custom groups for distributing pages, distribute multiple pages at once, and distribute a Section Group in a private student notebook. All of the distribution options make it easy to share specific content with those who need to see it without showing it to anyone else. The distribution features are rolling out to Office Insiders now.

Teachers can also lock pages to edits. For example, if they set a due date for an assignment, they can lock the page at the exact time that the assignment is due. This converts the locked page to a read-only page so students can't try to sneak in content after a deadline. This feature recently rolled out to users worldwide on Windows 10, Mac, iPad, and online.

One of the most important updates is the ability to import older notebook content into new notebooks in Teams. This makes it easy for educators to take previous content that they'd like to use again and import it into notebooks for new students.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams now allows educators to integrate OneNote with TurnItIn. The feature is integrated into Teams for Education and automatically checks OneNote pages for plagiarism.

OneNote has also received several updates. Students can generate practice math quizzes directly inside of OneNote. Educators also have an option to send OneNote content to Outlook, set default templates, and publish notebooks to make them available to other people. These updates are rolling out to Office Insiders and will be available generally in the future.

The entire list of available updates can be seen on Microsoft's Education blog (opens in new tab).

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  • OneNote... Best application available on every platform.
  • Onenote and Excel ... if i had to select two programs to keep, it would be them.
  • Have you tried using Smartsheet? It's a really handy project management spreadsheet that's web based, and really simple to use. It's collaborative, and has several automation features, to keep team members task flowing. You should check it out.
  • There's also apps for Android and iOS. Not sure about windows yet.
  • Seriously, been using it regularly since like 2005. Started with school, but it's so useful I put everything in it lol
  • Always surprises me how few people use it/understand it. Been using since way back. Even existed on Pocket PCs in the early 90's. Always irritated me back then that it didn't support ink, when the PPC did and every one shipped with a stylus. You could do HWR, but not sketches. The search function is absolutely amazing. I can import slides that have been exported to pdf, or a screen grab of a web page, and still find included text. Handwriting is 'OCRd' in the background and you can find your scrawls.