A OneNote app for the Pebble smartwatch is 'in the pipeline' from Microsoft [Updated: No such luck]

The folks behind the Pebble smartwatch may not have much love for the Windows platform, but apparently that isn't stopping Microsoft from developing at least one of its apps for the device. Today, the official OneNote Twitter account indicated that the note-taking app is coming to the Pebble.

When asked by a Pebble fan if Microsoft would make a OneNote app for the smartwatch, the response was, "It's definitely in the pipeline, stay tuned!" Of course, that answer doesn't indicate how far along the development of the app has taken so far, nor is there any word on a release date.

We have written extensively in the past about how Microsoft created its own Pebble app for Windows Phone that would have been turned into the official app for the watch to link to smartphones with the operating system. However, according to our own sources, Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky doesn't like Microsoft or Windows Phone and shut down any official partnership between the two companies.

This new statement from Microsoft shows that the company continues to embrace creating apps and services that work with multiple devices and platforms, even if the owners of those platforms don't care for Microsoft.

Update: Speaking to the folks at Neowin, Microsoft reached out to clarify that OneNote for Pebble is not in the works. Rather, the original tweet was referencing wearables in general. Since then, the tweet has been deleted. It looks like Pebble owners are out of luck for the time being.

Source: OneNote (Twitter); Via: Neowin

  • Does pebble even have full functionality on WP?
  • Please read the article
  • Why read when you can ask a question and look stupid instead
  • Since people won't say. The answers is no it is not supported Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS on my Lumia 940
  • >Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS on my Lumia 940 This made my head hurt...
  • now, does Eric Migicovsky have a legitimate reason to not like microsoft, or is it because "it's cool to hate microsoft?"
  • That was so last year, with MSFT open sourcing all the things .. now it is cool to like Microsoft!!!
  • tell that to the developers at my job! They act as if MS is the spawn of satan and refuse to work on anything Windows.
  • Eric is not alone about hating MSFT. The question is why so many top dev's companies hate MSFT?
  • Migicovsky isn't alone but he really isn't in the same market position as a company like Snapchat is. Considering the Apple Watch is about to turn the Pebble into roadkill you would think they would take any partnership they could get. 
  • Exactly. Too bad. They could have been a company that I rooted for and supported by buying their products. Now, I could care less if they go belly up.
  • * couldn't care less
  • Unless you care slightly and you could care a little less?
  • I hear "could care less" and "couldn't care less" used interchangeably... Kinda liked "it's all downhill from here"... Is that good or bad? Truthfully, I could care less...
  • Is the Apple Watch, minimum price $449, really going to turn the Pebble, minimum price $99, into roadkill. There are still a few people who look at value. That and the Apple Watch does little for people using Android, where the Pebble is positioned against Google Wear, minimum around $250. I already have a Pebble, but I would buy a new one in a heartbeat if it worked with my WP.  I also have an Android Wear watch and would be tickled pink if MS made  it work with my WP.
  • It's the one thing keeping me from buying a pebble time to try out.
  • We all did at one point...
  • "we have written extensively...."
    You've written like two articles lol
  • but both of those articles talked about the issues in depth, so yes.
  • Yeah but are we talking one note for android or for Windows phone? ??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pebble need to grow up and stop thinking their consumer base is only Android and iOS. Its ridiculous. I am pretty sure alot of Windows Phone users out there wanting a Pebble watch too.
  • Actually I held off oh buying a pebble due to the lack of an app and I'm sure for others as well so they lose out on business
  • And thus the strategy in place by MS at the moment
  • Add me to the list of people who won't buy one for that very reason. Heaven forbid that the day comes I have to switch back to iOS or Android...if it does, I still won't buy one. I don't hold a grudge, I just remember the facts.
  • Yep 4 sales not happening here... Myself and 3 friends all getting Bands instead, even though we run a mix of Android, iPhones and WP between us it's handy using similar apps and accessories to share the things we find, or be able to ask for help if one of us gets stuck on something. So when stuff doesn't support WP we pass it up.
  • The sad reality is, if you support Android and iOS, not supporting WP isn't a big hole in your customer base.
  • I would totally get a pebble for the battery life and e paper screen. Sucks there is no Windows phone support. If they add us I would consider the pebble time.
  • I didn't buy due to lack support for WP.
  • But.. How?
  • Although I am not against Microsoft developing apps for Android and iOS, this is by far the stupidest thing Microsoft is about to do. Pebble is by no means a market leader, nor in a good position or have that many users to develop apps for their stupid watch. This gives them a leverage, makes their existence stronger, while it is not currently, not at all. Seems like Microsoft has given up on everything. I don't like Satya no more.
  • "Pebble is by no means a market leader" that is reason why the CEO do not want to build a pebble app for windows phone, because we are "by no means a market leader" You see now the irony?
  • This. MS is rising above the hate and being the more mature company.
  • I know that buddy, which means it's not ironic, it's stupid! Pebble won't develop for Windows Phone because they don't have the market share, but Microsoft develops for them non the less while they still have no market share! Microsoft's reasoning for developing for iOS and Android was that they had too many users which they couldn't ignore. Who the fuck uses a Pebble? which also is a Windows enemy. FYI, Microsoft developed a Pebble app for WP for free, and still they refused to support the platform. So as a response, Microsoft is giving them apps and support their weak platform?!
    Satya you're making a joke out of yourself!
  • Since the article got updated (there is not a pebble app in the works) that means that you are right at the end :) but at  the same time Satya is not a joke anymore. PS: I want MS to build a Pebble competitor. You know same price an battery life.    
  • I think you've answered your question. MS consolidate the Windows experience yet further, growing user awareness while being platform agnostic.
  • I really dont see onenote being useful on a tiny screen unless you can dictate from a mic?
  • Who cares about Pebble, Garmin app is much more important!
  • Why won't MS spend time to build a MS own flagship Windows watch intead of courting haters?  Band is not enough.  We need a flagship exotic W10 watch to dwarf Pebble and compete with Apple Watch.
  • Yeah, they can't do both right. /s
  • Sounds like a one way relationship to me.
  • Love the new Microsoft. Karma he says :P always treat people nice and it will come back :P Satya
  • Pebble really should provide Windows support. Just look at Microsoft Band it came out on multi platforms and I don't see why other companies can't do the same. No doubt companies in the next couple of years will be more open and welcoming like Microsoft and Windows 10 have been to other platforms.
  • Microsoft has a rep for not giving a f*** if something they're interested in doesn't like them. Ex: The YouTube incident
  • It will be released for Pebble smartwatch before Windows 10 Mobile and will be much better.
  • Good for Microsoft people. The douche-bag Pebble CEO can still chuck a duck.
  • Waste of resources and talent if the CEO doesn't like or respect Microsoft and their consumers, IMO!
  • lol whats the point, that little thing will be gone in a few months, it doesn't have a chance against the big players, its only "advantage" is that it lasts longer, cause it does nothing, it will attract the same people that are attracted by feature-phones, which is less than single digit market %
  • You have not used the Pebble Time, sorry.
  • I hear pebble is in financial trouble of some kind..i hopes Microsoft buys pebble and fires the CEO !! Wait.. That's probably what the CEO of pebble actually wants. Never mind :(
  • I like that wallpaper
  • Update: Microsoft misunderstood the tweet. No pebble app 'in the pipeline'. You all can calm down now.
  • This
  • Ha, screw pebble
  • That suits them
  • i know microsoft is playing the nice guy, as a part for their new marketing phylosophy. but all things should have a limit. and the limit should be kissing asses of the companies who fucked you. that being said, microsoft should give pebble exactly NOTHING, period.
  • Microsoft is worst worst i am very very very unlucky to choose this OS. Not even having a privacy for the owners of the device for the apps. Microsoft your limitations are worst you guyz are just taking are hard earned money for a waste. Poor Microsoft
  • ESL assclown?
  • Wow, what an amazingly ignorant comment!
  • Crazy to see other companies behaving childish in regards to Microsoft/Windows but awesome to see Microsoft doesn't care.
  • It's odd how Pebble, SnapChat and the rest who won't work with anything Windows based, say they care about their customers/consumers and want to cater to whats being asked. Does that mean these companies don't care about people who own a Windows device just because they own a Windows device? Bit like being back at school where you might not be liked for owning a certain brand of trainers.
  • Why a onenote app? What notes info can you possible fit on such a small screen? Onenote makes sense on a pc, laptop, desktop, windows phone, but a pebble watch screen?
  • Could be useful to see notes or list at a glance, kinda like the EverNote app.
  • Good to see that the idiot CEO of Pebble has signed it's own death sentence by refusing to work with MSFT to bring their little toy watch to the Windows OS! pompous little A-hole is too kewl to join the World's Largest computing environment! Bye, bye Pebble!
  • Their latest Kickstarter suggests otherwise.
  • pebble suck....Microsoft Band is Far better than any kind of pebble stupid low quality ugly gadget