A OneNote app for the Pebble smartwatch is 'in the pipeline' from Microsoft [Updated: No such luck]

The folks behind the Pebble smartwatch may not have much love for the Windows platform, but apparently that isn't stopping Microsoft from developing at least one of its apps for the device. Today, the official OneNote Twitter account indicated that the note-taking app is coming to the Pebble.

When asked by a Pebble fan if Microsoft would make a OneNote app for the smartwatch, the response was, "It's definitely in the pipeline, stay tuned!" Of course, that answer doesn't indicate how far along the development of the app has taken so far, nor is there any word on a release date.

We have written extensively in the past about how Microsoft created its own Pebble app for Windows Phone that would have been turned into the official app for the watch to link to smartphones with the operating system. However, according to our own sources, Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky doesn't like Microsoft or Windows Phone and shut down any official partnership between the two companies.

This new statement from Microsoft shows that the company continues to embrace creating apps and services that work with multiple devices and platforms, even if the owners of those platforms don't care for Microsoft.

Update: Speaking to the folks at Neowin, Microsoft reached out to clarify that OneNote for Pebble is not in the works. Rather, the original tweet was referencing wearables in general. Since then, the tweet has been deleted. It looks like Pebble owners are out of luck for the time being.

Source: OneNote (Twitter); Via: Neowin

John Callaham