OneNote's August update is here with a load of new features to try

If you're a big OneNote fan, the August update for the app has arrived with a number of solid new features to try. Some of the more notable additions in this latest version include the ability to insert pictures directly from Bing's image search, text to math, and web search for definitions and more directly from OneNote.

Here's a look at all of what's new:

  • Text to Math: Use your keyboard to type an equation as text in OneNote, and use Math to solve it or draw a graph.
  • Smart Lookup: Get definitions, wiki articles, and top related searches from the web without leaving OneNote
  • Insert online pictures: Use Bing's Image Search to safely insert photos and images without ever having to leave OneNote.
  • Tables of all shapes and sizes: One cell or many? Choose the number of rows and columns you need to organize your content. Once you've got a table, you can add or delete rows or columns, add table shading, or sort your content.
  • More highlight colors: Yellow isn't the only color in the rainbow. Now you can highlight with blue, green, red, and more.
  • Zoom in, zoom out: Use the new Page Width option on the View tab to zoom out to see all the notes on your page, or zoom in to focus on just what you need.

The August update is slowly rolling out now, and will arrive for everyone throughout the coming weeks. You'll want to make sure you're on OneNote version 17.8471.5772 to see all of the new features, but don't be alarmed if the update isn't available right away.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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