OneNote's November update is headed out to Fast ring Insiders

It's the start of another month, which means Microsoft is testing another update to OneNote for Windows 10 with Fast ring Insiders. For November, there's not much in the way of big new features, but there are a couple of handy new bits to check out.

The most interesting new change is that searching is now nearly instant. OneNote now indexes your notebooks significantly speeding up the search process. This update also includes support for tilting the new Surface Pen to shade while inking. Here's the official look at what's new (opens in new tab):

  • Speedy search: Search just got faster! Your search results now appear instantaneously, making it easier to get back to your notes.
  • Tilt to shade: Use your new Surface Pen and the pencil tool to write or sketch ideas. Tilt the stylus to do shading, just like a real pencil.

If you're a Windows Insider, you should be able to check out the latest additions to version 17.8730.2008 of OneNote now. Everyone else should expect this update to roll out more broadly later in November.

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  • How do you actually search without the Ctrl + F shortcut? I did see a search button for just a moment right after the last update before it disappeared but now it's gone.
  • There's a button on top of the list of pages.
  • Oh yes, you're right! Thank you! :)
  • Nice! Any news when we will be able to rotate images in 1 degree increments, much like office?
  • Still say we need a floating calculator in OneNote.. Either that, or make the Windows calculator lockable so it doesn't disappear when we input on other apps.. As of now, the only way to keep the calculator in view is to snap it to the left, or right.. I need to be able to have the calculator positioned over my note, and minimized...
  • Yeah, all they need to do is enabled Compact Overlay mode, and literally change nothing about how it looks. Just a way to keep it on top
  • I'm still very puzzled as to why they continue to invest so much into the OneNote UWP app when the other Office mobile apps are deprecated. I mean, I thought the same rationale would apply here. W10M is dead, the desktop versions are far more mature and powerful and there's no other platform for the UWP apps to sit on.
  • OneNote is like the poster child for first party UWP apps. They have confirmed that the desktop/Win32 version is not getting any new features just bug fixes and security updates - The UWP app is the place for new features even if the Win32 app can still do more (for now)
  • I like that each OneNote version, app & desktop, has different aspects, and I use each for different things. Search much better so far on desktop but will look forward to what this new search does on the app.
  • I have to say OneNote is an app that I really use every day, on my notebooks, phone, tablet and desktop PCs. I see it growing up and I am happy about it. Very useful. Kudos to Microsoft for this one! 
  • Do say it, MS will kill if they hear you enjoy it
  • Is there an Office Insider programme for Android?