Online pre-order for Sprint HTC Arrive for Premier customers

If you're a Sprint Premier Customer (10 years or longer, or in a certain price range per month), you can now pre-order the Sprint HTC Arrive onine:

Up till now, you had to physically walk into a store and hand the $50 for a gift-card which "reserved" you a phone for release on Sunday, the 20th. This secondary option is a lot easier those too busy to bother with the store and at least shows general, online orders for the phone should be happening soon.

Look for our full review of the Sprint HTC Arrive in the AM.

Thanks, David Strait, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Mail-in Rebate? Why would anyone buy directly through Sprint?
  • Agreed, although often you can talk your way out of the rebate.
  • If you are a SERO customer, you don't have a choice!
  • just ordered my daughter's from wirefly!!! yayyy!!!!
  • Well Sprint is happening, what about Verizon? Helloooooo?
  • Remember, Verizon "announced" officially the HTC Thunderbolt TWO days before it went on sale. TWO DAYS.Just saying, once that rumored released date passes and if there's no phone, then start to worry ;-)
  • With the page showing Verizon releasing the trophy on the 24th, we should hear something on the 21st...
  • Are you kidding me!!! $450!! I was honestly expecting $400! I expected this because the shift is $400 and the only real difference is the processor. That's my Evo and I paid full price and only have $75 off so I will be paying more than expected. Oh well, this OS better be worth it!!
  • Too bad sprint coverage in my area is SOOOOOO spotty, Verizon is king and AT&T is 2nd. I'm with Verizon and waiting for them to get me a WP7 phone...