Orange UK now offering alternative Marketplace payment gateway

If you're on Orange (opens in new tab), some good news for you. They have opened up a new gateway for all your app, game and music purchases in the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can now choose between your account credit card and your Orange phone bill. 

While this is a fantastic new way to easily populate your internal storage, we recommend caution - try not to go overboard or you'll receive a nasty surprise at the end of your contracted month. Are you on Orange, and are you interested in using your monthly bill to pay for apps etc.?

Source: MyKindofPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • could the changes made to implement this explain the marketplace downtime yesterday i wonder?
  • Be great to have this on t mobile as i only have a debit card and cant buy anything :(
  • Hmm, I use a debit card for all my purchases in Marketplace. No issues.
  • Me too. That said, my bank issued debit card can be processed as either a credit card or a debit card. I can't really think of a time that I have actually used it as a debit card.
  • Since Sony have been attacked by hackers, I am worrying the same thing can happen to Microsoft.The fact that the marketplace was suddenly down tends to prove that not everything is secured and backed up.Therefore I decided to remove my Credit Card number from Zune/Marketplace, and I am glad I can pay via my Orange phone bill. This is safer.
  • Hang on, how does any system downtime show a sign of insecurity? I think Microsoft's system is pretty darn secure. I mean, come on, the largest software giant in the world? They must be target of a helluva lot of attacks, I believe we're quite safe. Anyway, it doesn't matter who you have your credit cards saved with (as every website/company is open for a specific attack), if you don't monitor your card bills/statements closely then it's your own fault.
  • Your argument makes no sense. You removed it from MS and will pay it through Orange. But what if Orange gets their systems hacked? Any company can be hacked. MS has been around a LONG time and has never had an issue, so I would not be too worried.And it's already been pointed out what the issue was with the down marketplace below this article. So it seems that there is no reason for fear or jump to wild speculations.
  • It makes sense. This is the reason why I do not pay Orange by Credit Card.What is unsafe is to store all your credit card's reference on any server. Such references could be easily used by someone else.
  • HAVING a credit card or a bank account means that your information is able to be stolen. The bank or CC company could be hacked themselves.
  • This of course depends how your credit card info is secured, where it's stored, how much info is stored and how it's accessed.
  • I hope MS always allows the option of paying to them directly. Having a consistent cell bill allows for no surprises when it comes due.