Original Xbox games run at 16 times the resolution on Xbox One X

Only a handful of games will be available tomorrow but they're all amazing experiences. However, how will they look? Will they take advantage of the added power of the Xbox One? What about the Xbox One X?

Microsoft's Albert Penello, who leads marketing for Xbox consoles, revealed details of how the titles will be presented on the Xbox One and Xbox One X. Just like Phantom Dust, original Xbox games will witness dramatic enhancements because they'll run at four times the resolution on Xbox One and sixteen times the resolution on Xbox One X. Penello confirmed this through a series of posts on Twitter.

While the increase in pixels should result in a clearer picture, note that this isn't a guarantee of 1080p or native 4K. Microsoft is just increasing the resolution of the original titles by four or sixteen. When asked about whether this meant that original Xbox games would be native 4K, Penello clarified that resolutions are diagonal and it's basically going to mean 960p on Xbox One, and 1920p on Xbox One X. 1920p is still higher than 1080p so games should look their best on Xbox One X.

When Microsoft originally announced original Xbox backward compatibility, many users were worried that games would look blurry and almost unplayable on modern displays. It's great to see that Microsoft took the time to properly upgrade the titles for modern displays. It's also great to see that they look the time to make these titles truly shine on Xbox One X! Which game are you most excited to play with these upgraded resolutions? Let us know. In the meantime, you can get a look at how much of a difference the increased resolution makes in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Fusion Frenzy in the videos below.

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Asher Madan

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