OtterBox cases now available for the Lumia 920 Windows Phone

OtterBox cases are now available for the Lumia 920, with two listed on the official website. Both the Defender (left) and Commuter Series (right) can be ordered online for $49.95 and $34.95 respectively. Tough it's common for smartphone owners to invest in device protection, one has to ask - does the Lumia 920 need protecting, or should we worry about the surrounding environment?

In case (pun intended) you're wandering how tough the Lumia 920 is, PhoneBuff recently ran a series of tests that looked at causing as much pain and misery to the Windows Phone as possible. From being smacked by a wooden post to thrown against a lamp post, the device took a beating. It was only after a number of forced throws did it eventually begin to crack under pressure.

We previously reviewed both the Commuter and Defender cases for the Lumia 900 earlier in the year, so be sure to read up on our thoughts before looking at investing in either for your new Lumia 920.

A case is always there for peace of mind, though we doubt you'll actually see any issues with strength should you purchase a Lumia 920. Just be sure to carry a bag of cement around to patch up the ground where it left a crater. Our Paul Acevedo has also spotted the cases in his local AT&T store, so be sure to check with your nearest for information on stock.

We're looking at getting some for the Windows Phone Central Store, but unfortunately the only way to pick one up is from OtterBox as the company has recently switched to direct-sales only.

Source: OtterBox (1) (2); thanks, Cirga, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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