Windows Phone Accessory Review: Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender is the Windows Phone Central Deal of the Week

Otterbox offers some very impressive cases for our Windows Phone and the Otterbox Defender doesn't fall short. It is a rugged, highly protective case for your Windows Phone. The Defender has been available for a while for other smartphones. It was recently released for the Nokia Lumia 900 and we took it out for a test drive.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a case that will protect your Lumia 900 and bulk isn't an issue, the Defender might be what you are looking for. The Defender is essentially a three piece case. There is the belt clip, the rubber outer shell and a hard plastic inner shell. Fitted with the Otterbox Defender, the Lumia 900 will rival the HTC Titan II in size but the Windows Phone will be more capable of taking on drops, bumps and bangs.

Otterbox Defender

The case itself is two pieces. A hard plastic case that separates in half and encloses around the Lumia 900. A thin, clear plastic shield protects the screen of the Windows Phone. The interior of the hard shell case is lined with a thin rubber padding to help protect the Lumia 900.

Once the Lumia 900 is encased in the inner shell, a thick rubber skin wraps around the inner shell to add a significant amount of protection to the Lumia 900. Rubber extensions cover the Lumia's buttons and access to the headphone jack and USB port have rubber covers to protect these areas when not in use.

Otterbox Defender inner and outer shells

The Lumia 900's earpiece, front sensors, camera/light, and speaker are exposed. While these areas are exposed, the openings are recessed enough to offer a decent level of protection from scratches, bumps and what nots.

Otterbox Defender Clip

The belt clip is made of sturdy plastic with a solid rotating belt hook. The Defender slides snuggly inside the case with no wiggle room present. The belt clip is on the bulky side and rides the most comfortable when swiveled to the horizontal position. As far as fit and feel is concerned, the Defender turns your Lumia 900 into a small tank. In doing so, it add significant bulk to the phone.

If you feel the HTC Titan II is too large, then you will not like the Otterbox Defender. If you work in an environment where you need the serious protection from drops, bumps and bangs... the Otterbox Defender should be on your short list.

Otterbox Defender for the Lumia 900

I can see the Otterbox Defender be a good choice for the construction industry, law enforcement, hikers, rock climbers, or other fields where the risk of your Windows Phone getting banged around is high.  If you're looking for a slimmer, more pocketable option take a look at the Otterbox Commuter or the CaseMate Pop!.

The Otterbox Defender is currently our WPCentral Accessory Store Deal of the Week and is running $34.95 (regularly $49.95).  The case is available in all black and a yellow/gray model.  You can find the Otterbox Defender here at the (opens in new tab) WPCentral Accessory Store.

George Ponder

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  • It's a really nice, durable case that has one noticable annoyance: the bottom of the frame around the screen makes the back/home/search buttons a pain in the butt to use.  It pushes your finger just a little bit too high.  Otherwise, I like the case quite a bit, especially in the gunmetal/yellow color.
  • I agree that the only problem with the case is you have to try to hit the bottom phone buttons. I would still recommend it, nothing has better protection.
  • I agree about the button issue bit love the case. I have had no problems since I got the case
  • I have the ballistic two piece case. Think I should get this? (I have been thinking about it) and can the built in screen protecter be replaced?
  • I wish osmeone would reply about the Screen Cove. Is it replaceable  or does it jsut get scrached up s bad that one can not see the Phone???  Jerry ?
  • I have the gray and yellow one and its nice. It does have that annoyance of the bottom three buttons being hard to get too. Also had a problem with the camera button being pressed all the time.
  • I hate cases, especially the otterbox. They cover the beauty of the phone.
  • If you work construction though or in an extreme environment, they're absolutely needed. For those people, Otterbox is awesome.
  • Is there anywhere I can actually find a good otter ox for my hd7? Amazon is out of stock and best buy doesn't carry the commuter case in store, plus I have read the commuter is trash. I'd like one of these defender cases.
  • This thing made my Lumia overheat...
  • The amoled makes the phone over heat most of the time when u use ur phone while plugged in and it will also doing that burn images into your screen this goes for all amoled screens not just Nokia's but I still wouldn't trade it for any other phone but a newer Nokia model I like amoled to much and nokia cuz I known nokia brand since the late 90's that's my phone of choice :P
  • That's one UGLY mofo!
  • Wishing for some Otterbox love for my Samsung Focus S. I seem to collect cases, but a true tough case where I work (boiler plant) is needed.....
  • I work in compression molding and its insanely hot on the shop floor. It would be great to get one of these for my hd7.
  • Would love to see an otterbox for samsung focus 2
  • The otterbox on my HD7s is a lifesaver
  • I also work in cimpression molding at Built RIte and I need this case as well.
  • This is a very good case. It however makes picture taking a little bit more difficult. The Lumia 900 already has camera issues and this case makes it harder for the sensor to auto determine lighting harder. the result is darker than normal pictures. When a flash is used it also give the subject awkward shadowing.