Mixer's signature features include native streaming support from Xbox and Windows 10 PCs, as well as industry-leading low latency between streamer and viewer for more engaging chat experiences, and also an interactive SDK, allowing game developers to allow viewers to control streamer's games directly.

We have our own channel on Mixer, right here, which features game broadcasts from the Windows Central team, and our official live podcast with our own Exec Editor Daniel Rubino and our Windows guru Senior Editor Zac Bowden.

If you're getting started with Mixer for the first time and don't know who to follow, consider taking a look at some of our favorite channels below, and as always, suggest your own in the comments!


The Real Gaffer, not to be confused with the Fake Gaffer or Pretend Gaffer, is a British variety streamer with a dedicated and consistent schedule, a fun and friendly community, and probably the best subscription event on the entire site.

Gaffer plays a wide variety of titles, often including strategy games and shooters, but also some smaller hidden gems are strewn throughout Steam and beyond. If you like British accents, wacky antics, and (im)mature humor, give Gaffer a follow!

TheRealGaffer on Mixer


Robey is a senior producer at Xbox, currently working on the Age of Empires franchise. He's also well known for appearances on official Microsoft streams, most notably Xbox's ExtraLife charity events, which raise tens of thousands of dollars for children's hospitals.

Robey streams most mornings on Mixer with a show called Morning Mixer, as well as other streams across a wide variety of games on PC and Xbox. Robey is a positive dude and sure to put a smile on your face, especially considering the sheer volume of giveaways he does. Settle in with a morning coffee and take a look at his channel below!

RobeyOneKenobi on Mixer


Mixer isn't just about games, it has a vibrant community of artists and creative types too, and anime-style artist Queen of Art is one of our favorites.

Queen of Art's streams are full of positive energy, fun music, interactive soundboards, complete with a welcoming community. If you're interested in anime-style artwork and want to see how it's done, be sure to send her a follow!

QueenOfArt on Mixer


ChaosMole is a friendly and dedicated streamer of a wide variety of titles across multiple platforms, complete with a friendly community.

ChaosMole plays all sorts of titles, including RPGs, strategy games, and shooters, and often discusses game news and is generally helpful and informative about the games he's playing. ChaosMole also plays a lot of hidden gems on Steam, so if you're looking to learn something new, send him a follow!

ChaosMole on Mixer


xSheWulfx is a welcoming streamer with a positive community and skillz to match. Playing a wide variety of action and shooter titles on Xbox, SheWulf also dabbles in other genres too, including adventure games, platformers, and beyond.

SheWulf is one of the few streamers on this list who streams almost every day too, so be sure to send her a follow!

xSheWulfx on Mixer


Scrtch is an Xbox MVP and lead moderator on the official Xbox forums, he's also an awesome streamer on Mixer, playing a variety of Xbox titles both on his own channel and the official Xbox Ambassadors channel.

Scrtch is relentlessly positive and welcoming, and well worth your follow.

Scrtch on Mixer


XboxMilGrau is Mixer's largest Brazilian streaming community, but the chat is always inviting and friendly even if you're an English speaker. XboxMilGrau plays a variety of Xbox titles, including PUBG, Gears of War, Forza, but often also smaller titles and indie games, showcasing the best Xbox has to offer.

XboxMilGrau is a fun channel to watch if it matches up with your timezone or for long night shifts, as he frequently streams for several hours in a single sitting. Be sure to take a look.

XboxMilGrau on Mixer


Greenskull is a professional streamer known for Halo and the YouTube channel ReadyUpLive. Greenskull enjoys one of the largest followings on Mixer for his energetic streams, and positive communities.

Greenskull plays a wide variety of titles, often shooters, including Halo, PUBG, and Fortnite, but he also showcases games from other genres, including Super Lucky's Tale and Assassin's Creed Origins. You won't regret dropping a follow on Greenskull!

Greenskull on Mixer


Magnetron is a veteran Mixer streamer great to watch for pro skillz and incredibly long streams, often up to six hours and beyond.

Magnetron primarily streams PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and other shooters, but he occasionally streams away from the computer desk, showing his viewers that scary place known as "outside," a place I'm not entirely sure is real. Magnetron is a great chap, and definitely worth your follow.

Magnetron on Mixer


Qwik, or better known as Mike Ybarra, is Microsoft's VP in charge of the entire Xbox platform. Anything that isn't directly related to games, as in software, services, and beyond, is Ybarra's domain. However, he's also a 1337 pro gamer.

Qwik plays a variety of titles, mainly shooters. Qwik had a big hand in popularizing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Mixer, streaming it avidly throughout last year (earning tons of Chicken Dinners in the process). Qwik also occasionally drops hints and news about upcoming Xbox features during streams, taking questions and doing awesome giveaways. This is one channel on Mixer Xbox fans can't afford to miss.

Qwik on Mixer


EightBitBlonde is a positive and enthusiastic variety streamer, playing titles across Xbox and other platforms.

EightBitBlonde occasionally makes use of Mixer Create to broadcast beyond gaming, and enjoys a vibrant and welcoming community supportive of newcomers. You won't regret sending her a follow!

EightBitBlonde on Mixer


MyBoomShtick is a relentlessly fun streamer, primarily playing Fortnite Battle Royale lately.

MyBoomShtick's streams are full of energy and positivity and often last for several hours Monday through Friday. If you're looking for something you can watch for several hours and never get bored, make sure to join the Boom Army at the link below.

MyBoomShtick on Mixer


Moto is a fun and friendly Xbox MVP with an equally fun and friendly Mixer channel.

Moto plays a solid variety of games including Call of Duty, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and more, which is especially welcome if you've gotten tired of the PUBG craze. Moto streams most days of the week, providing dozens of hours of entertainment. Be sure to give her a follow.

Moto on Mixer


If you're part of the Windows Insider program, you should definitely give the WindowsInsider Mixer channel a follow.

The WindowsInsider channel frequently does live podcast shows to discuss the direction of the latest Windows 10 builds, and the OS in general. The WindowsInsider channel has also been known to host special guests occasionally, including Windows CVP Joe Belfiore and Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar.

WindowsInsider on Mixer

Your thoughts ...

These are just some of our favorite streamers on Mixer, which now features hundreds and hundreds of popular channels, and millions of users across Xbox and other platforms. We'd love to hear your recommendations for favorite Mixer streamers in the comments, and of course, don't forget to follow us too!

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