Moira is Overwatch's new healer, theme park map coming next year

Moira (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Blizzard has unveiled new content on the way to its popular hero-based first-person shooter (FPS) Overwatch, as a part of its annual BlizzCon conference. Continuing to expand on the game's multiplayer content, a new playable character and multiplayer map have been showcased.

"Moira" is the new support healer on her way to Overwatch, offering a mix of damage-dealing and healing abilities. "Biotic Grasp" is her new short-range healing and damage ability, while "Biotic Orbs" reach longer-ranges via a throwable gadget.

She also sports a new teleporting ability named "Fade," which removes her briefly from the map, before appearing in a new location. Finally, her new ultimate "Coalescence" fires a beam across the map, that heals allies while dealing heavy damage to enemies. Blizzard has provided a deeper breakdown of Moira's abilities and backstory on the official Overwatch site, however, is yet to announce a release date.

A new multiplayer map is around the corner for Overwatch players too, set in a virtual theme park themed around Blizzard properties. Named "Blizzard World," the map features Hearthstone, StarCraft, and Diablo attractions, in a fantasy setting. However, Blizzard has confirmed the map won't be hitting Overwatch until at least early 2018.

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Matt Brown

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