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What you need to know

  • Overwatch's Winter Wonderland 2020 event introduces eight new festive-themed skins to the game.
  • Five of the skins can be obtained immediately, while three of them slowly become available and have to be earned as the Winter Wonderland event progresses.
  • There are also other cosmetics like sprays and victory poses to earn as well, and there's also a new gamemode.
  • Winter Wonderland 2020 lasts until January 5.

The holiday-themed Winter Wonderland 2020 event has officially kicked off in Overwatch, and with it comes a collection of brand new skins to earn for your favorite heroes. The event lasts until January 5, 2021.

In total, there are eight new skins to unlock — five Legendary and three Epic. The five Legendary skins, which include Penguin Mei, Toybot Zenyatta, Conductor Reinhardt, Ice Empress Moira, and Lumberjack Torbjörn, are all available to purchase with your saved up credits. Additionally, you also have a chance to obtain them when you open up Winter Wonderland Loot Boxes that you earn while playing.

The three Epic skins, which include Elf Junkrat, Gingerbread Ana, and Frosty Roadhog, are exclusively available by winning nine matches in any Overwatch playlist during each week of the Winter Wonderland 2020 event. You get Elf Junkrat by winning nine games in Week 1, Gingerbread Ana by winning nine in Week 2, and Frosty Roadhog by winning nine in Week 3.

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You can get a look at all of the skins below:

There are also numerous smaller cosmetics available as well, such as emotes, voice lines, sprays, and victory poses. There's also a new gamemode to play during the event called Freezethaw Elimination. In this mode, two teams of four face off to try and fully freeze the other team in ice by killing them, while teammates try and revive their comrades by interacting with them and thawing them out.

Overwatch is available now on all Xbox consoles as well as on PC. For more on Overwatch, don't miss our analysis of the differences between Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

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