Package Tracker retires from the Windows Store

Package Tracker, an app that did exactly what it says on the tin, is no more. Taking to a post on the app's Facebook page, the developer behind Package Tracker has announced that he's had to take the servers offline because Windows Store purchases weren't covering their costs.

From Package Tracker:

I would like to inform you, that I say goodbye to the Windows app store and took the servers offline. I am really sorry for that, but the purchases in the Windows store could not cover the server costs in the past months. In my opinion Microsoft has no strategy to make the Windows phone platform attractive for the consumers although it's a really good platform in comparison to the competitors. Maybe I will join this platform again if Microsoft has a clear strategy for it's mobile platform...

It's unfortunate to see Package Tracker go because it was a solid solution for keeping track of the delivery status of all of your incoming packages. More than that, the app has been around for some time, and worked on everything from Windows Phone 8 up to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. While you can still technically view the app's listing (opens in new tab) in a browser, it's no longer available to download from the Windows Store.

Were you a Package Tracker user? Are there any specific apps you have in mind to take its spot?

Thanks to J K for the tip!

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  • Devs should announce the closure of Windows apps how he did...
    ...eases the pain. 😄
  • Your comment it's hilarious 😂
  • Not hilarious, I am a UWP developer, learning to code. Have one app in the Store, Strawberry Weather. My problem is, I am learning through online videos, documentations etc, so I am not that skilled yet. And programming is so vaste thing. If these devs made the code available, I could learn so much from it and could build something out of it. I want to make a lot of apps, but don't have the knowledge.. sigh.
  • Just meant the last part of his comment.
    And wish you the best with your app.
  • Ah.. the last part was truely hilarious! rofl.. And thank you for the good wishes. Try my app once. ;)
  • I'm a beginning dev too. #understandThePain
  • I own your app, I love it. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you! :)  
  • You mean everyone should shut down their servcies 4 days before announcing it's dead? Services went down Saturday afternoon for me, right after I got a delivery notification. After that, it was pure silence until their facebook post.If the closure was annouced beforehand, then that would ease the pain, what was done here was the opposite.
  • Oh this is actually infuriating. I've been using this since it launched on Windows 8... before the UWP so I actually had to buy it twice in order to use it on desktop and mobile. My wife and I have been fighting with this app for days now trying to figure out what the hell was going on with sync servers. ​It's whatever though. Cortana's package tracker kinda sucks since there's no package update notifications and no way to pin tracking individually, but I suppose that since the Delivery Beta from Microsoft is a crashy unstable mess Cortana's where I'm going.  
  • I Started using Parcel Tracker for win 10 after Package Tracker stopped working.
    But it's been having some issues not working all the time, It needs work.
    I had to contact the DEV because it would let me enter a package to Track, Saying Check the tracking #'s and try again.
    I loved package Tracker it was cloud based u only had to enter the package once the go to any device and it was there to check the package Status.
    Parcel Tracker U need to enter the package on every device to see the package status of your package.
    The DEV says if u have any suggestions on adding anything to his App let him know he'll see about adding it.
    I asked him to add One Drive support, so I can add tracking #'s once and check it on any device.
    It does offer Auto Detect so u don't have to choose the carrier, but u can if u want.
    The only disappointing thing is I paid $3.99 and an ad Appears right at the top and u have to hit no thanks to get rid of it, that's sad when I paid for the App, I can see if it was free, but there is no trail version.
    It does allow u to pin Ur Package though, at least they offer that. So give it a try see what u think?
    The DEV responds right away to all emails, so there's hope for the App.
  • I was wondering why I was getting a sync error for the past few days/week. I will be bummed. PT was probably the first app I ever bought for Windows Phone. I even bought it for PC. It will be missed. I might end up using Cortana for now, but I think PT was great.
  • I'm using Cortana for the moment too. Really gonna miss this app. I started getting the sync issues too. Kinda figured it was the case. Glad we got confirmation atleast.
  • I used PT for any package I had coming in from Amazon, eBay, my mail order pharmacy, and even if they used different carriers, I had the info all in one place. The problem with tracking with Cortana is that you get no detail as to the packages' current/last location. With Cortana it's only Processing, In Transit and Delivered. Really going to miss this app.
  • Same I think it was my first too. On WP7.5, sigh
  • Try 17Track. It seems pretty decent and it's free.
  • Cortana tracks my packages.
  • That hasn't worked properly for me for the last couple packages. It kept saying the package was on its way when it was delieverd to my mail box 3 days prior. So Cortana is unreliable for me with that.
  • Check the source next time. It happens to me too but only because that's how its being reported by the tracking number
  • That's only in the US I think
  • With cortana doing that job, it was just a matter of time for an app like this to disappear
  • Interestingly, as bots and Cortana and base win 10 capabilities expand in uninstalling apps faster than they are dying. I just don't need them anymore.
  • Cortana didnt kill this app. She is  OK but didn't have the features of Package Tracker. What killed the app is the expense of running the sync server when revenue was falling off. I don't think enough people knew about it, and that it worked great on desktops and laptops as well as phones. The phone market wasn't there, but surely enough people use Win 10 to make a great package tracker a must have app. Without some continuous income from ads or a subscription model maintaining the infrastructure is unsustainable.
  • I really liked this app. Still used it up to this day. I guess Cortana's (comparatively sub-par) package tracking will have to do now...
  • At least he provided what seems to be an honest feedback
  • This is the best line I got from what he said "In my opinion Microsoft has no strategy to make the Windows phone platform attractive for the consumers although it's a really good platform in comparison to the competitors." I've been saying that for a long time now.  It's like Microsoft is purposely trying to make Windows Phone fail. But it doesn't help when Windows Central only highlight apps on Windows Mobile 10 when the majority of users are still on Windows 8.X.  Heck I'm on 3 platforms 7.X, 8.X and 10X (well I gave my 950 to my son so I'm on two platforms ha!)  
  • Well, everybody dont have cortana
  • HA!!! I've been away from this page for months, now that I came to read some Windows news I found this... I think UWP was made to be ignored by developers, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm staying with Windows 10 because there's no choice to be made, Windows 10 Mobile should never have been released
  • Well said :)
  • Yes, I wonder what MS's response to this would be.
  • Cortana works well enough for my needs but why she can't notify me proactively is beyond me.
  • Yes, I thought she was gonna be more proactive.
  • As a fan of this app, that is unfortunate. I guess Cortana will have to do. Though it would be nice if she worked a little bit better in this regard.
  • Well I think it's time I made the switch to Android :(
  • If you do, look up the Deliveries app. Automatically adds and tracks Amazon and eBay deliveries, and syncs across devices. I tried this Windows app, but it felt like going back to the stone ages, by comparison.
  • Thanks for the tip.
  • Nobody can blame you if you switch... All we can do is hope MS does something to bring you back...
  • I love Windows Phone, but it seems like everyday an app I use regularly either has stopped working or is removed from the store completely.
  • i use 17TRACK and its good
  • Sad news. Cortana is unreliable for such duties. She's always out of office or sleeping in after a late night. Bots are becoming human.
  • This is sad to see for sure. I purchased this app because of the great flexibility to track multiple packages. Cortana never was able to work well enough for me.  All she says is basically it's on its way and delivered.  Package Tracker allowed me to know every time the package was scanned or moved it was great.  MS will hopefully make Cortana's experience better but, I doubt anythign will come of it. 
  • When I started receiving the syncing error, I pretty much figured 'another Windows dev down'. I purchased the only other universal parcel tracker, and it SUCKS, so now I'm stuck at using Cortana, which is quite painful compared to Package Tracker.
  • Aw that sucks, but I understand them here.
  • This hurts bad.  I used this app every single day.  I was hoping they were just having a problem when I started getting sync errors.  Very sad to see them go. 
  • It was the best package tracker :( And given that it could sync to PC as well, it was the best one in market, it was REALLY useful :(
  • Sad day... been using this app for years and it was great! Makes sense as I was having sync errors the past couple of days. Cortana works hap hazardly in tracking packages, any onther choices out there?
  • This was my tracker because it was the only one that linked right to the shipper website. But I just downloaded "PackageTracker" from the store and the new version is just as good as this app was. Press and hold the package and it links directly to the shipper website.
  • Send this to Nadella exactly as they said it, perhaps that will open Microsofts eyes that they are charging devs to develop apps for a platform with minute and diminishing marketshare. What's the use of a surface phone if it's not supported?
  • He'll send it back with a note saying "going according to plan"......
  • 😂😂
  • They're not charging developers. Tools, courses and app publishing are free for everyone.
  • Servers to run those applications aren't free
  • This was one of my first app purchases. Sad.
  • Well, crap.
  • I purchased this app and used to use it until similar functionality became available in Cortana.
  • Wow another loss, this is getting ridiculous.  
  • No, this has been ridiculous, for years.
  • That's his problem.
    I didn't know about the app.
    He wants to blame the costumer for his lack of advertising knowledge.
    Edit: Checked the store.
    It doesn't have a professional logo tile, I could therefore, would have passed it before.
  • #supremedenial..... Sure, had he advertised his app the best he could, there would be millions, and millions, at the Windows store after it.... Right.
  • There would not be millions on android.
    But this way he wouldn't be using money as an excuse.
    It's like having an online and a physical store.
    You don't say I went bust because my online store didn't sell anything and i only made sales through the counter. This is the problem with these developers. There's no android or ios or Windows apps.
    There's one app sold in various places. This is actually the one concept Nadella understands... There's one MS Office available on your choice of device.
    I won't follow him to use his app, my device choice is W10M, if he's not in my platform...i don't need his app.
    He comes to me.
  • Didn't even know this app existed, been using Cortana to track my packages
  • Exactly
  • I used to use this app quite a bit, but once Cortana started tracking my packages this app became irrelevant, for me. It was also in need of a UI overhaul.
  • Surprised it took this long. This app was long dead to me. It didn't work at all for packages in the Netherlands at some point long ago and dev would not respond to my issues with it. Uninstalled it and never looked back.
  • Well, don't think this particular case is necessarily a reflection on Windows. With every assistant, there is automatic package tracking via email. Sorry to see, but it is a redundant app in the big picture...
  • I stopped using package tracking apps once Cortana reliably started tracking them for me. The only downside is Cortana doesn't notify me when the shipping info has been updated.
  • I've been using PackageTracker (no space) in it's place. Very similar interface, though feels a bit more polished/current compared to Package Tracker. Works fine for my needs so far.
  • not a uwp app, at least not coming up on the desktop. 
  • Yeah sorry, should have said I'm using it on my phone only. I don't track my package on my PC since that's usually home and I'm more interested in the shipping progress while I'm at work/away from the house.
  • Great app that I use frequently. One of the few apps that never gave me any kind of problems also. Sucks that they're retiring it. Microsoft just needs to let Windows 10 Mobile die or REALLY fckin support it already.
  • yeah, with you here. been using it since it launched exclusively. Cortana's package tracking doesn't seem to work worth a damn outside the USA, so this not working really sucks. 
  • What about the package tracker on the Cortana app
  • There is ONLY ONE universal app.  A web page.  Runs on phones, computers, televisions, xbox, refrigerators, Blu-ray players, automobiles, etc.  It is where we will all eventually end up.  So stop wasting time on propriety formats (This includes you Apple).  You can keep beating a dead horse or you can make a leap to the future.  Join us on the web.  The future.
  • It's funny that this is where we've arrived. I totally agree with you. The original vision of the iPhone was using webapps.
  • Funny really. Apps were created to solve a slow web and api toolset, now we are going back to it as html becomes more powerful. Apps solve a phone problem not a pc one.
  • Loved the App, recently realized it stopped working correctly and kept trying to troubleshoot. Really sad to see it go, even though I also switched platforms to Android (Pixel XL) I still used it on my PC. Cortana isn't reliable enough at recognizing tracking #'s, nor is Google so this App was always welcome.
  • I don't get a lot of packages via mail mainly because I buy mostly with cash at the stores. Cortana has done a good job tracking my few packages. Nevertheless, it's a shame that this app has to pull the plug. I'm going over to Android until W10m improves on apps and phone options. Can anyone suggest a decent $175 to $250 Android phone for the time being? TIA
  • The Moto G is a great phone in that price range
  • I used this app alot but found it got unreliable after setting a live tile. Sad to see another app go
  • Oh man, I use this app quite often. It's well design and does exactly as it sets out to. So sad to see it go. GL to the dev with their future endeavours.
  • Who can really blame them for leaving the platform? As a die hard MS fan, my patience is running thin too. Don't know how long I can hang on to my 1520.
  • I blame user not buy this app.
  • Never used it, Cortana works fine.
  • I used this app constantly and this is very disappointing. If (and a very big if) MS has any real future plans for Windows Mobile, they need to stop the daily bleeding that is absolutely killing this platform. Offer some bit of damn hope for us users, developers and carriers to find a reason to carry on. My son is a die hard MS fan but gave up on his 950xl phone yesterday and went to Apple. So dang disappointing. If their intention is to kill mobile, just do it and make us all move on.
  • Anyhow we don't need it. It is included in Cortana.
  • For certain countries
  • ******* damnit. This app was amazing and what a UWP app should be. Enter information on the desktop and able to see it on the phone and get notifications on phone, PC, and tablet.
  • Sad, I liked that app. And used it alot
  • Damn....this was one of my most precious apps since I get quite some overseas packages. Bought it for all Windows versions... too bad it won't work anymore :( I hope someday the dev will decide to rebuild it in Xamarin and deploy to all platforms (and make enough money off of iOS and Android) :)
  •   Man i miss this app already, all the other apps that track packages in the store reallly are not worth it. Tried them all and they do not compare.#  
  • That's why it is not working! That sucks for him and us. Your move MS, before every body leaves and there is nothing left!
  • Well, so far Microsoft chooses to limit Cortana's usage to USA (the thing outside of USA is a pitiful excuse) and I cannot blame a company for its province attitude.
  • Looks like Win10 mobile is the software abortion we feared it was going to be. My little world of xbone, Surface, Lumia is about to lose a member. And I am sad.
  • And so slowly but surely the Windows Store will lose all good and useful apps. The platform is heading for it's end. I can't believe it got to this point. I'm a die hard Windows Phone fan and was one of the first with a Windows Phone back in 2008, but if this loss of apps continues, I'm not sure what to do when I need a new phone. I bought Package Tracker and used it a lot until support for Holland's largest package carrier broke and the dev didn't respond to any questions at all. It's a shame. It's a darn shame.
  • Was using this app from day one :( How to you use Cortana for tracking? Can't find any option (ca-fr)...
  • For those blaming MS for this and other apps that leave the platform, I would encourage you to consider that developers and users are instrumental for building and sustaining a vibrant ecosystem. Complaining to and about MS accomplishes very little. Developers need to promote, update and innovate. Users need to encourage developers through active engagement and reach out to companies that do not currently support the platform and demand that they do. Where possible, vote with your wallet! By virtue of the UWP, Windows 10 is much larger than mobile. When you look through the store, I see many new apps that support PC and mobile because of that. Don't just ask for an app for Windows Phone. Ask for one for Windows 10 with 400 million users! Package Tracker is an example for an app that languished and didn't innovate. That wouldn't work in any ecosystem. That screenshot looks like what it was when it was released! It wasn't particularly impressive back then but it looks even worse now. WC's coverage for apps that shut down is far more prevalent than new and innovative apps. I don't care about the new games that they highlight. I want cool utilities that are truly useful. It is starting to feel like these are click-bait articles.
  • You have no idea about this app. It was simple and worked very good. If I added a new package to track on my Windows 8 phone it would soon show up on my Windows 10 tablet and phone without me doing a thing. It did everything I needed of it. I blame MS for sitting on the sidelines and twiddling their thumbs about the consumer market.
  • I tried it when it came out. It didn't do enough for me to invest in it several years ago. Looks like the same functionality and the same interface. There are other options for accomplishing this without the added expense of a server back end. There are other ways to monetize it. Did they ever consider Cortana integration? How about promotions? Cortana picks them out of my email and syncs across devices with no effort on my part. Package tracking software would need to do more to keep an edge. Again, blaming MS accomplishes very little.
  • When MS does not give a damn FCK about their own OS, why should devs care and update their apps? add stuff? MS failed patheticaly with their UWP and the response from the devs is pretty clear: they are out!
  • To bad Microsoft didn't persue their Delivery app,  It's been stuck in beta forever.
  • One day you will hear the same news about windows phone from dear MS.
  • Wtf
  • I think Microsoft should let developers have 100% of app sales until 2020. Or come upp with a new reward system. If your app is downloaded 1-5000 times you get 100% 5000-20000 75% and so on..
  • This is one of my goto apps... sigh.... maybe its time to switch guys??!!???
  • You should totally do that. Have fun.
  • Sucks. Another one bites the dust. Use it all the time. And MS sits around twiddling their thumbs.
    Love how he told it exactly as it is with this OS..
  • I used this app it worked great.. :-(
  • Now wtf am i suppose to use, going through my mail and getting redirected to the carrier site... I bought this app and used it quite alot, as it supported all carriers, even the Danish post here in my Country. We don't have Cortana here in Denmark, so im pretty screwed :/
  • Get yourself an Android handset or an iPhone. No hassle, no problems.
  • This was the best package tracking app on Windows 10 and it is a shame to see it gone. I have been using it a lot and now there is a gap. 17Track is not as good. I hope Microsoft finds a way to make UWP apps attractive to developers.
  • I used this app up until Cortana started to automatically track things for me. I got too lazy having to manually input tracking numbers into Package Tracker ever since.
  • Granted you had to input numbers (cut and paste) but you got so much more up to date information in return.
  • The best is 17track
  • There are more people to blame than just Microsoft. For starters, the app relied on multiple servers to work. And we paid what, a couple of bucks fifty tops for it? Prices for apps are too cheap, if we want apps, we need to revisit the charging model. This was one app where subscription based pricing would have been more appropriate, and we're talking five to to ten bucks a year, not cents. Sebastian should have investigated this and asked his user base if they were willing to go that way to keep it working, I would have been. The "new-users-pay-for-the-old" concept is faulty. I sent Chris (of MyTube fame) twenty bucks last month because even though I don't use his app (I like Client for YouTube better), he did a good job with MyTube. Sustainability requires resources and if Microsoft doesn't do it, we the users need to rethink how much we want things. I hate cheap apps, it usually means they're crap, and if you do find one that isn't, do all you can to find out the dev's details and send them more than a token 99¢
  • So why not make a UWP app targeted at desktop and mobile? I have multiple UWP apps that I use on both devices.
  • Damn it. :( One of the apps I use on my tablet.
  • I didn't / don't have a need for this app, but I understand that others do. I wish there was a way for those that want to, to "step up" and financially support the app and operations to sustain it. It should be a choice. I think it is pathetic that most people don't understand the economics of doing business and seem to expect everything to be given to them for free or 99 cents! Support what you like/want, or risk loosing it.
  • I used this app and loved that it was UWP and worked on both mobile and PC.
    I wonder just how much the servers cost. This app would be candidate for MS to incorporate into the OS...
  • Does anyone know if Cortana's packages feature is available in Canada?
  • If you set your country as Canada you won't have it. If you set it the United States it works. But last time I tried it didn't work with Canada Post or China Post or anything that's not FedEx, UPS or USPS.
  • Well, what else could we expect at this point? Don't blame em.
  • Great app. One of the main apps I used weekly due to my severe case of GAS, gear acquisition syndrome. I paid for it it had it on all my windows devices. Sad to see it go, but I understand. I now use Cortana on Windows and Android for packages.
  • WOW, talk about the NAIL on the HEAD. Anothoer one who thinks Microsoft should get their crap together but, is not doing anything.
  • This was one of my most used apps. It's a shame, but what makes it really sting for me is that it's not available on Android. All the tracking apps on Android really doesn't compare in my opinion. What sucks even more is that I used this app on my desktop as well...
  • I use this app and I am sad it's being retired
  • One of the greatest apps ever and a favourite of mine. I would have gladly paid a donation to keep the server online.
  • Ditto.
  • I've found a replacement in the app called Parcel Tracking, as infuriating as it is if a developer wants to stop supporting the platform then that's fine. All it means is that I will be reluctant to buy their apps if they return to the platform!!!
  • if this app is windows only i understand it , but if this app is also on ios and android its ****** excuse
  • Pity it was never upgraded to a W10 App, it only ever stayed a Win8 App and hence the look.
    I had emailed the dev to fix mail providers and never got a reply, or a fix (even for a big national service like Australia Post).
    I wonder how easy it would be to make the service as a CaaS with notifications.
  • :))) another one bites the dust
  • I have purchased the application, and I have some trouble with DPD carrier… Many mails but no answer. It is normal as person does not purchase application like that. But it is really a pity to have developer without supporting the applications and respecting customer!
  • What a shame. I've used this app for years and it's always worked and had good support until recently. I really can't blame the developer for dumping the platform if he can't make ends meet. Entropy has set in for the Windows Mobile platform. I've been on the Windows mobile platform since back in the Dell Axim / HP iPaq days and have used Windows phones since CE all the way through to a Lumia 950. I just couldn't justify staying on the platform any longer. I still have my Nokia 920 as my backup phone, but the lack of support and apps drove my wife and I to the iPhone platform this year. 
  • Paid for the app some time ago, I would use it from time to time but definitely less so over time with Cortana automatically keeping track of packages. I would always use it for packages I would ship myself, but sad to accept the truth that the developer is totally in the right with what they stated.
  • I am the dev of "Sendungen" or "Shipments" in English (still some German words in between, since the translation came later). This app is now one month old and does not rely on a server. There are still some things to do and needs a lot of parcel services, but it keeps going on. Maybe someone is interested on this alternative.