Package Tracker retires from the Windows Store

Package Tracker, an app that did exactly what it says on the tin, is no more. Taking to a post on the app's Facebook page, the developer behind Package Tracker has announced that he's had to take the servers offline because Windows Store purchases weren't covering their costs.

From Package Tracker:

I would like to inform you, that I say goodbye to the Windows app store and took the servers offline. I am really sorry for that, but the purchases in the Windows store could not cover the server costs in the past months. In my opinion Microsoft has no strategy to make the Windows phone platform attractive for the consumers although it's a really good platform in comparison to the competitors. Maybe I will join this platform again if Microsoft has a clear strategy for it's mobile platform...

It's unfortunate to see Package Tracker go because it was a solid solution for keeping track of the delivery status of all of your incoming packages. More than that, the app has been around for some time, and worked on everything from Windows Phone 8 up to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. While you can still technically view the app's listing in a browser, it's no longer available to download from the Windows Store.

Were you a Package Tracker user? Are there any specific apps you have in mind to take its spot?

Thanks to J K for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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