Paladins developer praises Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play, says it leads to better games

Hi-Rez Studios is the team behind a lot of free-to-play games like Paladins, Realm Royale, and Smite. The company has built its reputation on third-person multiplayer games and it's quite successful at them. For example, Paladins is not pay-to-win, and you never feel like you're at a disadvantage, even if you're a beginner. With the advent of cross-play, Hi-Rez Studios' titles are becoming even better. Not only does the technology Microsoft pushed for increase the player base, it also leads to better behind-the-scenes results.

According to Hi-Rez Studios' President Stew Chisam, cross-play leads to better games because it improves multiplayer experiences. On Twitter, Chisam said that it improves match quality by reducing wait times by 30 percent, level spread between players by 40 percent, helps find similar-skilled players, and reduces unfair matches by 80 percent. These are extraordinary statistics which show you just how powerful cross-play is for multiplayer games. The result of all of these improvements is that more players will try out your experience, and everyone — even newcomers — will have a great time because the overwhelming majority of players will feel like they're evenly matched against their opponents.

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Hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo will continue to partner with even more games in the future. Recently, Sony also announced that it was allowing select titles like Fortnite to feature cross-play with Xbox One. At this point, it seems like everyone in the gaming industry wants it, and when next-generation machines come out in 2020, this may be a default feature.

The gaming landscape is changing rapidly because cloud-based technologies are on the rise. For example, many publishers like EA and Ubisoft are either working on their own streaming technology, or partnering with companies like Google. Microsoft seems to be leading the pack because Project xCloud will allow you to stream any Xbox One game on any device, with minimal latency. At least that's the promise.

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  • Sad to see Sony lacking in all this. their implement way into the Xplay service is either ridiculously slow or very ego based towards developers that want to have their game Xplay enabled on PS too. Games that do have it enabled on PS4 is solid, great.. but everything around it just plain s*cks. its why I think the future for Microsoft and Nintendo is aimed to turn out stronger ''for the players'' than Sony's and is likely to attract new services and partnerships a lot quicker for crossplay and cloud based gaming and not just between the 2 working together.
  • At least people should recognize which companies are working for them to play better and which ones just want to milk them out of money.
  • You don't think Sony is basing its decision of first not allowing cross-play and now slow-walking the process on greed? (or as you say milking money out of their customer base). Wake up.
  • Does anybody know if you need PlayStation Plus (on PS4) or Xbox Live Gold (on Xbox One) to play Paladins, Realm Royale, or Smite?
  • Yes you do
  • Plus No for free to play games Gold Yes for free to play games as this is something that MS gets knocked for.
  • I know there a couple of things each paid system gets knocked for. Live gets knocked for Gold requirement for F2P games and Plus gets knocked a lot for the being a requirement for cloud saves and limiting the total size of those saves (which is free on Live and with no limit - thank god at least Plus increasing it to 100gb from 10gb - I have had to delete saves for a while to not go over)
  • Finally people with common sense in the industry. Of course this excludes Sony. Of course.
  • > Sony also announced that it was allowing select titles like Fortnite to feature cross-play with Xbox One.
    Cause FN is a money printing machines, Sony needs it to be remain on their platform no mater what.