Paper Monsters invites you to a world of paper, cardboard and a few cotton balls

There are a number of cute games available on the Windows Phone Store, a perfect example being ilomilo. Should you be looking for a cute 3D platformer, look no further than Paper Monsters. The title, just released on the platform by Mobot Studios, is a solid game worth purchasing. When you have a few minutes to waste on your Windows Phone, allow Paper Monsters to teleport you to a world of paper, cardboard and a few cotton balls.

The aim of the game, much like any standard platformer (think back to the likes of Super Mario), is to progress through each level, traversing past obstacles and destroying (or avoiding!) enemies along the way. What Paper Monsters does superb is presentation - the game is nothing short of beautiful. There aren't any simple graphics here, Mobot Studios has done a stunning job on the visuals, bringing the somewhat strange world to life.

Paper Monsters

You've got all the 2D elements you've grown to know and love and some 3D magic injected into the works. To polish everything off are adorable characters the player can connect with as he (or she) progresses through the selection of levels. But what would a video game be without music? The soundtrack to Paper Monsters is fantastic. It's good enough for us to agree with the developer and strongly recommend a good pair of headphones to truly appreciate the immersion offered.

Levels? There are 26 to choose from, spread across 6 unique worlds. More than enough content to keep you occupied for some time. Then you have the multiple game modes available.

Paper Monsters

Environments in the background can be explored through tube-like portals, enabling you to explore hidden locations to collect paper clips and buttons. Talking about buttons, there are both silver and gold buttons to collect on your travels. The latter coloured buttons can be spent in the store on optional accessories for your character. Some are humorous, while others are just hilarious. There are even underwater and flying power-ups to obtain on your travels.

The best part about Paper Monsters are the controls, which are easy to use and help keep the UI clutter-free. Regardless of age, you'll be able to pick up and enjoy the game.

Paper Monsters

It sounds like we're hyping Paper Monsters up, and rightly so. It's a solid game and certainly worthy of your arsenal. You can download Paper Monsters from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (Windows Phone 8 only - 105MB / compatible with 512MB RAM hardware). Paper Monsters is currently on sale with 50 percent off to celebrate the release on Windows Phone, so be sure to grab the title today!

Thanks, Mohamed A., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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