Payday 2 stealing new DLC's for Xbox players

Payday 2, a hugely popular bank heist game for PC and consoles is here at E3 showing off their upcoming downloadable content, but arguably the biggest news they have to offer is for Xbox fans. Players on PC have been awash with new content on an ongoing basis, while console players have had to look on enviously, playing with the core game launched last summer. The wait is nearly over, as Overkill Games has announced that Armored Transport and the two Gage Weapon Pack add-ons will be available individually or as a discounted bundle. These packs combined will vastly increase the variety of weapons available to console players and offer new levels to master.

For those that haven't checked it out (and you totally should), Payday 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter where you and your buddies can get into all sorts of crime. This includes framing politicians by planting cocaine in their residence, taking hostages, hauling bags stuffed with gold bars to your getaway van, and getting into good old-fashioned firefights with SWAT teams. There's an extensive levelling up and weapon customization system, not to mention a whole range of creepy masks to wear while heisting. Though there's plenty of fast-paced action, Payday 2 places a ton of value on teamwork and stealth. Every level has randomized elements, ensuring that no two play-throughs are the same.

The new DLC for consoles is great news, but there are no specifics on timing or pricing just yet. It would be great to see other recent DLC packs come to Xbox as well, like the sniper pack and the recently-launched Shadow Heist, but we'll take what we can get. How many of you guys have played Payday 2 on console? Have you been getting frustrated by the lack of updates. Any PC players?

Source: Overkill

Simon Sage
  • Payday 2 really is an awesome game, loads of content and loads of fun to play with friends.
  • Wow....really looking forward to this...Payday 2 is my favorite co-op game...1000G it a long time ago. Gosh can't wait for this, need money desperately and wanna plan a heist ;-)
  • I got rather fed up with waiting for 505 games to get around to puting Payday 2's updates on consoles. So I abandoned it to play on PC and never looked back. So much better with the rapid update schedule. (I said 505 Games, not Overkill since 505 keeps holding up the updates)
  • Probably cause they spend to much time "playing" as opposed to "testing" :P. But that is what happens when you get a subsidiary involved in distribution, you lose alot of control and may become oblivious to faults caused until it bites you in the backside later on.
  • I played Payday on my workstation laptop.Damn awesome but too bad my laptop isn't a gaming one,so it lagged.I had to delete it after a week :( But the game was among one of the best I have played :)
  • Is it avail on Xbox One?
  • I highly doubt this title will ever make it to Xbox one.
  • Actually the Xbox one architecture is the same as the PC (both PS4 and X1 use an x86 AMD APU) so it shouldn't be too long before we see it.
  • It will:
  • Fantastic Game. Makes me regrest getting rid of my xbox 360. It was the last game I bought for the 360. Wish they would bring it over to the next gen consoles. It was so much fun trying to do a heist perfectly.
  • And this nonsense is why I don't understand people buying consoles...
  • Yeah, why do people want specific games for their new consoles anyway? :P
  • Xbox One in the future?
  • We can only hope.
  • It's coming:
  • Got them masks at home. collectors items.
  • Bull overkill hurry up and wait again really and pay pay pay over a 100 million in profit ......
  • Well 3 months and still no 360 update why would overkill lie to its customers????